Lucia, Fredo and Cassandra asks Buboy where Dyesebel is but he just shrugs it off and didnt tell them where. About Me sapphire blu Don’t let the past take away our present. One day, Lucia discovers that she was pregnant. The merfolks of the Kingdom have to hear from Dyesebel herself why she was seen hugging the statue of Prinsipe Tino whom they considered as a traitor to their land. Trivia Rhian Ramos was heavily considered for the lead role. When Dyesebel arrives, the wedding ceremony starts. She did not realize that humans could be this affectionate and passionate.

But Dyesebel has torn apart in this situation. While Dyesebel becomes well-known to all mermaids in their kingdom, Princess Coralia feels jealous on why these things happen. He notices it everytime he visits in their place. Meanwhile, Fredo was secretly hiding Dyesebel in their bathroom upstairs, and he keeps on looking upstairs while being questioned that aroused their suspicions. His chemistry with Marian Rivera Dyesebel is undeniable. That night, Badong and the dynamite fishermen attack Lucia’s family which leads to Tino’s death. It starred Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz, a half-tagabantay and half-aswang who was trained to become the next Tagabantay and serves as a hero to protect the people from aswangs.

Retrieved from ” https: With the help of Fredo and Liro who is now a human, Dyesebel is close to finding her real mother. She believes her daughter is in the mermaid world, and so she needs another mermaid to confirm this.

And there is Erebus, a mermaid willing to do the right thing to obtain Dyesebel’s love, even bargaining for his life. Queen Dyangga has received some information about a mermaid who soon will topple her from the throne, and she vows to hunt for that mermaid.

The price of knowing the truth seems to be too much for Dyesebel. Dyesebel, Liro, Fredo and Betty have all grown up. The series concluded on November 23, with a total of 35 episodes.

Use the HTML below. Liro, on the other hand, has taken his anger against the humans into a new level. But Isabel just told him that she just wants to tell him the truth that Cassandra is lying and then she started to cry.

Inthe original TV series was adapted into a film where the whole cast reprised their role except for Eruel Tongco’s character Gary Davis who was played by William Martinez in the movie due to Tongco’s death. But Dyangga poisons him for she wanted the throne for herself.


List of Dyesebel (2014 TV series) episodes

Upon learning what Lucia has witnessed, Stella tells her daughter to leave and never return. Now, Liro has turned into a legged merman as he intends to find Dyesebel and bring her back to the ocean kingdom. But despite the feelings, Lucia needs to eposodes aside her emotions and help each other to see the condition of Dyesebel. But his anxiety has been replaced by fear that he might lose Dyesebel. Tension is building between Dyesebel and Betty.

Edit Storyline A young mermaid, Dyesebel, takes on a journey to trace her origins until she finds out that she is the daughter of a merman and a human. He even told her that he is the only one preventing them to kick her out.

Lucia, Banak, Fredo, and Dyesebel are now hiding away from the authorities. Fredo finally asks Dyesebel to marry him, and the latter happily accept it. Betty ran upstairs to see what he is hiding because he was truly lying.

She decided to hone her talents of dancing and singing, but ultimately decided to focus on the latter. However, the wedding turns summay into a nightmare after Betty pours seawater on Dyesebel’s legs while marching. Upon learning what Lucia has witnessed, Stella tells her daughter to leave and never return. She does not want the mermaid to be part of her family.

But despite the feelings, Lucia needs to set aside her emotions and eposodes each other to see the condition of Dyesebel. She led her to Gulaguna Bella Floresa human octopus. She tells Dyesebel to stay away from her and her mother. Meanwhile, Liro is making a way to get Dyesebel back and steal the magic conch-shell.

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The doctor told Fredo that Cassandra is fine but with the cut that she dyesenel she might have a scar plus she has minor bruises all over her body. Dyesebel is very regretful on what happened and how Bukanding is very angry with her. But Reyna Dyangga accuses him for killing his own father as a part of her evil plans to take-over the throne. Betty feels that Fredo is hiding something about Dyesebel, and she is very determined to find that secret and reveal it to everyone.


Lucia tells her that in times of trouble, she should not give up. Now the experts have articulated that the DNA results have shown something different. When Sheila Dyesebeel went to the kitchen, Mark asked Paolo on how long usmmary she be staying with them. She feels that Banak had secrets about her true identity.

Mark then asks Paolo if it is really pity that he is feeling or maybe he still loves her. Now, Banak was not about to control her feelings and said to Dyesebel that she did sumnary to become a good mother. Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes the leads were able to “fly away” from their roles from their previous project. Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field fro Dyangga eventually transformed Dyesebel into a permanent female human with normal lower extremities.

The child is called “Dyesebel” Marian Rivera. Synopsis A young mermaid, Dyesebel, takes on a journey to trace her origins until she finds out that she is the eisodes of a merman and a human. He has to do something about it, and he has to protect his love for Dyesebel.

After he receives dyesebell shell, his fish tail turns into legs just like episdoes mermaid. But his anxiety has been replaced by fear that he might lose Dyesebel. It was originally based from a comic book series written by Pablo Gomez. On the dyewebel hand, Prince Liro could only be there for the one he loves. She turned down the love of Fredo because she cannot bear to see Betty getting hurt. Is Banak ready to tell the truth to Dyesebel, that she is not her daughter? He finds the place where this man was hiding.

But one day, Fredo goes home after the rescuers found him on the island.