Both of them progress to the next round. On board the boat, May meets a Trainer named Harley and his Cacturne. So, how did Team Rocket make out? Bulbasaur does the same appeal it practiced on the boat. Cacturne is knocked flat, and Harley cries out for it. It starts off with Razor Leaf, then uses Vine Whip to whack the spinning leaves, stopping each of them in midair. The next morning, the Izabe Island Contest is about to begin.

Coordinator 3 voice Mike Pollock Ash calls out to May, giving her focus. As Ash and the others cheer, May proudly holds up her new Ribbon. Sukizo Vivian Harley Kent Ash: Harley simply laughs, calling May “Miss Tent. Both of them progress to the next round. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter.

Episode – A Cacturne for the Worse!!

Cacturne starts off with a Poison Sting attack, but Bulbasaur is able to deflect them with its Vine Whip. Harley said it was to teach her a lesson and mockingly said that if she studied her opponents instead of relying on advice, she would have known better.

The forr then pans over to xacturne nearby wall, where Harley is seen hiding. A Cacturne for the Worse. She is mortified and angry, allowing Cacturne to hit Bulbasaur hard. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

Later that night, Max apologizes for telling Harley that embarrassing story. Credits Animation Team Ota.


A Cacturne For The Worse

Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed. Harley tells May that her opponent, a Surskit, is slow in battle, so her Bulbasaur moves in close to the Surskit. Jessie wants to make Pokeblocks from the Berries and sell them to the coordinators at the Izabe Contest. S8 Episode 15 Absol-ute Disaster. Ash and the others now join May on stage as she is presented with the Izabe Island Contest Ribbon, with a ribbon also on Bulbasaur.

Back on the boat, a guy in a Cacturne-themed outfit, accompanied by his Cacturne, approaches May. Use the HTML below. Backstage, May congratulates Harley on his win. Still, Cacyurne offers May some of his homemade cookies.

He secretly eepisode an instant camera to take a picture of May and post it in some sort of scrapbook. Meowth and James give up, saying that what they’re doing is impossible, but Jessie yells at them and tells them that they don’t have much time before the Contest starts.

Bulbasaur tries a Vine Whip, which Surskit also dodges. Ash calls out to May, giving her focus.

Pokemon 08×12 A Cacturne For The Worse

May eventually recovers enough to claim victory. Azurill starts with Bubble, then hops from bubble to bubble toward Cacturne. May wins the ribbon, and the kids head off.

Harley approaches, and May congratulates him on his win. He is quickly annoyed by her though, because she doesn’t recognize what a Cacturne is, nor does she bestow highest compliments on his cookies! Vivian introduces May, and May calls out Bulbasaur. Your request could not be completed. Personal tools Create account Log in. The others say that Izabe Island is a big place, so everyone agrees that they should do some sightseeing for a bit.


The privacy and security policies differ. We don’t get to see her actual score, but we assume that she gets high marks.

Ab8-380 – A Cacturne For The Worst pikaprod

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? The last appeal is by Harley and Cacturne.

Jessie gasps, but since Meowth and James have let go of the heavy cart, its weight is too much for her, and she is comically dragged back down the hill, while Meowth and James watch helplessly. May stands frozen, blushing in embarrassment as the story continues.

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