I’ve been told to cache and bake. Thanks for the help. It’s supposedly a human heart. I am following the tutorial below as I really like this effect. C4D can bake the animations so they have a keyframe on each frame. Here’s an example scene file:.

I can see that Unity doesn’t import PLA Point level animation – but then is there no way to bake the animations into anything that is readable in Unity? I say supposedly because it’s not exactly anatomically correct, despite that this is a fictional representation of a human heart. No, this is not possible. Posted January 30, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. However if there is a better way of doing this I would greatly appreciate it In essence I am just tyring to get this to transfer over into Element 3d here is a link to what I am trying to do https: Anyways, here is the file; I have two formula and one bulge deformer under, Heart and Veins – also under, Weird Stuff , I have one active formula deformer.

Making it editable would just freeze it in its current state, right? Join the Unity Advisory Panel. I want to bake the animations from these deformers so I can have the animation for this model inside of Unity, but I am very lost as to how to go about it.

CGTalk | Bake/export displace deformer animation?

Baking Deformer Animation to send into Unity. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Mar 29, Posts: Once it’s baked the deformers need to be removed from the new object or it’ll double up. Anyways, here is the file; I have two deforjer and one bulge deformer under, Heart and Veins – also under, Weird StuffI have one active formula deformer.

Thanks for the help.

Can you share the scene file? C4D can bake the animations so they have a keyframe on each frame. I really appreciate any insight that I can get. Subject states most of the things I’ve been trying.


There is an option to bake PLA there’s also an option to bake expressions. Shout out to Marco Cnema for reminding me of the dfformer quick tip in here. Now Primitive explodes into polygons. Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team? Jiggle and Collision deformers. Here’s a simple example. Is it possible to do this with a sweep or loft object? I have a hunch some people baake. Posted January 30, Now If I wanted to transfer this into Unity.

This tutorial deformef you how to use the C4D Point Cache tag to do that. Any advice on that would be great! Thank you for the tutorial! Add deformer Explosion for example. No parameters, position or scale need to be baked. No registered users viewing this page. Posted January 29, See the full post for more information.

I tried to export an Alembic file, but apparently Unity doesn’t like those files unless if I exported the file improperlyI have heard that another way to go bzke it might be with the point cache tag?

I was hoping your totorial would fix that however when I click on the point Cache then click on store state it remains grayed out and I can not get any of the other tags to be made clickable.

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Baking Twist deformation in C4d for export to Maya.

This topic is now closed to further replies. I believe there is an option to bake the object with a PLA track in the timeline.

I’ll have to do some digging around to see if there are any cheaper alternatives, but either way, I figured out my initial problem, so I am at least happy about that!

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Thanks, I just took a look and found that, however, it seems to only bake the twist and bulge – no option for the formula deformer. But is there any way to open the animation that was made using deformers in Element 3D After Effects? However, I did come across cineam expensive plugin, mega-fiers, that enables Unity to 4s those PLA files. Now it’s cached and deformer can be disabled – animation still plays.


I’ll test out what information I can get through baking and exporting. I know FBX has a text file option – I’ll have a look at that and see what info is in a baked file.

Posted January 28, However it would be possible to write a custom exporter for C4D and an importer and runtime for Unity which support vertex point animation. May 24, Posts: As for your second suggestion bigbug – I find that one interesting. Alright, I believe I figured it out, at least I think?

Also note that any deformers that have caches should be cached before baking e. However I have not been able to import it into Element 3d as it gives me all kinds of weirness. This is a model that is being crafted for a indie horror game – in the past, I haven’t had any trouble getting models animated with C4D’s other animation assets into Unity.

I meant with the animation still intact. I know that the exporter is supposed to be messed up and I’m using C4D Apparently, if a deformer does not have any keyframes, it isn’t dubbed legible to be baked, and seeing as the formula deformer moves the mesh’s vertices without the need for keyframes, I simply didn’t have any keyframes.

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