The pressure drop will be much greater. If the baseboard is the last radiator on the line, the water will be relatively cool. The cone creates a narrow opening through which the water has to pass if it’s going to continue flowing along the main. This communication provides access to our Privacy Notice. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left. It might have to be since it’s working with cooler water. If that is not the case then get rid of that old check valve at the supply with the new boiler some crap might have stirred up and check valve might not be opening all the way and install individual check valves for each zone except for the ones that might have internal check valves in circulators.

Let’s say I do need that much. Use the right amount of tees. The higher pressure drives free air into solution and brings it down to your air separator. You’ll find them on old gravity hot-water heating systems, the kind we went over in Chapter One. But as soon as you close the vent, the situation goes back to “normal” and your radiator goes cold again. Maybe you should check the length of the run before you do anything else.

Twitter Widget shows the Xylem brands twitter stream and has a feature for like and retweet. Here we have 3 gpm of degree F water entering the run of the tee and 1 gpm of degree F water entering from the branch.

One-Pipe diverter tee systems

It explains in clear language what information we collect momoflow individuals, how we use it, and the choices and controls you have. Cold water is heavier than hot water.

This website may use the following additional cookies, your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the relevant features:. Could I turn the diverter tee around so the cone points toward the flow and use it as the first tee instead of the second? Alternate up and down. They may have sagged as the years went by, and that can give an installer fits. Where do we go now?


If most of the radiation is above the main, the pitch is not as crucial. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Here, as in most systems, finesse works better than brute force. Systems Help Center Search Search. Can I solve the problem by using a larger circulator? Is there usually much difference in pressure between two standard tees? Was this system widely accepted by contractors? Reprinted from CounterPoint JuneVol.

And you probably won’t get the right amount of heat out of the radiator on the colder days of the year. The diverter tee system made installing hot water heating systems in new homes less labor intensive; eliminated the need for large diameter pipes found in gravity systems and was competitive with the alternative but often dangerous steam systems.

Pitch the main and the radiators up in the direction of flow. Measure your pipe length, and baseboard to determine head.

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Monoflow systems had air vents installed at the radiation, and a compression style tank on them. Back in the days when most folks used steam to heat larger buildings, the people who sold hot water equipment had a problem.

But when I vent the radiator, it does get hot all the way across and seems okay for a while. If there’s hardly any difference in pressure between the tees, very little, if any, water will flow through the branch.


Alternate the feeds and returns like this. You mean if you set the piping up like this? I recently inherited a job. On milder days, the radiator is, in effect, oversized.

Compared to steam, the one-pipe diverter tee system cost less to install, was quieter in operation and used much smaller pipes. It seems to make sense – and that’s why it doesn’t work. The pitch makes it easier to get rid of air on start-up. A lot depends on the lengths of the pipe. So with diverter-tee systems it’s easy to confuse flow problems with air problems?

They’re trying to cover themselves, but they usually wind up with over- and under-heated rooms and unhappy customers. Pretty close to your boiler size. It all depends on the heat loss of the space the radiator has to heat.

Once the main zone calls for heat, the boiler operates around until the return comes back hot, then the boiler will go up to high limit.

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Water-lubricated circulators can drop the system pressure in a typical house by about half the static fill pressure. Because, as I said, air dissolves in water in proportion to the pressure applied to the system.

Do I need one or two diverter tees? You know, see if you really need that much. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. Power Quality Pro’s Forum: Here’s what the O-S fitting looked like.