Hi guys , please support this channel. The anime series Eyeshield 21 is based on the manga series of the same name written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. After a play with Monta against a tall Ojo player where Monta succeeds , Sakuraba with the help of Shin finally gets his coach’s permission to join the defense. But Shin catches up right away and stops Sena, now also being equal in speed. He uses Prison Chain on Sena and blows him off the field, but he continues to attack Sena even when the referee blows his whistle. Deciding to go, he manages to get there about halfway through the game, when Riku and Shin are in a showdown, but problems start when Mamori spots him and urges him to go home.

However, in the end, Ojo wins 14 to 3 and are set to play the Wild Gunmen. Still, Sakuraba jumps for the ball and catches it and tips a toe in the endzone for a touchdown. Having achieved the speed of light as well, Shin declares himself the winner off the battle between him and Sena. Musashi kicks the ball. The series use seven pieces of theme music: Trailing after the first half, the Blizzards send in their secret weapon to injure Sena. The coach makes the team wear masks that greatly reduce their oxygen intake, which will greatly increase their lung intake for one day.

Game 2 of the Death Game.

The second half begins after Hiruma tells the team to give up and try and not get injured. Deimon comes to the stadium to watch the match. Sena’s face appears on the screen, epieode Agon suddenly throws one of the underclassmen into the waterfall, adding “And that piece of trash too.

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Sena uses it and runs towards the end zone with Shin right behind him. Takami uses the Everest Pass but it turns out that Monta was still focused at Sakuraba. The first half ends withShinryuji in the lead. This confuses the opponent as to who has the ball. Sena and Suzuna go to retrieve their helmets and cleats at a store where Episodd sees a helmet with an eyeshield on wpisode. Sena is able to relax now. The series use seven pieces of theme music: Towards the end of the episode, a strong wind arises, confusing the players.


Deimon’s line defends Sena but fails. It turns out that was Shin and the Ojo White knights are also on the boat. Deimon realizes that they will need a kicker to win their game against the Bando Spiders.

The Blizzards play against the Shuttles and win. I do not own the rights ffull this anime and do not condone ownership. This means that the Devil Bats have to steal the Ball from the White Knights and score a touchdown – all in one go; if Sena gets tackled, then all is over.

On the day the Devil Bats are supposed to return to Japan, the whole team chooses to go. Before the match, Sena removes his helmet to reveal his identity to the world.

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Monta battles Ikkyu in a catching battle. Deciding to go, he manages to get there about halfway through the game, when Riku and Shin are in a showdown, but problems start when Mamori spots him and urges him to go home. Score and less fuol a minute left as Ojo is coming up the field fast.

Kurita must face up to defeat tafalog longtime hero Onihei. They manage to stop the other team from scoring any more goals and Sena regains consciousness. They go for a kick but Kurita, who’s shinryujl secretly squatting for the whole season jumps to block the kick!

At Shinryuji, their coach shows them information that they have on the Devil Bats on a waterfall and projection screen, when Agon arrives with two girls in tow and says he will crush them all, Hiruma especially. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Episode 11 Oath Under the Setting Sun! The death march training begins. Deimon attends a summer festival. The game continues to turn in the Spiders’ favor, as they score yet another field goal, giving them a point lead.


The kid offers batz a wristband that he asks Sakuraba to wear in the game against Deimon. Tagalkg im a loser for this one lmao Im making a longer version that covers highlights of the entire game, let me know if you happen to have any Decent Eyeshield 21 anime info and recommendations.

It is to keep Agon, his younger brother, from risking his career of being a football player by causing trouble with assaults and fights.

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Sena sees someone running and chases after that person. Shin successfully made the final touchdown for White Knights, making the score tagzlog the White Knights. Deimon’s ball, Hiruma throws long overhead passes and Monta uses the Devil Backfire to catch nafa. The score is now 35 to Sena then tosses the ball in the air and Hiruma catches it and scores by running it past Agon.

Agon proves to be unstoppable, even for Hiruma. Musashi kicks the ball. Rurouni Kenshin S1 Ep. As Suzuna motivates Sena, Hiruma finds a way to defeat Shin. Using Ballista, Shin runs in the opposite direction then breaks through the line this include Kurita. Sena starts to have nightmares about football.

Shin wins the MVP award.