The Hunt For Justice Snapped. The first winner would be captain of the Gold Team, and second winner captain of the Red Team. The final round is called Wrap Up. During eliminations, Ray J asks Elease to plead her case and she states “[Rocky] She plays dirty and shady” which causes a small argument between the two. Camilla and Rocky win Captain’s challenge and select members to be a part of the Red and Gold teams. She is an aggressive opponent with a mean streak that can flare up when necessary. The girls arrive to the “Give Me the Money Honey” Captain’s Challenge, each team is instructed to lather up in honey to collect coins and deposit them inside of the piggy bank, the person with the most coins collected wins Team Captain.

Meanwhile celebrating victory, Rocky injures her knee yet decides to continue throughout the competition. On Episode’s 2 elimination night, Stasi got a little teary-eyed as she explained that all Bad Girls have good in them. Shannon gets home with the winning team and rushes upstairs looking for Rocky, she holds her and they hug for what seems a long time, Shannon asks the camera man for a minute and the crew leaves. She is ready for action and can’t wait to show the world her physical and mental strength to win this game. Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges. Host Ray J instructs each of the contestants to cross the finish line with a ball, which was reduced every round in order to carry on to the next round, and those without a ball would be eliminated. Yeah, we all experienced secondhand embarassment watching Judi get practically naked while everyone watched in horror. Valentina and Amy are put up as nominees.

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Shannon is a true friend because she ends up leaving with Rocky. The red team chose Elease. A natural competitor, Stephanie is a former dancer and placed third in the inaugural Bad Girls Games. For the first time all season, Ray J loses his impartial cool, saying: Also, I want to invest.


She wasn’t a fan of swimming, and she wanted nothing to do with the pigpen challenge either. Valentina feels Nancy will put her up for nomination because of previous nominations. Camilla tries to bargain with Janelle to drop down, unsuccessful, Janelle wins Team Captain Elease a target in the competition, comes to avail and wins the Captain’s challenge, which infuriates her team. The spongebob twins are a nasty joke and Julie is the same by association bitch. The Hunt For Justice Snapped.

Stephanie gets eliminated and after Tiana confronts Elease for being in alliance with the Gold Team.

Rocky decides to nominate Valentina and Mehgan. Valentina and Amy are put up as nominees.

Winner’s Chat with Tiana: “I DID IT! I DID IT! And I Did It For My Brothers!” |

Stephanie 6 of 6 votes to eliminate. Team Challenge Each girl is to play in a one on one, freestyle tug of war using a small braided piece of hair weave, while the Team Captain decided the match ups.

Later, Camilla decides to make amends with Elease. She is an aggressive opponent with a mean streak that can flare up when necessary. For the Tug Of WeaveTeam Challenge each team must collect weaves in a one-on-one freestyle tug of war inside a sandpit. If Natalie could be any cocktail it would be Sex on the Beach. Alicia 5 of 5 votes to eliminate.

The girls head to the Battle Challenge, ” The Price of Beauty ” where each girl goes through five eating stunts, that will entail ingesting vile animal parts and blended concoctionsin order to gain face pieces of themselves to cover a barefaced self-portrait. Okay, let’s keep it real.

Drama went down pretty much every second, seaon the game on its head over and over again. If she wins, Shelly plans to use the money to head back to school. Andrea is the shows 4th contestant to quit the competition. Sarah and Camilla win the captain’s challenge. Flo Flips On Jennifer I was really happy because I accomplished something, and I did it for my brothers.


Ray J guest hosts. This proud lesbian is determined to fix things her own way and seazon on her own terms. Though teams were disbanded, Red Team members continued to be an alliance. We had a friendship.

Shelly worries she won’t win, and relies on her Red Team alliance to save her if she’s unable to. She was like a motivational speaker up there, going on about how she doesn’t want any more drama and really wants to free herself and the other Bad Girls from the stigma of Though suffering from a bad knee Rocky leads the Red Team to victory.

So when she was sent packing, even Flo was kinda like, WTF? Each contender that finished last couldn’t advance to the next course. In the Captain’s Challenge, the Bad Girls show off their skills of getting paid, and making it stick.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Extra wants some attention cause she starts arguing with Meghan and calls her a bitch, well in true bad girl form, Meghan squares off only to be held back. We would say Judi’s the type of chick to wear her heart on her sleeve, but we don’t think she owns any article of clothing with sleeves.

The Top 10 Game-Changing Moments of ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’

I feel like I definitely show growth. Tiana talks to Rocky about how her brothers motivate her during the challenges. Old friends Camilla, Danni, and Amy immediately form an alliance, which Valentina suspects and plans to seasin. Growing up with all brothers, her outgoing personality can be a force to be reckoned with. Elease now vulnerable becomes a target to everyone.