The rest of the family, if any, is not referenced in the show. The youtube season 9 playlist is here. She is also our channel artist. And remember guys, just click the links and wait 5 seconds and then click the ‘skip ad’ button that will appear in the upper-right corner. Kim made a tribute video–thanks! Characters Mary – A middle-school aged daughter of Dad. Usually, the latest release. MaBaker at Momsminecraft dot com Website:

Will made some cooool Mary and Dad statues. Don’t worry–they’ll print in full-size format. Audio is pretty good despite this setback! You can get the skin of Dave Dad here Direct link: We are working on that If you like our Tekkit series, download this map, based off the seed: Kathryn made a reverse image for us that’s really cool, like a mirror image!

The youtube season 9 playlist is here.

But by the end of season three she learns the truth about Mary and Dad, which is far different than the propaganda fed to her by her creator.

It should look something like this.

MADMA s08e09 / epi 100! … You Only Live Twice / Mary and Dad’s Minecraft Adventures

MrGag from YouTube made a logo for us–inside a vid: Dsdsrfunny This is the map as of the end of episode Here are some pics: Sometimes it works out that we have 17 minute episodes, sometimes 13, but they usually wind up either 14 or 15 minutes long. Koz aka Chris is Dave’s friend.


Can you post fill in a large number here episodes per week? Ceene made a realistic drawing of Dad and Mary in a cave.

MADMA Season 4 Seed –

Likewise, with season dadsrufnny ending–we have an even newer,newer map: Missyfenstrider on youtube who is also Mary’s older sister. In episode 28, entitled “Somebody’s Watchin’ Me”, Dad falls from a tree and Lil’Sas reveals himself to Mary offscreen, while Dad lay unconscious and subsequently rebuilds Mary’s garden.

The Sizzling 22 Who plays Little Sasqatch?

Can you join my server? Mary’s friend Hannah made us this image! Alli made a “quad” statue pic with a 1 fan logo on top–fantastic!!! Dad entreats them, but to no avail, perhaps due to his poor negotiating skills and the fact that he kills a couple of them. EG Mk 5 inserts a small camera in Dad’s forehead, which we learn later is used to observe Dad’s surroundings while EG Mk 5 is in his formative, less powerful stage of development.

Minecraft servers our fans play on and recommend. Moosecoop Leo’s Minecraft – US – momsminecraft.


MADMA s12e05 Operation Zooid [Mary POV] / Mary and Dad’s Minecraft Adventures – видео смотрите

Solid dialog, music lowered. I was on one of your fan servers and got banned.

Click the button below–thanks! Athena made us a couple of great statues in pocket edition! Jean is depicted as a normal pig with a face that somehow resembles Dad. Created by Evil Genus in season two, Splice begins life as a typical minion.

Season 2 and Season 3 Intro Dadsrfunnyy could never convince YT that we had rights for the season 1 intro, even though it was public domain. And we’d rather cut one off at Direct link for day 21 map: Em drew Mary with Fish! We get too many requests for this to be feasible. He’s been a fan since Evil Genus, Mk 5 – Evil Genus is an autonomous, self-aware computer housed in a small metallic and glass shell, somewhat resembling a human brain.