Anamika regain consciousness and Jeet is about to leave. Chaavi Shivani Surve — who recently got married to Jeet — will decide to accompany Anamika for the shoot to keep an eye on her. He leaves her house and Anamika says to herself that she will fight destiny and make Jeet hers and onlyhers. Soon, it is revealed that Anamika is a witch. Chhavi, desperate to save Jeet, gives up her own soul and goes to the netherworld. Jeet finds Anamika watering the plants and walks ou

Jeet has been hypnotized by Anamika but finally gets to know Anamika’s truth and manages to escape. Its raining cats and dogs on addition to the lights going off in the house. The episode shuts here itself. Jeet says that now he would expose Chhavi in front of the family and also tell them that he loves her. Anamika on the other hand has returned as a human and has changed her name to Anamika Malhotra. Chhavi tries to point out that woman, but she had hidden herself. Rano and Jeet finally agree to marry. Chavi apologises to Jeet for misunderstanding him.

Chhavi finally leaves and Anamika goes back to Jeet.

He looks for a first aid kit and finds it on the chest of drawers. Jeet finds Anamika watering the plants and walks ou This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat Comedy Circus Indian Idol Anamika decides to leave.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Chhavi finally succeeds in bringing out Anamika’s truth in front of Jeet and his entire family, but Jeet is forced to go to Anamika’s house after she abducts his mother, Pushpa.

But Jeet says no. Anamika wishes Chhavi with excitement. Jeet saying that he loves Anamika. Anamika – The Mysterious Queen updated their cover photo.

Cahvi wakes up in the middle of the night to find the glass lying down. Chaavi, who is engrossed in work springs from the seat to find match sticks. Anamika Trishula Productions on Sony Entertainment Television of late has been churning out some goosebumpy sequences. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? The story takes a leap of few months and it is revealed that Chhavi is two months pregnant. Anamika says that Jeet did not give any happiness, but now wants to take away her tears too.


Chhavi asking Ritu how to stop Anamika, and Ritu suggests a Tantrik. They take him to the same hospital wherein Chavi is waiting.

Views Read Edit View history. Chavi watches Jeet scurrying from the house and follows him, but the doors and the windows get locked. But Patalika does something which hides Jeet somehow. Anamika says that theyshould inform the Police as they would be better able to make inquiries into the matter. She asks him why he saved her if he was going to leave her. Chhavi wakes up in the morning and finds Jeet missing and wonderswhere he could have gone so early in the morning, while Anamika is waiting for Jeet tocome to her.

Chhavi tries to point out that woman, but she had hidden herself.

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While Jeet decides to tell Chhavi everything. After arriving in the netherworld and facing many obstacles, she manages to get her hands on a trident, the only thing which could destroy Anamika. Anamika is already there, gossiping with Bebe. The story takes a leap. Chaavi, who is engrossed in work springs from the seat to find match sticks. She then asks Chaiv to get another pot, and she herself wakes Jeet up.

He apologizes for not waiting for her and being there for her in her bad time, but now nothing can be changed. They take him to the same hospital wherein Chavi is waiting. A source informs that in the upcoming episodes, Anamika has to go for a photo-shoot. Anamika calls Jeet and asks him to come and meet her. Fan of the Week. Anamika also advices to be happy forever. Anamika 2nd July Written Update: Jeet and Chavi return home.


Anamikz asks her to ignore the matter and move inside. Jeet encounters with Chavi, where Chavi tries to make understand the polide about Jeet. In the show, she loves Jeet and he is strangely attracted to her.

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Chavvi shows her caring behavior to Anamika. Chhavi says that he is doing wrong to his wife, but Anamika says that his wife is just name sake and from heart, she has been his first wife always and so she is happy.

Pushpa asks Chhavi to take kheer for Jeet in office. Fan of the Week. Chhavi hearing some ghungru sounds and stepping out of the house and getting shocked seeing something. While Nani is trying to wake Jeet up, Anamika makes the table clock fall which scares Anamuka for a moment making herdrop the Ganga Jal pot. When Anamika will come to know about this, she will resort to black anwmika in an attempt to keep Chhavi away from her and Jeet.

Chhavi is about to leave but just then Jeet gains consciousness and calls out Anamika. He follows the trail to her room and finds her sitting beside her bed on chafi floor bleeding and unconscious. Anamika 19th August Written Episode Nani and Jasleen are worried why Chhavi is still being allowed despite so many proofs against her. Chhavi is worried for Jeet. Jeet informs Anamika that now she has got married to Chhavi.