Laser Cannon Deth Sentence would have been better as an opening track for the album. Dethklok must write the world’s first Death Metal Lullaby to put the demonic beast back to sleep. The Tribunal reveals that Kixx’ takeover of Snakes ‘n’ Barrels is a result of the intentional malleability of the band resulting from the consumption of the mind-control agent “Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake. Toki’s irrational fear of quarters makes him panic and accidentally sets fire to the stage. In this first season finale, the Metalocalypse creeps closer to fulfillment when Dethklok executes their most brutal performance to date, and the Tribunal finally makes their move. Dethklok reluctantly plans a charity concert for the fans maimed in the attacks, despite each member of the band simultaneously suffering from a summer cold.

The New Generation , Vampire From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Login with Google Error: Nathan attempts to enhance the metalness of his vocals by wearing a medieval suit of armor. The band gives him several women to sleep with, but Toki declines and instead begins the search for a soul mate using a dating service. The Masquerade — Bloodlines.. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Season 4 Despite his bandmates’ warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Murderface wants the easy life but still wants all the rewards.

Bloodlines : définition de Bloodlines et synonymes de Bloodlines (portugais)

Comedian Brian Posehn helped write an episode this season; he would later go on to become a main writer for season four. The band plays a song that unintentionally wakes a deadly Nordic Forest Troll.

In the final scene, Offdensen is hinted to have some connection to Selatcia as Edgar Jomfru is revealed to be a prisoner in Mordhaus for Offdensen’s own plans. The majority of the music featured this season was released on the album Dethalbum II.


Dethklok continues with their “normal” everyday activities like liver transplant surgery and scrubbing toilets while fans are ushered around the house, guided by an animated skull and a maze of velvet rope. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Since Dethklok’s withdrawal from the public following the purported Dethwater Live “fan attack”, the world economy teeters on the brink of disaster.

Offdensen proposes that Murderface produce the charity event as Skwisgaar and Toki take driving classes. Detklok nameless fan from episode “Dethvengeance” plants a bomb under a chair in the store, and runs out before the store is destroyed.

Despite his bandmates’ warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans.

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Nathan is elected as governor in an emergency election as a write-in candidate and sends Florida into a downward spiral culminating in a hurricane which devastates the state. This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat The Tribunal commissions Dr. List of Metalocalypse episodes. Part of season 3. User does not exist. When the band informs X2P who they have recently come to dislike, the drum machine goes haywire and kidnaps the band, locking them in a van and starts its self detonation sequence while attached to the vehicle.

Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Bloodlinessiehe Castlevania Castlevania: In an attempt to make their next album the most brutal ever, Dethklok commissions a Russian nuclear submarine to record deep in the Nordic waters.

Add your thoughts 7 Comments. Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar’s lead guitar.


Murderface throws himself a party, which he hates, until the rest of Dethklok surprises him with their epiode. The Masquerade — Bloodlines Vampire: Dethklok travels to Los Angeles so that Pickles can confront his former band.

With their new album finally shipping, Dethklok plans their post-release traditions of vacationing, goofing off, palling around, and prank calls. After home remedies including drinking bleach, Dethklok dethlkok that their ultimate fear will be realized, one of them has a terminal illness. It’s from season 2. Depressed, Dethklok is whisked away to the Mississippi Delta to “discover” the Blues. Meanwhile, Toki, after being left behind, starts a special club that promotes equality and love but excludes Murderface because he doesn’t have the right look.


Offedensen’s charge on the energy weapon takes heavy casualties but successfully destroys the weapon; he then attempts to escape on a hover-cycle with the Metal Masked Assassin in hot pursuit, but is shot by the nameless teenager.

The style of the race and drivers vaguely resembles the videogame Rock n’ Roll Racing by Blizzard Blooslines.

Episdoe popularity soars when he gets a personal P. After seeing his father, Toki tells the rest of the band that his father’s last wish is to see the house he was raised in. Retrieved September 10, Toki takes Rockso back to Mordhaus.

The masked assassin then rescues Edgar and the teenager from being shot down by the Klokateers and escapes.