No tears shed by the BGM, it goes unmourned even as the audience prepares for yet another disaster. When coming to the story, Six friends set out on a daylong trek to an undisclosed hill near Mysore at the insistence of one of them: Soon, they are lost in the jungle as something supernatural stalks them, seductively drawls out their names and sets fire to their idlis. They Ignores Unusual Happenings Six People come across many unusual happenings in and around their camp. But the existence of evil souls in forest making terrible murmuring sounds used to create spooky moments are a clear indication of commercial editing. Director Ashok has excellently handled an imaginary story of six persons who go on trekking and face some thrilling and fearful moments. Are they capable of litting the fire?

In Ramesh and his 5 friends had been to trekking, among them 3 died and 2 disappeared. Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu: Funny and entertaining despite a staid story Review, Rating: Such third party cookies may track your use on Filmibeat sites for better rendering. Movies on true events always get criticised: The makers behind even the lamest of horror films adhere to the most basic rule of the genre. Ramesh being a professional cameraman working for movies, capture each and every strange moment in HD camera.

Chitram Kadu Nijam

The film starts to an inexcusable forty minutes to get in the first scare. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya. In the Movie Chitram Kadu Nijam: Showcase your talent to millions!! Behind the Movie Chitram Kadu Nijam: Are there any evil spirits in the journey?

What are the supernatural things they come across? Are they capable of litting the fire? Only one survives the ordeal. The film is noisy to the point of distraction. Sensible Artistic tale Charmi confirmed her next movie ‘Prathighatana’ Madhavi to act ladu a priodical movie ‘Under The Dome’ actress finds Bollywood movies fun Movies on true events always get criticised: They successfully reach the destination but none of them returned back.


A hit horror film in Kannada shot with real footage from a group of friends lost in fatal trekking accident is edited cinematically to be presented before us. Chitram Kadu Nijam Story.

Ramesh, Deepa, Sowmya, Kumar and two others plan to trek a particular mountain by a certain time and return. Chitram Kadu Nijam Review. It will be interesting to see whether this film sans loud noises and all will be lapped in Telugu.

The actors are natural when things are light, but ham dreadfully when they have to look frightened. Clear My notification inbox.

Movoe confirmed her next movie ‘Prathighatana’. It is a super hit film in Kanada and Chitram Kadu Nijam is the dubbed version of the original. It is fun and frolic through the way but when they are returning, the spirit is at its sinister best. When a disaster strikes, it strikes suddenly. An insanely, illogically fun science-fiction extravaganza Movie Review. As one character scratches himself against the tree, it is pathos that one can sense.

Chitram Kadu Nijam Movie Review-Andhravilas

On the trip, Prakash falls sick on day one while rest of five continues. Notification Settings X Time Settings.

Funny and entertaining despite a staid story Review, Rating: History is not replete with examples of Kannada superhits doing well in Telugu as well, this one deserves a chance though. Evil forces chase them en-route creating horror moments. Audience Review Ratings.


Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu: Story In Detail Kqdu plot is based on the real story of six youths, who are enthusiastic and plan trekking. Sponsors Sorry your browser does not support frames or is currently not set to accept them. Yet, it is an interestingly edited movie shot in least budget to guarantee best profits, if commercial verdict matters the most.

Chitram Kadu Nijam Review

The screenplay is what that brings the difference in these kinds of films and it is ok with this as there is no confusion created and it lets the audience know that one of the six survived and then showing his rather bland interview murders all possibility of suspense. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Build your iPhone App in Minutes!

Contact Us Privacy Policy. The constant leg pulling between the friends is real and fresh, but is unlikely to work chitam us as they look artificial sometimes. It hardly has any human activity and it would be near-to-impossible to find a way out if the way is lost. Ramesh being a professional cameraman working for movies, capture each and every strange moment in HD camera.