Aki appears and tells Ceres to kill him and Mikagi. They are given a single present, a wrapped box. Aki has been hooked up to a machine that lets him search his own memories. At the hospital Aya is misdirected to her mother’s room. He tells Aya she should have nothing more to do with him, as he only wants Ceres. Toya comes in screaming her name. An unconscious Toya washes up on the beach and is brought to a clinic.

Toya explains that the Mikages will come after him and that he doesn’t want to leave Aki alone. Yuhi says he doesn’t need a family, since he was abandoned, but Aya cries at him for saying such sad things. As the smoke overtakes her, Toya appears and takes her to the school pool. She decides not to tell him about the celestial being, but that night as they sleep, Ceres emerges and attacks Aki. Aya returns from the hospital and finds Toya in his room struggling to bandage his wounds. He promises to watch over Aya. Aya begins to cry, remembering her father’s death. When Aya catches up, only Toya is there.

They are staying in Yuuhi’s father’s villa and attending Kaisei high school.

Toya, badly wounded, makes it there as the clock approaches four in the morning, wearing Aya’s choker. When she asks why, he kisses her and tells her he suddenly found himself looking for her.

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She starts to freak out remembering what happened, but suddenly the man kisses her, to silence her as guards appear below. Ceres lends Aya her powers to resist the effects of Howell’s machine. Deep within her mental cocoon, Aya hears Aki’s voice telling her not to run away. eglish

Toya quickly dispatches the three men, and tells Aki to return to the Mikage house. Looking at the mummy he says this is just her empty shell and demands to know where his woman, Ceres, is.


Afterwards, he spends hours staring out at sea. Aya and Yuhi are tasered.

Ayashi no Ceres Episode 2 English Dubbed

The female ancestors of the celestial maiden killed themselves and destroyed the Mikage building. During engliish flight, one of the patients infected by the bacteria awakens their dormant celestial powers and abilities, sending out a tremendously strong destructive blast of bright pink-colored energy that knocks Shota out of Ceres’ arms.

The DVD versions also offers extra features, including art galleries, character profiles, and interviews with Yu Watase. Q interrupts Aya and Yuhi, and after she’s gone he apologizes for his behavior. As Toya does not know Ceres moves to kill him, but Yuhi holds her back. They are given a single present, a wrapped box.

Crying, he tells Toya go without him, as he cannot see Aya the way he is now, and gives Toya the letter he wrote to her. Confused, she turns to Aki to ask what happened, but Aki is writhing in pain as cuts begin appearing all over his body. He objects that the shock to her system might cripple her, cres Kagami says that Ceres will then take over, which is his objective.

Seeing Kagami about to gas Yuhi, Ceres holds on to Yuhi and flies out through the hole in the building.

Howell tells Toya that he cannot ask for forgiveness or even understanding, and that they just wanted her cooperation in ensuring the survival of the human race. They go into a atashi vault that contains Ceres’ mummy, the guardian deity of the Mikage family. Toya senses that Aya is in danger, takes the doctor’s motorcycle and hurries to Tokyo. This seems to trigger a memory in Toya, and he urgently asks her to remember an island.


Sensing Toya nearby, Ceres attacks him, opening a portal in the floor to take him to another floor. The Progenitor captures Ceres on her way to reunite with her long-lost celestial robe.

Ayashi no ceres episode 1 [ENGLISH SUBBED]

Walking along the beach, Aya finds a shell and holds it out for Toya to see. Toya tears off the Nno collar and protects her from Miori. He prepares to return to the Mikage building to persuade Nno to leave, but she stops him, saying that he will die.

The next day, Aya and Aki go to their grandfather’s house to celebrate their sixteenth birthday. Yuhi tells Shota to slowly crawl backwards, as the rubble he is on is too weak to support anymore weight.

Toya knocks Akiyama unconscious, rescuing Yuhi, and confirms their earlier suspicious that the vaccine spread by the Mikage was something to awaken C-Genomes in people. Toya asks if Aki wishes to leaves, as Aya antagonizes over how she can stop the Mikages. Aya, Yuhi, Chidori, and Mrs. Aki orders Kagami’s men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead.

Ayashi no Ceres Episode 2 English Dubbed

When she doesn’t wake up at the appointed time, Toya cries. They run to her. He duv tells her that another woman close to her is about to have the same experience. Aki cries, afraid the machine Kagami has been using on him is making him lose himself. He also gives her the birthday present from Aki, the same red earrings she had purchased for him.