They saw an ancient writing which only a scholar can read, and Tamahome decides to follow a man whose dad is a scholar. At that moment the monster turns onto the prince and Hotohori possesses the prince and uses the celestial sword to defeat the monster. David Umansky as Keisuke Yuuki. Hotohori accepts Tamahome’s willingness to face down his emperor for his feelings, and leaves them alone despite his own unrequited feelings. The group return to the castle and come back with only Amiboshi’s flute. Akiko Yajima as Reizeitei Boshin. Yui then told Nakago that she will save her third wish for him after they summon the god. A false Suzaku lures Mayo into the Suzaku shrine and convinces her that Taka and others are going to take Miaka’s baby from her and kill her.

The scroll made Miaka and Taka sent back to the world of the book of the “Universe of the Four Gods” and there they landed on Nuriko’s old house. The young man shows up and easily beats up the four men, saving Miaka again. Josep Maria Mas as Mitsukake Catalan dub. Finally, Rouku accepted Nuriko’s friends with him. Nuriko, Chiriko, Mitsukake and Hotohori materialize as well, as a precursor to Miaka’s arrival. Mona Marshall as Shu Eian. Taka volunteers to go Chichiri tells every one no he will go. Keisuke gives Miaka the book and she tries to save Hotohori by talking to him.

Miaka is found by Tamahome, Tasuki, and Chiriko. Taka and Mayo return to the real world and the Universe of the Four Gods disappears. When Miaka embraces him, he shockingly pushes eiloden off him and hits her with his nun-chucks.

Hotohori arrives spooking Miaka. Soon, they find the meeting place Miaka and Tamahome had agreed upon, a juugi tree. Nuriko then approaches and tells Tamahome that he’s ready to die for Miaka, admitting that he also love Miaka as a episdoe. Yui succeeds in summoning Seiryuu.


Chichiri leaves and Tasuki and Taka offer to go with. They have a wedding ceremony and Nakago appears before Yui. Josep Maria Mas fuxhigi Mitsukake Catalan dub. As they try to get their bearings, they are attacked by two slave traders.

Taka states that if he stays Miaka will be torn between the two of them and that it is hurting her. With Tenko gone Miaka and Taka, now spirits, are given to option to materialize anywhere they choose.

She sends a thick fog.

The series was followed by episod Original Video Animation releases. Miaka tells Tamahome that Taiitsukun said that she must abandon her love for Tamahome. Nakago attacks Miaka and threatens to kill her if Yui does not grant his wish for eternal life and immortality. Miaka wonders how Tamahome could have left, but Nuriko explains her that Tamahome really missed Miaka while she was gone and that he does love her. Directed by Hajime Kamegaki, the fifty-two episode series was produced by Studio Pierrot.

When finally there, they manage to find a place to stay and there, an elder told them about the legendary Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu is protected by the Genbu Seven years ago.

The scroll made Miaka and Taka sent back to the world of the book of the “Universe of the Four Gods” and there they landed on Nuriko’s old house.

In doing so, she will obtain the power to fulfill her wishes. Amiboshi protects Miaka from Shin, but is defeated.

Hotohori urges Tamahome to ignore the message, despite the fact that Kutou’s army is three times bigger than Konan’s and is advancing towards Tamahome’s home village, and suggests that they all go to sleep. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Eikoeen Chichiri hides himself and Miaka, Nakago enters the battle. Matthew Austin ep 4. Zan as Chiriko ep 4 Gakurei ep 2.


After defeating the soldiers, Amiboshi senses Tomo.

Fushigi Yugi Eikoden Episode 2 – video dailymotion

The others are still stuck in the mirage. He attempts to rape Miaka until he realizes she is crying and can’t understand why, but Taka enters the room. Tatara is taken hostage by Miboshi. Despite the four Warriors’ attempts to stop him, he escapes.

Fushigi Yugi Eikoden (OAV)

They set off to go to Taiitsukun, with a tense feeling between Miaka and Tamahome. Tamahome continues to get beaten by Nakago. Sighyou reveals his true name being Rennou and that Miaka is his enemy. Bob Johnson ep 3. When she wakes up, she finds herself and Tamahome both unclothed in a room at Taiitsukun’s palace with their wounds now healed.

Nakago says anything he sees since he arrived in Konan was an illusion made by Tomo, but the kodoku in the sake was real. Miaka screams, eikodn in this instance Tamahome is distracted, and Hotohori runs his sword right through Tamahome’s torso. Later, Tamahome fights with Kouji, the leader of the Tasuki’s former band of bandits, who also sees Tamahome as Nakago. Once there, when Nuriko was about to remove the large boulder blocking the cave of the hidden Shinzaho, he is found by Ashitare.