Is this the first time? When Mercy gets home, Fatboy’s meal is cold. When Janine finds the gang hiding in the property, they lie that they are volunteers for a charity, and they are forced to make their lie true. Richard destroys CCTV footage of him and Ava together, and tells her he is disappointed in her behaviour. Faith has sex with Fatboy in order to get a shower. Fatboy tries to collect money, claiming it is for charity, but nobody will donate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Naz and Asher leave and go clubbing, and Asher hides Naz’s phone when Sol texts her an apology. Fatboy invites the other three to stay at his house so they walk off. He challenges Leon to strip in the launderette, which he does. Tamwar Masood offers to help Mercy with the website. Ian, the owner of the flat, brings the man inside. Tell me and I’ll kill them.

Donnie gets his leg wound seen to at the hospital and reveals to Ava that it was his sister, Riley, who phoned him and is in care. Leon picks up the jar of leftover money the gang collected, but refuses eastenxers give eaatenders to his father. I’m gonna need that earring. It’s not for long. Stevie gets drunk and Asher dances with Araminta. Mercy goes to a clinic to discuss abortion, while Fatboy cooks for her at home.

Faith follows, and the three start living together. Rules got my earring ripped out.

BBC – EastEnders: E20, Series 3, Episode 13

It’s in my blood. Retrieved from ” https: Ava meets Riley, who has cuts on her arm. The first two series were written by a team of thirteen writers from London aged between 17 and 22 who responded to a writing competition and attended a summer school in August as part of the BBC’s new talent initiative, where they created the entire first series.


Janine MalloyKim Fox.

It’s a nice family. Asher, Sol and Fatboy attend a dance audition at the community centre, but Sol messes up and leaves, meeting Naz outside.

Sol stops Ekin’s car and Naz gets out and kisses Sol. Stevie invites Asher back to hers and asks him to move in. The gang work at the local Indian restaurant, where Ava says she can help Donnie learn to read. He reveals he knows her father is dead and blurts out that Mercy is pregnant and Leon is the father.

They do it every day. Naz eposode she is going to Turkey to meet Ekin’s family and Sol, still angry with her, says she can stay there. Asher sells stolen trainers to Whitney, and ignores Sol’s calls. Stevie pretends she needs to use the toilet and leaves Sol and Naz alone.

Episode 14

Naz takes Stevie to Masood’s stall, where her attempts to flirt all fail. She ends up soaking their new keyworker, Theresa. All three series are still available on the BBC website.

Similar Content Browse content e;isode to Episode The series 1 characters all make appearance in series 2, and Fatboy is a recurring character. Richard gets a call from the local newspaper, and Faith comments that Ava is Richard’s favourite, leading to a fight. I have read your file. Tamwar Masood offers to help Mercy with the website. She then humiliates him by giving him just a dress to leave in.

Fatboy invites the other three to stay at his house so they walk off.

The people Naz gave fake drugs to demand their money back and Olly tells Stevie to go home. Listen to the little girl. Naz finds Stevie sitting alone in the launderette while Asher tells Sol that the dance crew is their future.

The taxi driver, Ekinfinds Naz and takes her home, where it is revealed she is to become his wife. Mercy returns to the flat where Fatboy looks after her. Whitney DeanJane Beale. Sol punches Asher in the face in the market, saying his brother has betrayed him.


A nurse becomes suspicious about Ava and Donnie’s identities and calls the police, and they flee, but are arrested on their return home. That choir need a girl like you.

She leaves the keys inside and gets locked out. Richard gives the gang life books to fill out, which they do not do. Naz leaves but Sol follows, and she reveals the necklace, saying she made a mistake with Asher that meant nothing. Ava confides in Richard, and kisses him after misreading a sign. Asher tells Sol he can dance.

What have I done?

E20 Series 3: Episode 14 – preview

Olly barges into the flat and Stevie gives him the deposit but he says he has already given notice and they have to leave the next day. He then receives a call from his father and, worried he eastenedrs be arrested for GBHsays he will think of something. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Naz reveals that her arranged marriage to Ekin is down epjsode her father and she does not want to marry him. Faith is placed in emergency care by her grandmother, and the three discover their squat is to become their hostel.

Now I don’t see that. Ian, the owner of the flat, brings the man inside.