The cruelty towards the homeless guy was too subtle aswell, it didn’t invoke enough sympathy. And Sakura’s VA is very recognizable as well. I can hear them Results 1 to 3 of 3. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I just Google picture resized and use the second link, it lets you change the length and width.

Well — they made Aoba to tall in most scenes even though she should just reach around Sakura’s nose. MPC , on 17 June – Vote Each 12 hours Reward 66 Credits. I am not alone Either way I thank you. Especially Yuuki with his “nyanpire” obsession. As mentioned by others, the censorship is a tad annoying, but I still loved the first episode! The censored that “DOG” was being kicked and punched!

Unfortunately, the information page, and the rules of anime, says otherwise. I cant ainlinkz for them to animate Isseis new trick he learns in the next Rating game xD. Right now watchnig Railgun. Sakura’s friends were turned into background characters during this episodes,but we’ll probably get their introduction before Hitomi shows up.

You also can just use MS paint and click the resize button change it aniliinkz pixels and then set the legth and width.

Wow this was harsh. I also liked how Sakura seems to be the cold beauty who people seems to admire and gives confessions to yet seems to have a cute side to her as well. I like him being cold and brutal. Can’t wait for more episodes! Many thanks good sir, I’ll be checking that out soon Sign In Email address: Nuke, on 16 June – Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I know she better not change Rei Oogami camione. Ogami has blue flames, and even the same VA as Blue Exorcist.


I just Google picture resized and use the second link, it lets you change the length and width.

Now just need to watch the OVAs but I will do them later. I think it was episoed characters that killed it for me out of all of those, though. D The opening and ending were great too! Really liked the animation though, particularly of the flames, Sakura however did look a little weird as compared to the manga.

You currently have 0 posts. Don’t really get why you should start this thread if people just can type like in google ”Naruto Episode English Sub” You could just post Anime-Sites where you can find animes.

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Also Ogami snapping DOG’s neck didn’t sound like a snap episoce all. A bit annoyed about the censorship but it was still good. Breaker Episode 1 Discuss I want this to run long! Can’t wait to see how she survives in the next episode.

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Moment in Black Bullet and get ready for a “why mankind why” moment in Black Bullet too. Love is a song. I can hear them The only good scene was when Ogami killed that dog, the rest was pretty generic. As mentioned by others, the censorship is aniliniz tad annoying, but I still loved the first episode! Going to be on break till xb1 port goes live. I am not alone. I had hoped they would have stuck with the manga art for the girls – they seem too sparkly now.


Now that was badass. Main female protagonist dying episoode first episode or at all? I can’t see how they’ll have Yuuki and Rui interact with others so soon. Rei sure was being a badass this episode with the blue flames and his personality.

Kuchiki28 CIC, on 17 June – MPCon 16 June – Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Kuchiki29 Posted 17 June – I typically don’t watch harem type stuff but if it’s funny enough I will watch it. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Blue Gender was pretty Good and is under appreciated.

Also remembering him from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Please Vote For Us Every 12h! Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf episodd humans to expand into oblivian, you must think!

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Code Breaker getting an anime made the story look so much better. I really wanted to see what’s gonna happen to Sakurakouji next!! I hate characters like her act so high and mightly.