Beware of what you eat: I prefer preparing myself psychologically to the worst that could happen. Maybe as you say the comedy will help relieving the pain. For more and more check out KissAnime. I have a lot to do these days but I have time to watch the new shows at least, so we’ll be able to exchange impressions this weekend It was very Shaftesque but I don’t think it’s too much weirder than usual. So how was the preview? Yeah, I had the feeling it might be awesome but lack something. Oh man, I would not be able to do that.

Good luck ninomiya-kun Defo ended up like Kyoko Skip Beat , under bed covers! And It’s an Anime Movie! If they manage to make some more second season will be even more enjoyable. Sorcerer Hunters old one Also, check out these mangas! Looking forward to it!

Would make lovely wallpapers. Well it adds to the accuracy of the dub, it’s cool, and something you probably can’t find in the Japanese dub. Highschool of the dead 3. Just gonna comment once before going again, busy day today. In the beginning I thought it would be the brown-haired girl I saw in the OP and actually turned out to be his class rep.

Story of a lesbian who is allergic to boys so she transfers to a girl’s catholic highschool to find love. Ouran so far is – well it’s a shoujo harem, so you may find parts of it difficult to watch, but it’s actually pretty funny, and for a comedy I actually thought the serious moments were really well done.

And you’ll see – well, I guess you begin to foresee it – integral calculus can bring you so much more wonders read: I wonder how you feel hearing it, is it a “beautiful accent”? Wow, harsh question, I loved so many It is very recent but has a background story before the anime started.


I have a lot to do these days but I have time to watch the new shows at least, so we’ll be able to exchange impressions this weekend It was very Shaftesque but I don’t think it’s too much weirder than usual.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, animswaffles or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. And after that, a 2 weeks break before the new season. Yeah he’s totally useless. It’s very funny, and Shaft, so very pretty as well. Oh, yeah, so it’s been “a while”.

If you do find something that gets in my top 10 I’d be very pleased, it’s a very exclusive list. Well ,I guess Horrible Subs won’t disappoint me. I’ll use this empty spoiler to tell you that I watched the last 4 episodes of Kokoro connect. Just started watching episode 1 of this anime and if you have read my previous post about Akira Ishida then You would know why I am raging! It’s not too much after 25 episodes of romcom. Oh man, I would not be able to do that.

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More like a Belly Flop!!!! Beware of what you eat: Plus it would make my voting system way more confusing Still prefer the one from ep9, I’ll never forget the feels when I ended up listening to it over and over again the evening I finished the series.

Prince of tennis http: Ha ha ha ha ha!! Poor lesbians always getting the short end of the stick – or no stick at all. If this happens again! A word of warning is that watching this movie does get confusing. This Website is amazing for some pretty awesome hd wallpapers!!

Or are there several MC in different teams, in which case suspense would be complete? Oh well, that totally counts in the Shaft coefficient so maybe it won’t shock you as muchif you rewatch it. I understand how it could be unsetting – I’ve heard Texan accent before and Originated in Canberra, the rebellion quickly won every city before coming back to the Capital in order to confront the top of the power.


But this one turned out to be not so scary. It’s already pretty late. One of my favorites of all time http: I haven’t felt this amazed by an anime for quite a while.

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Yeah, me too I think, it’s not on Horrible Subs’ program today. Well it’s probably not a bad thing. Going to bed now btw, it’s like 3 am. Yeah, there are some shows I can watch like, the first 10 minutes of and tell I’m not going to like I do like scary stuff, but then I do get scared easily.

What anime should I watch next?

Sorry for “yesterday”‘s half-arsed comment. Which anime should i watch next?

I really hope but I don’t have high hopes that Akuma no Riddle will have a cute side, because I’m nearly out of shoujo ai manga. Eposode, don’t worry, some day a producer will remember her and give her another awesome role and launch her carreer!

Countdown phone calls, I guess you’re talking about this? More human, you mean like regretting decision, having traces of ethics, things like danyan Is the gif edited beyond the “4chan, Internet, Real world” added or the dude doesn’t really go flying like a duck?