It is said in Islam that every child is born Muslim by nature: The Sassanid army’s center right retreated followed by the retreat of the entire right wing. During one meeting, Yazdgerd III, intent on humiliating the Arabs, ordered his servants to place a basket full of earth on the head of Asim ibn Amr , a member of the emissary. Boran attempted to bring stability to the empire by the implementation of justice, reconstruction of the infrastructure, lowering taxes, minting coins, and a peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire. The optimistic Arab ambassador interpreted this gesture with the following words: These figures come from studying the logistical capabilities of the combatants, the sustainability of their respective bases of operations, and the overall manpower constraints affecting the Sassanids and Arabs. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The disorganization of the Sassanid cavalry left their left center infantry vulnerable. Ctesiphon with its treasures was at the mercy of the victors. Muslim chronicles record several heroic duels between the Sassanid and Muslim champions. Rashidun’s army was deployed facing northeast, while the Sassanid army was deployed facing southwest and had the river at its rear. Once the Persians recovered, they concentrated more troops and mounted a counterattack. Behind the Lines Part of the Series: This section needs additional citations for verification.

Retrieved from ” https: Rostam placed men at certain intervals between the battlefield and the Sassanid capital, Ctesiphon, to transmit information. The movie is about the four days battle of qadisiyya between the Arab army under the command of Saad and the Persian army Andre the command of Rustum in mivie year AD in Iraq.

Saad, in order to exploit this opportunity, ordered a yet another counterattack. She was made empress regnant on the understanding that she would vacate the throne upon Yazdegerd III attaining majority.

Instructional Films and Lessons. Because of his inexperience as a general, he was instructed by Caliph Umar to seek the advice of experienced commanders before making critical decisions. Most scholars, however, agree that the Sassanid army and their allies outnumbered the Muslim Arabs by a sizable margin.


Tarikh-e Iran History of Iran3rd ed. What Makes a Battle Decisive? Suad Husni Ezzat El Alaili The strategy of Rostam was that the Muslim Commander-in-Chief should be killed or taken captive with a view to demoralizing the Muslims. Abdullah ibn Al-mutim, the Muslim commander of right wing ordered Jareer ibn Abdullah cavalry commander of the right wing to deal with the Sassanid elephants.

AbdelrahmanSalah Abouseif.

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Yet within this singular religious community there are profound differences in attitudes about peace, violence, punishment, forgiveness, and the status of women. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. The Persians launched another counterattack and defeated the Muslims at Battle of the Bridgewhich killed Abu Ubaid, and the Muslims suffered heavy losses.

Tauris, Experiencing a vast array of traditions and social activities this program explores faith through the eyes of youth, their families and social connections as it takes a light-hearted and honest qadisiyyay at faith, culture and how the youth of today view their spiritual education as an integral part of who….

Coincidentally, bulk of the Sassanid army was also made up of new recruits since the bulk of regular Sassanid forces was destroyed during the Battle of Walaja and the Ullais. In the afternoon the Muslims mounted another attack. Qadiwiyyah, Jareer’s cavalry was stopped by the Sassanid heavy cavalry.

Battle of al-Qādisiyyah

It became a battle of stamina, with both sides on the verge of breaking. Meanwhile, Umar allegedly had knowledge of this alliance and devised his own plan to counteract it. The Ql is one of the most ideologically influential texts in the world, with over a billion Muslims following its precepts. Full Cast and Crew.

Battle of al-Qādisiyyah – Wikipedia

The Elephant corps was also known as the Indian corps, for the elephants were trained and brought from Persian provinces in India. Edit Did You Know? At sunrise of 19 Novemberthe fighting had ceased, but the battle was still inconclusive.

Having lost several in duels, Rostam began the battle by ordering his left wing to attack the Muslims’ right wing. Internet URLs are the best. He starts out with a visit to the Taric Islamic Centre where qadisiyyxh learns why it is important to cleanse movvie before prayer, what Halal is, an introduction…. Arab conquest of Iran — Encyclopaedia Iranica”. Edit Storyline The movie is about the four days battle of qadisiyya between the Arab army under the command of Saad and the Persian army Andre the command of Rustum in the year AD in Iraq.


Undeterred, Yazdegerd continued to execute his plan of attack and concentrated armies near his capital Ctesiphon. The Muslim cavalry, on left wing and left center, already in panic due to the charge of the elephants, were driven back by the combined action of Sassanid heavy cavalry and the elephants. After the devastating invasion by Khalid, the Persians took time to recover; political instability was at its peak at Ctesiphon.

The wars soon became a matter of conquest that would eventually result in the demise of the Sassanid empire and the annexation of all of the Byzantine Empire’s southern and eastern territory.

Muslim chronicles record several heroic duels between the Sassanid and Muslim champions. At Qadisiyyah, about 33 elephants were present, eight with each of the four divisions of army. American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. The enemy has voluntarily surrendered its territory to us” referring to the earth in the basket.

There was friction between the two, although pressure from courtiers pushed this backstage. Muslim forces in Iraq were too few to control the region. An American Mosque is a film about Islam in America, religious intolerance, and the interfaith response to an historic hate-crime. Edit Cast Cast overview: A force of 5, veterans of Yarmouk were also sent to Qadisiyyah, they arrived on the second day of the battle Qadisiyyah.