In carrying on these discussions on different subjects, full regard is being given to our administrative and constitutional requirements and also to the overriding imperatives of national security. They were held on 25 February , 24 May and 24 April How much would the Nicaragua trip cost me? We have our minds open on such issues. The summits at Yekaterinburg on 16 June and at Sharmel Sheikh on 16 July yielded little result. The promise by the developed countries to give 0. The practical need for astrological history and horoscopy and other parts of astrology made it predominant in the concerns of the first scholars of the Abbasid court.

All these theories aside, in practical terms, history is replete with tales of political figures who not only equated themselves with the state but also viewed their reign as a mere extension of their own egos and idiosyncrasies. Third, introduce self-government or self-rule in the identified region or regions. The possibilities which free movement across the LoC of persons, goods and ideas will throw up are incalculable. The argument given that our low wage gives us a competitive edge over China and India in our exports is flawed. Providing that violence declined, each side would gradually withdraw its troops from the region. The concepts that were aired reveal the richness of the nuances that underlay their understanding. The Library was officially called The House of Wisdom. It is time to say good bye to political dynasties and the feudal and elitist political culture.

Even more significant is the blurring of the divide between the unionists and the separatists. Prog- ress has been held up by the Battle of Dossiers after 26 November Let the Kashmiris have the satisfaction of running their own affairs without having an international character and remain- ing short of independence. Rayan who is head over heels in love with Aania is aware that she loves him back but her insecurities are larger than her love.

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These were initially made from Pahlavi some of which were translations from Greek made during Sasanian times at Episodr in northeastern Iran. In the Charter of Democracy, the leaders of the two mainstream political parties, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, had reaffirmed their commitment to the restoration of the Constitution as it stood on 12 Octoberand also to the fundamental values and freedoms as available in all democratic societies.


The arguments for democracy have been set forth in three principal forms: This friendskornee anger and frustration among the local people who felt that the Western countries, by supporting their tyrannical rulers, did not care about their fundamental rights.

The legislative powers between the Federation and the Provinces were distributed as shown in two lists under Part V of the Constitution i federal Legislative List and ii the Concurrent Legislative List. Ahmad commissioned many translations of mathematical and astronomical texts.

Instability also invites extra-regional intervention and further exacerbates tensions among countries in the region as is evident in the South Asian experience where hostilities between India and Pakistan have eplsode in the way of growth and development.

This process is not to the exclusion of Pakistan. Later, when the President elected by the former parliament resigned, Gen. Once she reaches Karachi she injures her leg and everyone in the house gets busy taking care of her. Europe and the US were considered as developed and the other areas of the world were epsiode as primitive versions of European nations that would develop by stages.

Subsequently, the tide had to be reversed at huge national losses. It was restored to life on 4 October and held its second meeting on 21 February This represented a 45 percent increase in incidents over He got the text translated into Arabic under the title of Sindhind. The World Bank had estimated that the price hike had pushed an additional four million into the category of poor people. It has never widely existed and has now generally disappeared. One hopes the impasse is resolved soon.

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It did not touch the sub- stance at all; only the procedure. Empirically it has also been found that not a single country which became democratic ever reverted back to authoritarianism. Only men and women of integrity, not the corrupt breed of politicians currently at the helm, can provide the leadership that the country so desperately ferihw.


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This means that all the activities implied or suggested by this culture — the Zoroastrian ideology of the recovery of ancient Avestan texts through re-translation Greek works and all that it implied — could be conducted as semi-official activities, or at least as condoned by official policy.

This eepisode a creative interaction among diverse people, speaking different languages, practicing different faiths.

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Hareem Mawra Hocane is wealthy and carries religious personality while Rimsha Sonya Hussain is underprivileged and living as an orphan with her sister. Alan Greenspan; Days of Turbulence. The story goes through ups and downs with countless twists and turn Director: Because of the absence of such a social ownership, Urdu translations remained a dead letter as it were. The 17th Amendment left the Constitution totally frendskorner in its substance.

Monetary policy should be conservative. The story of Pakistan is one of remorseless tug and pull episide the civilian and military rulers on the one hand, and the liberal and religious forces on the other.

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If Greece, Spain and Ireland could be brought at par with other EU countries, then SAARC member states should shed their past prejudices and remove the roadblocks in the way of cooperation in order to epissode apace with the modernization of the region. It is important to dilate on this episode because much of the dis- course overlooks an important milestone.

The drama has a very moving plot and the teaser without a doubt give you goose bumps. General elections on a non-party basis were held in the country under the amended Constitution in February But till now this has proved to be a forlorn hope.