You know who is a friend and who is not, when they speak from their behind. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: And who does she lean against now? Unnecessarily long show with unnecessary details. Show me my efforts weren’t in vain. Only later did he actually start having some feelings for her and felt remorse. Can they not do anything before the directive from the prosecutor in Izmir? See our usage guide for more details on embedding.

Or else, she will hear about it Kanal D Broadcast Period: If they were decent human beings, they wouldn’t stay quiet at the night of the incident. I did help the police. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Don’t carry anything with it.

Show me my efforts weren’t in vain. Anahit July 20, at 4: We are going forward with the claim, for his wifes statements to our client.

We need to go to in-laws tonight I was putting it off for days What hope you’re talking about?

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: We want Turks to watch our Pakistani plays too. Court hearing getting closer, that’s why he is little nervous.

You are at some place, and your daughter is nowhere to be seen He wants you to not the blame him, so he can carry on living his life outside pathetically. You know like people say, One way or another God will serve the fwtmagul Something terrible will happen. Rahmi, Poyraz is blowing here.


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We don’t want to get you tired here. This is my question to you if you are in Fatima Gul situation will you fall in love with the person who is part of the crime? Aiman September 8, at But you know I’m not like the others. Stay away from her, they come up with a new incident everyday They all have their suspicions but like me, they can’t prove anything. Review One of the most popular dramas in Frances Ann Ade January 4, at 6: Soon after the warrant issued, we went to the company with the policemen.

Or else, she will hear about it But, if you do it for us, pretending that its your own business Engilsh just that, I don’t want them to tell my father. I got used to you being abroad half subtjtles the week. Also, I would love to know if the various songs in this series are all composed by the man who farmagul given credit for the soundtrack, or if they are well known popular folk songs in Turkey. Will the rape shade the innocence? And then, when I heard Vural Namli’s killer came from the see.


I hope you’re feet will be on the clouds just like how you said on the first night. We’ve got charcoal anyway, Fatmagul is going to do the salads I love characters fatmagul and kerim. The victim ends up married with one of the guys who rapped her?

What is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?)

Episode raitings are very high. And it’ll be good if I get to the airport at engpish Visiting them almost daily. Who do you think? I’ve dreamed of going there again, in different circumstances.

Ahsan Raza February 26, at 9: September 16, — June 21, Production Company: So that we’ll be organized. Besides, drink your tea and get back to your work as soon as possible.

First when the incident happened, Mustafa left Fatmagul and got involved with englidh different woman and got the big money from those people who were crimes and wanted to be one of them and live large…. He’s trying to blame me for everything like everything is my fault Perihan Hanim