Is the series intended as an explanation of why politicians are like they are? Which The Mystery of Edwin Drood certainly wasn’t. Professor Peter Higgs himself — he’s still alive, don’t you know? So we get but this time with subtitles, which actually helps , truly gripping stories about, say, the political machinations over a piece of new motorway construction. When Birgitte tries to reach out to Philip, she does it with all the emotion of a forensic committee enquiry into the problem: But there has in my lifetime seemed one failsafe test question: Find out more about Birgitte, Katrine, Torben, Kasper and all the other characters. Gwyneth Hughes’s “completion” of Dickens’s famously unfinished last novel was phenomenal; others have tried before but none to better effect.

Talking of which, why are they dropping Hustle? That makes episode 4 end up feeling like a disconnected bottle show cut adrift from what has gone before it, whereas the first three episodes had been tightly written and felt like one through-story to introduce and establish the characters. She has become a tragic prisoner of the office that she inhabits, while Katrine still has her freedom. Now, every scene of her walking through the government buildings has her flanked by advisors who sweep away all mere mortals from her path; outside on the streets, Birgitte is permanently accompanied by two faceless security guards. He bought a farm, threw himself into aeronautical research, remarried and in could be found telling bad jokes at a Star Trek convention. Which The Mystery of Edwin Drood certainly wasn’t. Armstrong was a fighter pilot in Korea when most boys his age were still working out how to put condoms on. But there has in my lifetime seemed one failsafe test question:

BBC Four – Borgen, Series 3, The Fall

Five minutes later the youngster was flat out. The graphics on Scrapheap Challenge about levers on boats explain more. Katrine is young and only has herself and her career to think about, while Birgitte has the sense of the weight of the whole country bearing down on her. Loading comments… Trouble loading? In fact the whole show looks glossier, more modern, more confidently stylish and creative all round. When Birgitte tries to reach out to Philip, she does it with all the emotion of a forensic committee enquiry into the problem: But it was a typical episode of thrusts and reversals and showed how Borgen best sparks in the friction between duty and heart, pragmatism and loyalty.

Was she even a tart? What kind of kid builds a wind tunnel in his bedroom and takes flying lessons without his parents’ knowledge? Posted on January 30, Updated on January 16, He kept himself to himself after the moon landing and world tour 25 countries in 45 daysfearful that having spent most of his life cheating death he might spend the rest of it signing autographs.


Her old friend and mentor Bent Sejro is disillusioned with the political situation in Denmark and the compromises the Moderate Party are making with the new government, and he tries to persuade Birgitte to re-enter politics. At TV1, Katrine Fonsmark and Kasper Juul juggle their broadcasting careers with their new responsibilities as parents as well as their volatile relationship.

Well, any concerns that I had that the show was giving Birgitte Nyborg Sidse Babett Knudsen an unfeasibly easy ride of it early in the season have been comprehensively dismissed by the frankly bleak and nihilistic end of series 1. Two and a half years after Danish prime minister Birgitte Nyborg called a general election, she has left the political arena and is now a well-paid speaker in business circles and sits on several boards.

Everything boring can be made unboring in the right hands. How odd to have a show dare to suggest that a journalist can be a hero in this day and age! Posted on January 15, Updated on January 16, I remember as a trainee sub-editor reading one book, possibly Epusode Evans’s, about how not to write a headline: He seeks inspiration by listening to old Kennedy inauguration speeches on his iPod: Ah, if only they had a carriage themselves.

Bent didn’t even make it through his own celebration episods. Should the Kabul regime be iplayr to run their own country? It’s intensely watchable, for hour upon hour — no matter how tired, you will force matchsticks vertically into your eyes to not miss the latest twist.

Had he simply lightened up, or was it the new wife? But this wasn’t Z Cars.

BBC Four – Borgen, Series 3 – Episode guide

Jasper had been so off his tits, to quote Dickens directly, that his memory of the strangulation, and the hatreds which had engendered it, had become irrevocably muddled between father and son. Only one of them was left standing — and not the swaggering adolescent but the wizened granddaddy.

You really didn’t obrgen to know more than that. Series 1 is now available on DVD.

Taking the Short View

The Hunt for Higgs: A Child of Denmark Borgen Series 3. But while Birgitte is now a long hbc down the path of throwing everyone and everything overboard in order to be able to continue in office, Katrine sticks to her principals and ethics and chooses instead to resign rather than to tolerate a gross abuse of journalistic principals by her station boss.


Crucially, though, no one had bothered to quite explain why we were looking for it; it was taken as read that we are all obviously qualified particle physicists — even in the week when someone on Celeb BB more on which next week once my brain stops hurting managed to not-know where America was — and thus understood the reason for the search.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! A montage of Nyborg going around talking to everyday Greenlanders on the snowy streets could almost be a schmaltzy party political broadcast for the fictitious Moderates in its own right.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These two episodes are excellent, and for a minute you think that maybe, yes — this series could actually equal or even better Forbrydelsen. It truly is The West Wing reborn, too many years after Josh and co departed. There was a race against time and some deft interplay in the fortunes of wily young gum-chewing talent Kruse and Birgitte’s old friend and party conscience Bent, whom she’d had to fire last year but who could now be brought in from the cold even if it meant sending him to Belgium.

In Danish with English subtitles. Personally I thought Lindenkrone had it coming: And so Borgen is back to keep up our quotient of Danish drama on a Saturday night.

In a similar way, after three episodes of a compelling pregnancy sub-plot, Katrine was shaping up to be a potentially fascinating character too: Show 25 25 50 All.

Jasper, it turned out — do keep up at the back — was also the elder Drood’s unacknowledged son, which meant he had killed, once literally and once figuratively, his own father and brother. Posted on November 21, Updated on January 16, Borgen has impossibly large shoes to fill, coming as it does from the same Danish broadcaster as Forbydelsen and even sharing several supporting cast members, as well as being slotted into the same Saturday night double bill slot on BBC4 that the break-out crime drama previously occupied.

The best thing about both episodes was the resurgence in ongoing subplots for the main regular characters: Not that Philip is by any means blameless in this slow motion car wreck: