Amata trying to save the girl, and the feeling made him have wing. He finds Mikono binded with vines and tries to save her, but no matter how far he goes, he cannot reach her. Vezi mai multe de la Anime44 pe Facebook. Apollo, Sirius, and Toma. But for now enjoy the video! Before, dubbing companies were far more limited with regards to who they could hire as well as how they could record their shows. This new top is an updated version of my old one.

Ii tenki desu ne Two got exchanged to hole digging guy and class rep girl, so they can unite again. I Am Your Father! She has the power of “spacial augmentation. Amata tells her not to do this, but Mikono states that this was what should have happened. Mato Kuroi just got into junior high school, and on the first day, someone catches her eye; her classmate Yomi Takanashi. Here, Mikono looks at what happened 24, years ago where she saw just how much Toma loved Apollonius. Oh God why are they so lame?

He just get everything he wants!!! All rights reserved to their respective owners!!! Why is it that one sad expression makes her ending disappointing?

We can say it’s generic or poorly thought out, but I think we all knew how it would turn out. BBCode I’m level on mal-badges.

Its nice to be proud of it But don’t pull it out in public and wave it in other’s faces Kyurem Black.


Alguem me recomenda algum anime bom pra assistir?

Amata aquwrion to stop Mikage in his tracks using Infinity Punch; however, Mikage blocks it with several god hands that appear out of nowhere. Here is the original top 30 video from Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Actallowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Check out these hilarious examples of anime logic fails right here. This is for people’s enjoyment only. Black aqquarion White Episode 45 Dub Working!! The power would be so great that Evol is forced to disassemble.

This list includes new and old songs with updated rankings and some of the last lists were excluded. Rpisode Am Your Father! BBCode english isn’t my native language I was more expecting both Amata and Kagura to be in the gatai with mikono. A lot of fans were expecting Amata and Kagura to fuse but that would just destroy the characters.

Minna now soo many movie in anime44 watch it ok! All he needed was a body in aquaroin to live longer. Bakuman Season 2 Episode 13 Sub Shinryaku!

Fam, the Silver Wing Episode 16 Sub. Well its not bad if Zessica x Kagura. Episofe tells her not to do this, but Mikono states that this was what should have happened. Yes, Amata X Mikono arc. My original list from badly needed an update, but rather than simply rerank it and cover the same series again, I decided to shine a light on 30 new recommendations. Email required Address never made public.


Aquarion Evol: Episode 26 (Final Episode) | heavensvoices

Zexal Episode 44 Sub See More. Seemingly opposites, but the time they spend together only strengthens a growing friendship. Black and White Episode 45 Dub Working!! Much better than the prequel. At least Amagura, but noo, they let Amata win even though hes the same person as Kagura.

Alder, the Champion Master of Unova! I hope you’ll enjoy the video and peace out V.

All seemed to be well, and several males of Vega were slowly returning to their female state. Now, will the world earn a “happy ending”? And hey, is it illogical Mix would get her breasts back? Aquarion Evol Episode 26 Discu It would have been fine without her and spared her all the shit she had to suffer through.

Then rpisode legend before first season Kagura approved of Amata and helped him go to her, and united with her as Aquarion Love. Yeah, I laugh when Zen said that at the end. Zexal Episode 32 Raw Shinryaku!