Here is a closer view of the light traps, the “Graflex” is below and the “Graphic” is above. Uses roll film. Set the knurled slide lock wheel in the open position permitting the dark slide to be pulled out with the handle. Two are Catalog No. Three slightly different designs. California Prop 65 Warning. The answer seems to be in the screws on the side near the handle end. For parts or not working.

If you have any questions please ask at least 24 hours prior to the end of the auction. I did not ship to countries outside of the global shipping program. It would draw the film compartment out of the holder and fog the negatives inside. All are clean with darkslides. The chrome drawer latch should be in free position. After over 50 years of producing professional photography in the San Francisco area, my studio closed a few years ago. I received these from a professional photographer who saved and collected a lot!!

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The system will walk you through an easy procedure. Camera Size see all. To exercise use at least one sheet film. And now how to operate the Grafmatic. Wood Construction with Black Finish.

4×5 Grafmatic Film Holder Graflex 1268 Graphic

Light seals are intact. The Grafmatic film holder is an automatic magazine holding six individual sheets of film. The “Graflex” back has a single groove on the face near the handle, while the “Graphic” type has two ridges. Decide which one you are preferable going to use and make sure the other shutter is in open position.

From the estate of a professional photographer. Guaranteed by Thu, Feb The slide housing on the back reads “4×5”. Set the indicator dial on a number Photo 5press the chrome latch toward the handle Photo 6 and pull the film compartment out. The item you see is the item supplied. For Large Format 4×5 Film. Just two movements are required: Since Graphic Backs do not lock the Grafmatic in place, be careful not to pull the holder out during the cycling operation.


Graflex 4x5in. Large Format Camera Film Backs and Holders | eBay

Guaranteed by Wed, Feb Lot of Four 4 Film Holders. Show only see all. Thus, these film holders are no older thanbut likely pre-WWII based on knowledge of the owner and when he was an active photographer.

Holder is in excellent condition. To do this, press down with your thumb on the chrome latch, holding it against the slide handle, and PULL the entire film compartment all of the way out. Not tested but they look light proof. If you have any questions please ask at least 24 hours prior to the end of the auction.


Skip to main content. I guaranty that it will arrive as described or your money back. Explore More from this Seller. When pulling the slide or film compartment, pull straight outward—not backward—to avoid leverage pressure against rgaflex focusing panel or slide locks with attendant danger of light leak. For your consideration are TWO slotted 4×5 Holfer film holders in very nice usable shape.

Clean, in very nice shape. Each sheet of film is held in a metal sheath called a septum and these are shuffled through the Grafmatic as the mechanism is operated. When loading the septums, keep the film notch over the notch at the open edge of the septum Photo 8.


Lot of Four 4 Film Holders. Graflex 22 Graphic Roll Film Holder for 4×5. I don’t know what size film it’s for.

It is suggested that the empty holder be blown out occasionally. Simply pull the compartment out as though the film had been exposed and likewise shift the other five septums which will bring that film again to the top, but not in the exposure location. There may be minor cracks, scratches and scuffs that I have missed. Check thoroughly if the slide locks are all the way inside the side grooves of the Grafmatic.

The Barrel lenses without their own shutter demands the use of the Focal Plane shutter.

Besides indicating the exposure number, it has an indicator to tell you whether the film is in the exposed position or covered by the dark slide. Compatible Brand see all. We are going to exercise without holdfr or film. More refinements More refinements Camera Type see all. Clean, in very nice shape.

The older versions have three screws while the newer locking graflfx have two. Graflex “23” 4×5 Roll Film Holder 1. The chrome latch will pop back in position. Each holder is complete with its two dark slides.

After exposure the first film sheet must be moved out of the way. Guaranteed by Fri, Mar 1. Lot of 9 Graflex Type 5 and 2 Fidelity 4×5 sheet film holders. Uses roll film.