You have been in cryogenic sleep for over 50 years when you are awoke by your commander. You and your team, kept safe in cryogenic suspension, have been awakened to rebuild civilization! A stickler for the Old Times? Whether you’re travelling through space with Galacticraft and the latest technology of Mekanism, discovering the secrets of the arcane with Ars Magica and Thaumcraft, or just building a monument to your own vanity with Statues and Carpenter’s Blocks, we have you covered. Tags 3 abc ace arena best blizzard cool counter-strike craft cs entertainment epic episode fail first free fun go gold gun hd hilarious humor hunter kids kixeye laugh live lol london mine mists mmorpg multiplayer music notch offensive olympics pandaria pk pking politics rogue romney skill steam stuff trailer tutorial tv uk update us war warrior xbox youtube. There is no “progression” to grind your way through more than you’re already familiar with. The aim of these updates will be to provide a prestige system, more advancements, extra end-game content, and bug fixes.

Powers the Public Server: This pack also features some small twists along the way, like hydration. Who remebers this old version of the pack? The modpack that gives the choice to players. As you and your team sit and talk to the leader you notice all the guards around town. Weighing in at mods, with more content than you can shake your money maker at. Build and defend your home from hordes of mobs that will do what ever it takes to get to you! This modpack does not include new technology trees or systems of magic.

There is no doubt, the world is in a Dark Age. Posted by ChimneySwift11 at 9: The modpack is created with a custom Sky Grid mod that allows the Overworld, Nether, and End to be grids.

Although it is enhanced greatly though the use of mods. Make your vote count on the forums! You’ll start your first world with nothing. Kurtis Knodel on Game Theory: Posted by ChimneySwift11 at 1: Optional mods provide a more colorful experience for those whose systems can handle it.


mihecraft Tailored towards experts at modded Minecraft, this pack is no easy completion for even the longest of veterans of the modded scene. Here you have to survive in space. With each update, we’ll be adding more compatible mods.

Food, water, the temp, and lack of oxygen can kill you fast. One of the players will stand before a crumbling world, the ground will catch fire and the player will plummet into a fiery portal to hell where they will begin their adventures chimenyswift11 the nether skyblock.

If you thought UHS was difficult you’re in for a wake up call. The Minecraft Survival Guide: Here you will slowly build up a small town, have huge farms, sell your crops, gain money and progress further. Includes mods built by the author Flenix, adding things like an economy! Mobs are more aware and more cooperative, to make fighting them more of a challenge. I don’t think there is much I can do to fix this. Feel free to stream this, make Let’s Plays, Tutorials, etc.

The modpack uses the vanilla seasin system to guide the player along while still allowing an open, sandbox experience. Will you be the player that journeys the world alone? August 26th, Click here to watch Top 5 Minecraft Creations: Beyond Reality Farscapes is the latest ultimate Beyond-Reality universe. Crustymustard of the Build Guild team brings you his first official modpack! Mineraft dimension has been meticulously designed tiles give the player access to every necessary resource while presenting almost every block available.

A stickler for the Old Times? Adding fuel to the fire is Advent of Ascension, which provides a challenging element to exploration.

In addition, great care was taken into making sure nothing is excessively overpowered compared to similar features and items in other mods.


Ingolemo is the new kid on the block blurring the lines between Magic and RPG with a side order of exploration and a hint of friendly PvP. You should really go watch it!

The Minecraft Files – Season 4 – HELP ME DECIDE! (HD)

Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. DonutCraft is a GregTech themed pack. Come join us on the official Crack Pack reddit: So choose your difficulty wisely! Head on over to my YouTube Channel http: Following the events of the excavation into the Icelandic volcano, something terrible has been unleashed upon the world. With a completely custom mod just for this pack, you’ll discover that you’re anxious to find and kill the various bosses of Minecraft!

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The Minecraft Files – # Chimney (HD) – Please Stand By :: Let’s Play Index

Something that needs to happen to locate all the correct GregTech ore. The pack is now in open beta. Perfect for newcomers into the world of modded Minecraft!

There will be frequent updates, many of which may require world resets, new fules removed mods, and added or removed HQM progress.

This pack is Vanilla Overhaul formerly known as Buttcraft! We work on a path to our new house! Based on the original, it features a wide range of mods from deep magic to advanced technology and everywhere in between. Created to keep the original feel of Minecraft’s procedurally generated worlds, you’ll experience new quests, custom dungeons and a progression system with a central quest hub structure to tie it all together.