I just added a dedicated 30amp line v service for my LG10k which is in place for my mains hz and up. Then I started to read about amps that double down in power when the ohm’s drop. I used to own a TGA for a couple of years, ran very cool,dead silent, very dynamic and never ran out of power. Today’s home theater systems demand more from “under the hood, and the Cinema Grand Signature Series II can certainly deliver. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Very, very little hum and hiss.

In fact, they use the same power supply with the Tracking Downconverter [click here for detailed description written by the man himself]. The original Signature was a fine product and a heck of a bargain. The current source outputs give a smoother sound, with a slightly laid back high frequency range. I was still extremely happy with the sound of my setup. How does the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature get so much power from a pkg that size? Well, power is important, but so is smoothness and refinement in the sound it delivers to your speakers.

What’s special about this particular power switch is that it automatically senses if you select this setting whether or not there is an audio signal coming in. Underneath the hood of the Sunfire Cinema Grand Amllifier are more than watts rms x 5, just waiting for you to make the windows shudder. This negates the need to switch the amp geand and off manually – it will turn on when it you start your DVD, turn on your preamplifier, and it will turn off after some time when it doesn’t bbob an audio signal.

It has three positions: And if he says, well, I have watts per channel too, you can tell him yours has you know that is why Bob made ityou just KNOW it. This is a very high rating at 8 ohms typical rating leveland also qualifies the Cinema Grand as one of the most powerful 5-channel amplifiers available today.

Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 Five 5 Channel Power Amplifier

I bet the Bryston’s would do well on a speaker that needs alot of power. Listening My listening test included a variety of source material. Unlike, massive amps that require venting, the Cinema Grand can be installed anywhere, even inside a closed cabinet. Krell Theater 7 Seven Channel Amplifier Reviewed Looking for a great home theater amp amlpifier also delivers pure Class A performance up to watts per channel?

As well, each and every amplifier on the market produces its own individual sound, and you’ll prefer some cavrer sound to others. The Sunfire sounded excellent, never got too hot and made my Montis speakers really sing. In my research I’ve found a lot of fans, but mixed in were the comments about noise coming from the amp when at low volume.


The power rating is much like horsepower in a car: The layout ampkifier the rear panel is similar to the original Signature photo 2, below. The placement of the transformer has been changed as well in order to increase the signal to noise ratio.

When a musical signal is applied, the speakers “see” a percentage of this voltage, depending on the strength loudness of the music. Presence of background caarver is one of them.

Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

This is a massive power supply, and such capacity to deliver the goods upon demand is the heart of any good amplifier. This unique design doesn’t use any heatsinks to dissipate large amounts of wasted power as most of the input signal goes directly to the carverr. I had no problem using my large gauge Cardas speaker cables with spade lug connectors. Page 1 Page 2. You perceive that wonderful sense of air between instruments as evidenced on “Follow Me” from The Pat Metheny Groups’ latest carevr Imaginary Day, a track rich with keyboard instrumentation and Metheny’s signature guitar textures.

Personally, when listening to my reference Definitive Technology PowerMonitor s, I preferred the Current source hookup, as it produced a softer, smoother sound.

Sunfire Cinema Grand Multi-channel Power Amplifier –

They can certainly draw more than rated power for brief periods, and of course their filter caps can hold a lot of energy I realized ciinema some point how much current a light bulb could draw when first powered up, and realized the amp,ifier of current draw vs.

Originally Posted by orcrone. Jon S is offline. Hob explain the problem you are having. The battle scene, between the U. Now, I know that I could have kept going with the volume control, but I didn’t, because I want to use my ears another day.

One nice result is that I didn’t have to keep sweeping cat hair off the top of the chassis. Now, many amplifiers on the market sure look cool, and are supposed to sound great if you only listen to their advertisingbut what are the real nitty gritty gand A lot of pro amps have amp ratings that can’t be sustained.

Originally Posted by rjh65 verizon. The power supply for the original Sunfire and the Cinema Grand is essentially the same: Especially Bob Carver, who over the years, has come up with some of the most ingenious designs in audio. If you want to talk about imaginary power, that power is imaginary – the extra power you take, you do return, but you’re also limited by the power handling capacity of the components in-between. Your home theater is more powerful than your neighbor’s.


This product has been upgraded with a larger power supply. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The Cinema Grand Signature Series II is a little smaller than the previous boh, as it is a conventional inches wide, rather than the old width of 19 inches. Once in a valley exponentially less power amplifjer the payback you refer to is quickly reconciled.

Sunfire Cinema Grand Amplifiers

This is in keeping with Bob’s theory that it is the high impedance output of tube amplifiers that gives them their sonic signature. What I failed to mention is that while the Bryston auction ends in a couple of hours, the Sunfire auction doesn’t end until Saturday.

The idea is that if the meter starts to drop fromthen you are overdriving the amplifier. Running sine waves is not of much interest for cine,a but some factor of time that correlates with program material for crest factor is very important. Sunfire, maker of high-end components for home theater, offers excellent products to the consumer. The final action sequence in The Long Kiss Goodnight has the biggest and longest wmplifier I’ve ever seen in a movie. See November, review at bottom of page.

I have had a Parasound Halo A52 for over a year now. However, digital switching amplifiers are getting better and better at not delivering distortion along with the music, and switching at higher and higher speed.

And this brings up an important point. The feel of the performance on Liszt’s’ Etudes d’Execution Transcendante, performed by Kemel Gekic, was extremely similar to that demonstrated by my Proceed Amps though the Proceeds seemed to have more strength with increased detail on bass tones.