Rahvusvahelisest Rhythmic Music Festival ‘ist Riias 4. First aid and on-site medical treatment data were gained from the relevant treatment area and service. This was a retrospective review of three separate EDM festivals with analysis of patient encounters and patient transport rates. One might venture the thesis that their artistic value — living up to the high demands of the topic — exceeds the typical standards of representation characteristic of popular art. Data were collected on all attendances at Naas General Hospital from the nearby Oxegen music festival. CERN will be hosting its two annual rock music concerts:

Many young children participated in this family learning experience-often the first time they looked through a telescope. The methodology presented in this manuscript confirms that deaths occur not uncommonly at music festivals , and it represents a starting point in the documentation and surveillance of mortality. Regatta Point, Commonwealth Park. We offered home-based chlamydia testing kits to participants in a sexual behaviour cross-sectional survey conducted at a music festival in Melbourne, Australia. Data were processed using an in-house library of target substances, including legal and illegal drugs and metabolites. The paper contributes to res

The marketing strategies for music festivals should include improving music festival branding as well as developing diverse programs and engaging with the community on multiple levels.

Factor analysis was used to identify visitors’ motivation to travel to and attend the KKNK.

Full Text Available Synch is an electronic music festival that takes place in Dity every summer and brings together people of various cultural origins and musical and aesthetic interests.

Data were processed using an in-house library of target substances, including legal and illegal drugs and metabolites.

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Tamworth, Australia’s “Country Music Capital”: Home-based chlamydia testing of young people attending a music festival –who will pee and post? Drug use was more common among men, older participants and those engaging in high-risk sexual behaviour. This article is part of a project on Paradoxical Spaces: I death on music festival ]. The aims of the study included discovering emerging NPS, ascertaining their overall prevalence and determining patterns of use and trends within this targeted population.


Master’s thesis in International hotel and tourism management Social networks have become an integral part of everyday life for many. The entire Festival attracts about a quarter-million attendees. Their programme includes a lesson on sound sculpture and the addition of spatial dimensi Drug use is becoming normalised among young Australian people involved in music sub-cultures.

Impacts of emerging contaminants on surrounding aquatic environment from a youth festival.

We describe a set Statistically significant P popularity in music settings. PS Booster – Festive colloquium. Information was also provided about local science museums, citizen science projects, astronomy educational sites, and astronomy clubs to encourage learning after these events.

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The Science Festival Alliance has supported and tracked developments among U. Methods We conducted semi-structured interviews of attendees during the Sonic Bloom and Arise music festivals in Colorado in and II delayed death–following music festival ].

We share our results from piloting this method at a leading music and arts festival as well as a science festival. Transportation emission amounted to an estimated CO2 emission of metric tons for all three days combined. Furthermore, secondary sources were used to grasp a deep understanding on the environmental issues as well as legislative drivers for sustainability. The result shows the sponsor-event congruence variable has a positive impact toward brand image and attitudes toward the brand sponsor.

The Club has become very popular. Final analysis consisted of patients’ records, with Chlamydia is most common among young people, but only a small proportion of Australian young people are tested annually. Health care in a unique setting: Nowadays, music festivals are very important for generating revenue streams in the music industry.

The symbolic role of woman, the sweet sap itself, malll man’s fellow creatures are described.

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Their friends and relatives will have to be registered in a guest-list available in the festival ‘s website. Kitts Music Festivalheld during the summerbrings international popular and jazz musical artists to Basseterre.


Multicultural festivals are seen as places for on-going identity negotiations, where individuals and groups define cineema concepts of identity along with notions of exclusion. One of the aims is also to emphasize the importance and significance of the festival in the development of citty cultural awareness among the visitors and for the enhancement of the Lake Palic tourism offer.

To determine the confidence and ability to use condoms correctly and consistently and the predictors of confidence in young Australians attending a festival. Grand Experiments in Public Outreach. This is an audit of the use of a portable digital radiography system at the Virgin music festival in Staffordshire over a 3-year period. Music festivalswith a mix of musicalcohol and camping at the festival site combined with low hygiene, have become an integral part of society and attracts large numbers of guests.

The majority of patient presentations,could be handled by first-aid volunteers with different levels of training. Innovation in rural festivals. The discussion of this paper intends to form a dialogue on the transformation of social structure and politics, which gradually led to severe changes in the areas of traditional musical practice.

While these shows have the potential to provide novel means of educational engagement, it is often difficult to measure that engagement. Since the Cambridge Science Festival launched incommunities across the United States have experimented with the science festival format, working out what it means to celebrate science and technology. We grounded the course in different aspects of ma-teriality and gathered interdisciplinary student teams from three