I am from Yemen I am 19 years old I have three sisters and 4 brothers one of them is not married I am living in the USA I came to USA since and I am going to graduate from high school which means this year at May 31, I am off the school sine May 23, I hopefuly going to college but I have problemI do not have a rid and I am looking for the place where I can go and learn to drive and to become Inshall In the future a lawyer I pick lawyer because of Elif or Rahaf and for you. I used to dream of eyes so blue And loving arms to hold me. Hey necati or murad you are really so smart and handsome wish you visit lebanon soon so we can see you face to face we love you all. Have I let you know without you Life would be extremely tough? I used to dream of fairy tales, How wondrous would they be I used to dream of story books All patterned after me. Being a celebirty gives him a huge number of fans in addition to lots of fan clubs, web pages etc.

Ik hoop dat u mij terug een bericht gaat sturen. Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 4. He is my VIP acter in my life…. Ali bravo i za tebe dobar si glumac. IS it I am right. I love u polat alamdar can you send me your email plz i love you are my best actor,and memati,abdullhey,imran,eyad,hikmat,rahaf.

Sasmaz is a Muslim, so we can all meet him in heaven. I used to dream of a lot of things, But the moment I met you, I immediately stopped dreaming, Because all of my dreams came true. Assalm u Alaikum This is Farhad Ayubzai From Afghanistan, Necati Sasmaz Really i like you acting you are the best actor i saw all of your Film and Series like Kurtlar Vadisi,Pusu,terror, Iraq and Fillistin if it is possible to make one film about Afghanistan Kurtlar Vadisi Afghanistan i heard some thing about your life that still you are unmarried but i think you got married with previouse writer of kurtlar vadidi, you are so handsome and cute actor but any time you are so angry mode hahhahahah, one thing more that mematti is also very danger in his acting, all of you performing very will but you are the best, will you reply me to know about your life.

Leila Mourad s relationship with her family was not an easy one, and then film director Fatin Abdul Wahab and she gave birth to their son Zaki Fatin Abdul Wahab. A lost girl found direction,As the eastern orb rose high,The dark sky turned to blue,Like the colour of his eyes.

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Please enter your name here. Salam I am from Egypt and you can call me at I want to know where can i visit you in case i came to Turkey ,i mean would it be possible to meet Necati Sasmas from near??????????????


Im 12 yrs and i nearlly watch ur series everyday on YouTube. Good Luck with marrige and new life……… I woll say this again to you. A lost girl found direction, As the eastern orb rose high, The dark sky turned to blue, Like the colour of his eyes. Film Atmosphere Lightroom Presets includes 24 Handmade Lightroom Presets tubidy full movie download sexxee vidu00e9os youtube.

Personaggio di un film. Thanks to those who have worked for this movie, and I want to nicate sasmaz luck thank you very much. Telecharger morad alamdar 7 gratuit telecharger film morad alamdar 7 gratuit telecharger film morad. You the Most attractive person that I know til now and I do search every week twice a week or sometimes everyday. An exciting Tv series November 26, Video morad alamdar 7.

Hi Necati Muhammad Sasmaz. U r very lucky man so u have place in every heart of human I hope see u in my life. Good luck finally u realized that being a father is a very serious dhxbi responsblulity again. Fly high across unlimited moonlit sky Stray among stars in a faraway milky way Glide towards galaxies of celestial lights Let the troubles disappear in afar darkness.

It is really great, all the caracters are great, the story is fantastic…I have a big wish to learn Turkish language because of it.

Jam shqiptare maqedonis komuna e gostivarit nexhati me jep pergjigje ne ket numer telefoni munt tajmrohesh vetem ne ore te vona te nates. Estoy loca por tu boca mp3 download Download hd movie songs for mobile Ing downloaden op mobiel Ebook Dolley Madison Wwe show miz theme download Drake hold we’re going home mp3 download Visual studio web page design Vampire weekend ottoman download mp3. I Love U and your friends very Match…………….

Love is a precious thing It is a feeling that makes your heart sing. Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu 4. Congurlatins For having the bebek name him Abdulhey or memati or Ali I am so happy for u Allah leave for u and I owlish the best of luck love u so much u are my hero I am learning Turkish I know how to count one to ten bit iki and so on on means ten and the names of the color I am learning online by myself.

Also I think you speak a Little bit Arabic or I think you want to learn arabic. I love you very much polat alem dar and I hope to see you realy. I just realized that you did only one birthday in all parts of the show. Allah will be with you every where…. I like to know you as Murad Alamdar. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I want see part 7 as soon as possilbe in the next monthI love you so much Necati Also memati and Abdulhey as well. I love you soooooo much you do not now how hard is to leave me alone.


Youtube Wadi Diab 7 Ben Dhbi yasyorm ,ailece bu bu gibi dizye hayraniz segimizde turkiye sevgisinden kaynkalidir. On behalf of your Beautiful and loving angels and fans This video is a small taken of our appreciation for the wonderful sweetest, caring humble, human, being that you are!!!!

I keep thinking of you and I wish on a star that, somewhere, you are thinking of me, too! I love you Necati so much. I used to dream of fairy tales, Wado wondrous would they be I used to dream of story books All patterned after me.

But the series is the reality of the Turkish people, please reply! Swiftly lead into raptures over divine true romance Adorable smiles blooming like blossoms of red roses Trail bewitching paths cherishing every amorous moment United hearts surrender to the supreme power of love.

Wishing vrama a very Happy Birthday and party that you aby many more days like these. I love you to death Necati Sasmaz. Training pictures to be hornets, Harm and misunderstanding. You are the greates actor sincerely, Bushra Aslam Alakoom. Please please come to australia. Also for bring part 5 kvp in arabic I am sooooooo much love it and interesting at it.

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I always remember you. Wwdi Turkish Tv Series of April 9, I hope that your job results from your beleif but I was surprised about your living in America for along time and I ask you to put more information in the series and not to make it only for action.

This is the very dram time I frequented your website page and up to now? You look so cuteeeeeeeeeeee in KVP 6 finali Especially affter you shave you mustache and I love the way when you were dancing with Elif you daughter and if you were dancing with Leyla it would be way better and cute couples.

Necati Sasmaz, i respect for you. Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat I wonder if you know, my love, that my heart is at your feet I leave it there for you to do whatever that you wish You could take my heart, and love me, Sbu just leave me in this bliss.