Did I cry for several minutes after the screening? It was horrifying what occurred for over years and believe it or not, still exists in some parts of the world TODAY. Not everyone will be able to stomach it but it’s an outstanding film that deserves and needs to be seen. Lupita Nyong’o’s first appearance in a feature film is stunning, as she plays a heart breaking young slave. Micheal Fassbender gives the best performance of his already extremely impressive career, even besting his previous high marks from the films Shame and Hunger both directed by Steve McQueen, who also directed 12 Years a Slave. McQueen’s epic is beautiful and tragic anchored by sensational performances Michael Fassbender and Sarah Paulson get two roles that feature them being evil incarnate, to the point you expect Fassbender to twirl his mustache at times. I literally could not rise up from my seat.

Let’s define difficult, shall we? So why should you watch a film that could leave you reeling and devastated? AG] sub download 1 English subtitle 12 years a slave sub download 0 English subtitle I have long admired the talent that’s been evident in the works of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Where he shines incredibly are the small nuances that he takes as the story slows down, you notice aspects of Solomon that make him even more believable. Not everyone will be able to stomach it but it’s an outstanding film that deserves and needs to be seen.

Cumberbatch was very good, though outshined by far by Michael Fassbender. I can’t answer that.

As a result Ejiofor is forced to utilize body language and his eyes, which become enormous pools of emotion to express himself to the audience. It actually gets to the point where simply looking at this character might be enough to bring you to tears. How man can be so unflinchingly cruel to his fellow man, especially if he looks, speaks or behaves differently, I will never understand.

John Ridley’s screenplay has a few fine dynamics, but quite frankly in the end all the characters in the film end up being literally too black or white.

I literally could not rise up from my seat. Like last year’s Oscar-bait, “Les Miserables,” the film is often told in long, steady pan shots or a continuous array of distracting close-ups of actors filled with angst or anger.


The film is based on the real story of Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofora free black man living in New York, who is abducted and sold into slavery in Louisiana.

I’d argue that these answers add up to a resounding yes. Mark my words; Lupita Nyong’o is the emotional epicenter of the entire film. Slqve vile and strikes fear into not only the people he interacts with but with the viewers who watch.

Because of his character’s position as a slave he is usually unable to speak his mind unless he is prepared to be beaten. Only the person who says it can. Because, it’s also one of the greatest cinematic achievements of our time.

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The heartache, tears, and anger that will grow inside during the feature will have our beautiful “Patsey” at the core. This movie is a potent reminder of why we are where we bkuray as a society today. After this film his name will be known. All is well until he meets two men who seem taken by his music and want to bring him along with them so he can play at various events.

I am not a film critic nor a movie hobbyist, although I try to stay current, but what I am is a human being trying to understand the various problems and issues within our country.

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He’s also a very patient film maker, utilizing long, steady single shots to emphasize various things. One thing that cannot yeasr denied is the exquisite camera work of Sean Bobbit. And finally, Yity Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, one of the highest grossing films of all-time, shows the labor of our sins fleshed out into the beaten skin of an honest man.

He’s always a menacing and malignant presence even when not on screen, as his slaves must always be aware and prepared for his seemingly random bouts of sadism. Hans Zimmer puts forth a very pronounced score, enriched with all the subtle ticks that strike the chords of tone. Are they willing and ready to begin looking into new realms and allowing someone not necessarily in their inner circles to make a bold statement as McQueen and Ridley take in “12 Years a Slave?


But slavery didn’t just exist in America, it was everywhere.

When Solomon wakes up in chains, his dark journey starts and the film never lets you take a break. Acts as the “Amon Goeth” of our tale, he is exactly what you’d expect a person who believes this should be a way of life to behave.

Oh 720pp God yes. Epps, Sarah Paulson is just as wretched. It’s a film of such ugliness, such blunt emotional trauma, that it may blugay you for hours if not days after seeing it.

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He plays Edwynn Epps, a vicious and demonic slaver and perhaps the most loathsome and disgusting character ever put on screen. As Benedict’s worker, he subtltles slaves and the songs he sings to Solomon makes an incredibly powerful scene, one of the most disturbing in subgitles film.

Put the Oscar’s in my hands, you have a dozen nominations reap for the taking. There are no tricks or gimmicks, no cheap takes on a side story or character that is put there for time filling or a life-lesson for Solomon to learn.

Steve McQueen has created another masterpiece. Director Steve McQueen has gathered a talented cast, a compelling plot idea, and a wonderful cinematographer and then snuffed the life from them with his clinical, detached directing style that robs what should be the most affecting movie of the year and turns it into a plodding, emotionless, historical biopic.

In his prior films this has felt like a purely stylistic choice, here, it’s a choice aimed directly at our heart. There are also moments yeaes stunning natural beauty that would make Terrence Malick proud.