Route any input to any output, adjust gain, delay and polarity then precisely tune the D Originally Posted by uniquepattern. The factory setting of 90 Hz is OK for many situations, and it appears this frequency is a standard for some consumer electronic equipment that contains crossovers. The Epicenter has a unique equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to your speaker system. The dash mount control also has a dual color LED indicator that can be rainforest green or sunshine amber. Keep your iOS device charged during extending use by connecting the included AC adapter to the built in charging jack.

Now that sounds like a big loophole, but here is all we mean by it. If more signal voltage is necessary in your system, don’t feel alone. Because of the variations in the recording process, we developed The Epicenter to help restore any low frequencies lost during the recording process, however, the acoustics of various environments are different. The epicenter just changes whatever music you put into it. Once this is done, you just need to hook up power, ground, trigger, run the wire to the dash remote and tada!!! So, if the input signal were 80 Hz, you would have an output of 80 Hz and 40 Hz.

Posted on Thursday, November 16, – Whether you listen to the kettle drums of Beethoven’s fifth symphony or you prefer the tones of rap music, bass will truly enhance the performance of your system.

The Epicenter – AudioControl

Whether this is your first AudioControl product, or you are already a firm believer, you will definitely enjoy The Epicenter Concert Series. Picture of dash mount remote page 10 Adjusting the Para-Bass Controls The bass response in a system is affected by four factors; 1 the acoustics of the vehicle, 2 the location of the speakers, 3 the music on the tape, CD, or source unit, and 4 speakers and speaker enclosures.

A physical damage don’t use The Epicenter Concert Series for a car technplogy ; B improper connections volts into the power jack can fry the poor thing ; C sadistic things.

The Bass Output Control circuit allows The Epicenter to maximize the bass couplde of any autosound audio system while restraining destructive bursts. So, if the input signal were 80 Hz, you would have an output of 80 Hz and 40 Hz. So, if the input signal were 80 Hz, you would have an output of 80 Hz and 40 Hz.

Diamond Audio and Epicenter?

I basically told him whatever floats your boat. This single-unit solution provides unprecedented power and tuning flexibility when you require eepicenter perfection from your factory or aftermarket sound system. Also, we will not be obligated for direct or indirect consequential damage to your system caused by hooking up The Epicenter. Thats all they really do eh? Connect your laptop to the D I phse been doing some reading, and they sound interesting What that means in everyday terms is that The Epicenter will give more bass impact to your best compact discs or even your old tapes.


Dash Mount Control The Epicenter is designed to be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, with the exception of the front bumper or radiator. Building from the hugely successful LC Well fear no more, this warranty is designed to make epicehter rave about us to your friends. The Epicenter needs to be installed in the signal path as close to your source unit as possible, but definitely BEFORE any crossover circuit. These RCA connectors should be connected to the next component after The Epicenter, such as a crossover, equalizer, or amplifier.

AudioControl makes a complete line of signal processors that do the same amazing things for your home audio or theatre system. Listening to music on a truly superb car stereo will make phsse wish the long and winding road was just a little bit longer and a little bit windier. Only pro to rpicenter would audiocotrol your amps won’t get as hot.

If an authorized United States AudioControl dealer installs The Epicenter, the warranty is five years otherwise the warranty is one year. By limiting the sampling range to 50 – Hz, and only with stereo signals, this eliminates boominess that would occur if subharmonics were added from original frequencies at – Hz, technokogy eliminates adding subharmonics to voices that are sent monophonically the same signal in both channels, in phase to the center channel speaker.

AUDIO CONTROL THE EPICENTER Phase Coupled Activator TechnologY SERIES TWO – $ | PicClick

O Ground Isolation Jumpers: I havent seen that one actually I want one now. It also opens up future proprietary connections for additional inputs, controllers and interface solutions. Would it be a fun toy to play with?

You have to fill epjcenter the warranty card and send it to us within 15 days after purchasing The Epicenter. On most systems, the factory installed module 33Hz is fine.

Audio Control THE EPICENTER Phase Coupled Activator TechnologY SERIES TWO

It comes with a dash mountable control that allows you to enjoy the effects of The Epicenter without having to leave the drivers seat. No matter what your choice of music, you will teh love The Epicenter. The epicenter just changes whatever music you put into it.


The factory head unit ground is not a good ground! Other than what we have covered in this warranty, we have no obligation, express or implied. Assuming you conform to 1 through 6, and it really isn’t all that hard to do, we get the option of fixing your old unit or replacing it with a new one. The principle of operation is an assumption that very low frequencies in the original music have been lost or removed during recording and CD production.

Should you wish to change the color to amber, remove the plug connected to the LED and turn it degrees and plug it back in. Chad Lee Gold Member Username: The PCA3 generates subharmonics at half the input frequency, with a sampling range from 50 – Hz in the “Digital Restoration” mode. Share on Google Plus Share. If you haven’t seen it audiocontrok Connect it to a good constant source of 12 volts we suggest the batteryfused at 1 amp. That’s what happens to this display when The Epicenter circuit is activated.

Obviously, then, the PCA3 is not for all music, but that is why the volume ativator is on the unit; with it turned all the way down, there epicdnter no subharmonic addition. Regardless of your age or musical preference, the addition of low frequency bass to your autosound system is truly an enjoyable experience.

Wicked, thanks for the link! If you have an equalizer in your system, turn down the bass frequencies and use The Epicenter.

Once you have selected a permanent mounting location, position the unit and mark the appropriate mounting holes with a felt-tip pen or scratch awl. If more signal voltage is necessary in your system, don’t feel alone. Still Distorted Adjust the Para Bass controls by turning the sweep control clockwise audlocontrol raise the center frequency. If you should need to coulped the settings, please use the chart below for guidance. So you can get louder on those certain songs.

The PCA3 generates subharmonics at half the input frequency, with a sampling range from 50 – Hz in the “Digital Restoration” mode.