Most SSD manufacturers these days prefer using this benchmark when advertising SSDs as it tests using compressible data, which tends to yield better performance. Group Test Results Best user rated – User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison. In burst conditions the Neutron GTX came in towards the bottom of the pack in workloads with both read and write activity, but scored fairly well when it came to the read-only Web Server workload. The only reason I’m writing a review now is because I’m think of adding a third drive to my stripe. What is sustained sequential write speed? Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The first real-life test is our HTPC scenario. For all intents and purposes this test shows drive performance under normal daily activity for most users. This means that these drives work well under pressure. Based on 1, user benchmarks. When evaluating high-end consumer storage, we now apply enterprise level testing, as often these types of drives are found within large enterprise arrays that have found ways to manage the life of MLC NAND, typically found within consumer SSDs. The new drive is the performance version of the more budget Corsair Neutron drive , which is less expensive and slower. The Neutron GTX remained fairly stable with its peaks staying below ms. Opening up the Neutron GTX, we can see that the casing is held together via tabs rather than the typical screws.

After unscrewing revjew circuit board from the bottom plate, you have you slowly peel the two sections apart as a small thermal pad on the controller causes the two to stick together.

UserBenchmark will test your PC and compare the results to other users with the same components. Get fast answers from reviewers. The DRAM modules generally act as a buffer that caches incoming writes from the host, improving small file write performance.

The front includes a standard SATA power and data connector, with no visible service pins. GBR-User, 6 hrs ago. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The computer boots in seconds. After the preconditioning process had ended, we took a longer sample interval to measure the final speeds of each SSD. Min Avg Max The LAMD LM cprsair also comes packed with eBoost, a technology aimed at bringing enterprise-class NAND reliability and endurance to the client space with proprietary adaptive signal estimation and strong error correction technology.


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This series is specially designed for data intensive work as it boasts of a pretty high random read and write speed of up to 90K IOPS. The Corsair Neutron GTX ranks about average in terms of power consumption, with idle power measuring 1. Verdict and Price in India At a street price of Rs. While performance didn’t necessarily top the charts in all of our consumer tests, it still ranked very well compared to the fastest SSDs currently on the market.

Please try again feview. CrystalDiskMark was set up to read and write MB of data.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Using a small plastic wedge you are able to carefully pry the case xorsair at the edges. For the average consumer, trying to translate random 4K write speeds into an everyday situation is pretty difficult.

Opening up the Neutron GTX, we can see that the casing is held together via tabs rather than the typical screws. For this reason the preconditioning charts are much more dramatic than the final workload numbers. Compared to our consumer tests, which took the optimized capacity for each particular SSD, for our enterprise workload we picked each sample so that they matched with GB of raw NAND. While this is an early production sample, the hardware configuration remains the same, with our formal performance analysis centering around the production version of firmware that will ship with the Neutron GTX.

That said, there are a couple pieces of important information that we can take away from the press release. It ships standard in a 7mm 2. What is 3D XPoint and how fast is it?

UserBenchmark: Corsair Neutron GTX GB CSSD-NGBGTXB-BK

Tech2 is now on WhatsApp. The crosair still uses the 2. There is no better way to increase the speed of your computer than moving from a traditional drive to solid state. For a newcomer to the over-saturated consumer SSD market, that level of performance is nothing to scoff at, which up until this point has been the realm of a select few SSDs.


Patriot Pyro SE gb. The standard deviation of the Corsair Neutron GTX in our 4K write workload showed that latency remained relatively consistent over the duration of the test, after slowly increasing at the beginning. Average Bench Based on 1, samples.

Corsair Neutron GTX 19nm 2013 Edition SSD (120GB, 240GB and 480GB) Review

While max latency shows the worst single response times per interval, standard deviation lets you analyze how spread out or tightly packed the values we over the given intervals.

The Corsair Neutron came in towards the middle, although it had one of the flatted lines out of the group. Our second real-life test covers disk activity in a productivity scenario.

Since flash performance varies greatly as time goes on, our new benchmarking process analyzes the performance in areas including total throughput, average latency, peak latency, and standard deviation over the entire preconditioning phase of each device.

This is a relatively wide range which indicates that the Corsair Neutron GTX GB performs inconsistently under varying real world conditions. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. Learn more about Amazon .25. Low response 2.55, high sequential read performance and high 4K performance as well. This happens to be 7mm so no problems on installing on any laptops that I can think of.

The only reason I’m writing a review now is because I’m think of adding a third drive nejtron my stripe. What is sequential read speed? You cannot go wrong with this drive!!!!! Welcome to our 2. Meutron this reason we go to great lengths to show the full performance characteristics of each device we put through our Enterprise Test Lab.

So, when you are multi-tasking or pulling data from multiple places at once, these drives excel.