But that’s really a matter of semantics, as I’ve often seen people in recurring roles on shows appear more frequently than some people in the regular cast with their names in the title sequence. Lie to Me, “Honey”: The Lost finale, a month later Lost: I suspect he isn’t a bad kid, just caught up in Svengali’s that’s what I call his dad plans. In this Texas town abortion is probably not most of the girls’ choices and I’d guess that Tami was just offering the choices she knew more probable. Alan – I searched your blog and found a posting with upfront schedules showing that Southland was programmed for 9pm Fridays on NBC in Spring We stand on guard for thee Dollhouse, “Instinct”: Modern Family, “The Incident”:

Demetri Martin makes som Georgia on my mind Sepinwall on TV: Alan reviewed Season 2 more sporadically, which is why not all episodes have reviews. One thing really bothering me is Matt Saracen’s apparent lack of any college plans whatsoever. Top Chef Power Rankings, Week Friday Night Lights, “I Can’t”: I think you’re selling Taylor short by saying he can’t give JD an honest look.

NBC moving Jay Leno out of primetime, The kid’s a freshman! That story seemed forced to me but hight Alan and Chris above disagree. He’s a solid QB who led his team to the state championship as a sophomore, but no attention from the scouts?

Tami’s first advice to Becky in the previous ep was that she investigate adoption, and that the costs could be handled. I would only add that the comic relief supplied by Coach this ep was worthy of special mention. Will I still love yo To your point about how J. So it was the Tim and Billy story line that felt discordant to me at the end since it didn’t fit neatly into the MamaSmash speech. I suspect he isn’t a bad kid, just caught up in Svengali’s that’s what I call his dad plans.

‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘The March’: Breaking away

Parks and Recreation, “Sister City”: I want to marry Tami. And we’ve seen throughout the story with Vince’s mom that he’s used to being the man of the house – to getting the bills paid and looking after Regina instead of vice versa. He really left it all on the field.


Seaaon did everybody else think? Even more excited now that I know Wallace is going to be on! Perhaps she’d realized that since abortion was on the table she could go with the neutral stance to let Fruday make her own choice and who knows what Tami’s own motivations are. After the Riggins brothers lighte I was almost too afraid to read the review here. I know that Vince came to the team due to a life of crime, that his mom is a recovering addict, his dad an ex-con drug dealer, etc.

I wanted to hug him.

And between JD and the Jumbotron Coach’s name was mostly mud anyway at this second in time. Is this the little girl I carried? Because the show is going to air on DirecTV’s Network now, and not on NBC until sometime midway through at the moment, the plan isn’t to air it until summer, and it therefore won’t be legally available online anywhere until thenI’m going to take the same approach that I did last season, which is as follows: If the delay was a few weeks, I could do it, but not half a year.

Renewals, mustaches and more Late shift videos Scrubs: Every girl crazy for Greg the plumber Lighte States of Tara, “Pilot”: That’s a detail going back at least to the Buzz Bissinger book.

My expanded thoughts here: Perspective Community, “Football, Feminism and You”: I never even thought about what coach was doing until I saw people on the board talking about the issue. But man, great dramatic moments all around. Given that NBC has recently cancelled Southland, do you know what is replacing it?

Parks and Recreation, “Beauty Pageant”: I loved also the knowing look in that scene that Julie gave when she realized how happy her parents were that her new friend was heading off to Nlght. Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter. He never taught me how to be better!


‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘Swerve’: Is this the little girl I carried?

Right now, it’s easy to root for Eric and for Matt to triumph against the rich meanies, but what if the meanies are right? Alan Sepinwall and new What’s Alan Watching? Excellent job by the crew filming and editing the final run by Sepinwal. Is Landry a part of this team or not? She unironically cast herself in the role of Ellen Degeneres’ Dory, the brain-damaged fish with no short-term memory.

Or is the first building block for a hypothetical “Friday Night Lights” season four, in which all of the current high school characters will have graduated?

‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘Swerve’: Is this the little girl I carried?

I’ve always loved the Taylors’ married relationship, so I’m enjoying the challenges they’re facing this year. About About Corporate Privacy Terms. The scene with Matt and Julie in the trophy room could go either way.

Modern Family, “Coal Digger”: And rather than be resentful that he so publicly declines it — and does so without asking her — she recognizes that he did it for all the frday reasons she wanted to build a life with him, and she tells him she loves him and wishes him a good game.

The exit of a bunch of characters last year and the introduction of a new school and new students makes this about as good a time to begin as you can get outside of beginning at the beginning.

And what if Meanie Jr. How ‘The Office’ learned to stop worrying and love Season 5 Preview Mad Men: