I started tearing up when Sparty got the 3 spears in him and saw a vision of his wife. Sexy freckly Liam before he turned into The Hulk. He gave orders for a group of them to be at his side and everyone dispersed. Trivia Each season of the series features a character named Tiberius. Could someone who knows Roman history tells us which of these characters are real people? I can see how actors can play a gay role on tv and laugh off the kissing parts and what not but wow with the scene I just watched in the last EP how completely uncomfortable are those scenes to shoot???

Da Vinci’s Demons — Steven S Deknight, producer, shuts down a homophobe on FB. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. The battles continued for hours and I smiled as I looked around at the bonds forming and cheered with the crowd. Right now, though, I could not find it in me to care. We must make for the make for the mountain pass! They’ve been very coy about Tibby’s sexuality but the way he was pining, you’d think they were in love. The battle was great and when it was over the bonds long since needing fixed were stronger than ever.

Dan Feuerriegel’s luscious ass in motion. He held his hand out for me and I took it and helped him up. This hotness is the actor who plays one of the pirates who almost broke up Nagron.

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I looked to my hands that still held Harry’s blood upon them and turned them into fists. Todd Lasance, who plays Ceasar, has a beautiful body and an even better ass! So is the short one, married to a woman 19 years older.

I’m ready for some more Nagron loving. We were very close throughout the entire season. With Starz’ reputation for total sex and violence depravity certainly with the glorious Sparticus, Raimi will be able to give his classic work the treatment it nsir. It is brutal and it is one of the best shows out there.


Where is Spartacus filmed? Vikings TV Series I just thought of something. Lucy Lawless said ahead of Vengeance that she was in a new relationship through the season. The article that R50 linked kinda touched on it, but there’s a YouTube I need to find it that he talked about that time in his life in greater detail.

And in typical “Spartacus” fashion, the episode’s title, “Victory,” could be interpreted in several ways. The ideas of Laeta being pregnant at the end of the show, or Naevia living and perhaps being revealed as pregnant, were never really considered.

He hears this much less now, but in the first couple of seasons, “I was inundated with mostly guys saying, ‘I love the show, but can you cut it out with the gay shit? I sighed once more and decided I would sit with my love, the others would have a good time with or without me. If memory serves correct there’s a wall protecting this temple.

Agron y Nasir 1

I walked her aand the wilds far from our people and took the blind off then her binds. Are there any openly gay actors on this show? What did the slave do to Caesar with the knife between his legs?

He has a scar around his eye were the glass from the windshield cut him and where he hir the ground when he landed. My adorable Nasir, wipe your tears. Lucretia brought my hand up and kissed it. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Poor Tibby trying to rape that slave girl. R there is more than just black and white.

Yes, more cock in ass, by Jupiter! Watch Now on Prime Video. They will story,ine good cause. Is it possible that this Tibby is the imfamous Tiberious that raised Calugula?

And Crassus lives, but he must crucify his lover and his son is dead. Since the director of Spartacus created a new son Tiberius for Crassus, I wonder if the finale will be created new for television by this director or will he stpryline true to history?


So happy that Agron lived. I hope Nagron survive the war and start a spinoff. We know Spartacus, Caesar and Crassus are. That naisr actor went into contortions and hid himself with nude women!

It’s not a classic. Dan Feuerreigel’s head is too small for his body. Storylin you heard the DVD commentaries? Then again, when Sparty was dying as Nasir and Agron watched and said the best thing is to die a free man. We talked quite a bit about the epic journey of Gannicus, and I asked him if he’d always envisioned the heroic path the character eventually embarked on.

Only see it wasn’t him. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast which, at the end, has a minute discussion of the finale between myself and McGee, whose separate interview with DeKnight goes up here soon naeir, here are some of the par.

I can’t get that image out of my mind, thanks R! His dad was from there and I guess the relatives on that side felt he needed to learn their culture.

And a child I unreasonably grow to love. Take arms against them. That’s really the two sides of the coin,” DeKnight said. Yet DeKnight wanted there to be some hope in the finale, and he accomplished that in part by letting some slaves escape.

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Use the HTML below. Watched by a comparatively small number of people. Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside.