It was the only cinema built in this country by 20th Century Fox. In the Peter Moro Partnership added a workshop, rehearsal room, and office space to the complex. It was recently announced Reel would be shutting its doors as a result. In May ‘God TV’ took a 25 year lease on the building and planned to convert it into a studio for their Religious Television Broadcasts. Crime Plymouth Royal Navy recruit stung by paedophile hunters Kyle Catmull was stung by vigilantes after turning up to meet a year-old girl who he thought he’d been swapping messages with – when in reality it was a fake profile. This noble apartment is nearly eighty feet long, forty in width, and nearly thirty feet high. The gallery is now so arranged that every one, even those at the extreme sides, can see; the seats at the sides being on a higher level than those in the centre, with strong barriers. There are refreshment saloons on each floor, smoking-rooms, and lavatories, and everything for the comfort of the audience that is to be found in other first-class establishments.

Walter Stockwell caught on immensely, and the Floradors provided a comical musical sketch. This community engagement project is capturing stories of what people did and do in the city when the lights go down. Some particularly fine paintings in the dome and other decorative spaces, by Mr. Seventeen years later Cultural Vibes at The Warehouse was packing in over 2, revellers every Saturday night to dance the night away to the likes of Judge Jules and John Kelly. Devon and Cornwall Police Two men arrested after police helicopter manhunt Police were called to a burglary and hunted down man with knife. The Sisters Levey were very chic, and their dashing turn was one of the features of the evening. But I think we are well known enough to you in Plymouth for the character of our entertainments, and now we have a much better chance to introduce to your notice even better talent, for the simple reason that we can take more money and can afford to give you better class. There are retiring rooms and conveniences connected with the gallery.

Generally the tone of the decorations is gilt ornament on a cream ground. The projection “suite” consisted of six rooms. Many items, such as seating used identical design and fabrics. The Theatre was built on the site of the former Andrew’s Picture Palace which was built for Arthur and Horace Andrews and had opened on Monday the 1st of August with a capacity of 1, In the new Theatre Royal opened in Plymouth and this was a major blow for the old Palace, sadly the building’s short revival to live Theatre was to end the following year and in the Theatre closed and was converted for nightclub use as the Dance Academy.


The interior of the new building, with its first-class appointments in every direction, presented an exceedingly attractive appearance. Here a double door leads into a tolerably long passage eight feet wide. The architect was Mr C.

Theatres and Halls in Plymouth

The usual performance had taken place in the evening, and a large audience had been present to witness the programme, which included, among other turns, a naval spectacular scene representing the Battle of Trafalgar. The ceiling and cornices are moulded in the same gajmont. If this curtain could have been lowered the area of the fire might have been at once restricted. The new theatre will add to the architectural beauties of Plymouth, being quite distinct in its way.

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ciema Starting with the lowest tier we enter the pit door on a level with George-street. The above text in quotes was first published in the ERA27th of May Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It has been built to the plans of W. Sports Direct now stands in its place.

April 22, Webpage updated: In the summer ofit was converted into a religious broadcast studio. In the building was converted into a nightclub and underwent a number of name and configuration changes up until its closure in August In later years Mr Leacey recalled the opening day as a memorable one. They opened at a time when people, on average, would visit the cinema once a week. Work began on the building in but it didn’t finally open until the 23rd of August Reed, who had previously been running the Theatre RoyalPlymouth until he lost the lease on the building.

The dress circle holds persons. Our deepest sympathy is due to those who, at such expense and with such taste and liberality erected the beautiful building which is now so seriously damaged. The fire was, therefore, first seen from the outside. Plymouth News The heartbreaking horror stories of Universal Credit We have heard from people all over the country of how they are struggling with the new benefit system.

Arthur Pakace is known to have performed at this first Theatre Royal, Plymouth in, and See details below. In Dave Welsh took on a 27 year lease for the Palace Theatre and set up a not for profit company called the Plymouth Palace Project Ltd but this eventually came to nothing.

In October it closed its doors and was demolished three palqce later, although the model ship remained and the building’s facade was replicated.

I cannot make a big speech; somehow, whenever I want to I always forget what I ought to say. Livermore, one of the managing directors of the renovated Palace, appeared before the curtain during the course of Monday evening, and made gauomnt happy and graceful little speech.


Want to be emailed when a new comment is posted about this theater? Between the seats there are no divisions at all – only wide avenues like those of the dress-circle. There was a rumour that Charlie Chaplin would be present but that was not to be.

The Grand Theatre, Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth

But I think we are well known enough to you in Plymouth for the character of our entertainments, and now we have a much better chance to introduce to your vaumont even better talent, for the simple reason that we can take more money and can afford to give you better class. The windows in these panels have stone surrounds. TV was early culprit, it was a process that was exacerbated when in when BBC 2 was launched, increasing channel viewing options by 50 per cent.

Hardly any Theatre possesses dressing-rooms better arranged. Used for many years by local amateurs and also for showing films, the Theatre has been closed since due to the stage area being declared unsafe. Further refurbishment and an enlarged stage enabled the Theatre to reopen again in October but this was to be short lived.

A glare was perceived by a policeman near the stage entrance. Click to play Tap to play. The Majestic is held dear by many as a place where you could dance the night away to Harry Pook and his orchestra. We are proud and pleased to see you here to-night, and it will not be our fault in the future if we do not deserve your very kind approbation. There are ten private boxes, all elegantly furnished, the carpets being Brussels agumont the curtains old gold silk and silk plush, relieved with crimson and gold trimmings and tassels.

All the upholstering is in ruby plush. An excellent programme had been arranged, the first turn of which was Leopoldine, a lady who is very clever on the parallel bars and flying rings and kindred implements.

The brick pylons have strikingly carved plyomuth cappings, and the whole is surmounted by a reeded and fluted octagonal stone tower. One of the last Victoria 10 installations.

The columns supporting the elliptical arch of the proscenium were features requiring thoughtful treatment, on account of their excessive height plyomuth compared with their diameters.