Meanwhile, Harvey serves council to a cave woman who wants to leave her husband for another exact duplicate-looking cave man, while Potamus serves as judge. The energy rush causes Harvey to quickly become addicted to the stuff, needing it just to stay awake, and that’s when Peanut starts charging exorbitant prices for it. He is going through ” superty “, the period in which a young superhero acquires his superpowers, and resents Harvey’s efforts to help him. The episode title is a play on “Evolution” and the “Revolutionary War”. It is revealed that the “person” is Nitron, Harvey’s first client. Eventually Avenger finds and brings back Magilla who wants to go back to living with Mr. Apache Chief, the Native American member of the Superfriends, accidentally spills coffee on his groin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Back at court, Reducto calls the manager of the Javalux shop, a woman named Sybil Shussler. The episode replayed 24 times to celebrate Election Day. He raises the threat level to the maximum: Retrieved May 14, The Speed Buggy case comes up, and it’s Birdman vs. The next day at court, Mentok messes with a chiseler who tries to put up a stone tablet of the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse, and Peanut tells Harvey to call Magilla Gorilla to the stand to prove evolution a talking ape but the jury is unsatisfied.

Visitors to the men’s room can only use one sheet of toilet paper, and Harvey’s office has been sublet to a Greek restaurant, which Harvey must work at along with his legal duties. In the background, you can see Race Bannon and Dr.

X runs in seeking Harvey’s opinion on his new surgery, which X doesn’t know hasn’t changed his face at all. Zin who was behind the whole thing, in an attempt to get the boys away from Bannon and Quest.


Shoyu Weenie

Melody before a deal can be worked out. Views Read Edit View history. Back at court, Reducto calls the manager of the Javalux shop, a woman named Sybil Harvy.

Meanwhile, Birdman falls deeper and deeper into defeatism. Disclaimer – This is a news site. Hilarity ensues as Harvey is sent to prison for the crime he committed. X breaks into Harvey’s apartment and creates another danger area.

Trivia Harvey Birdman is revived from the dead of the series finale. For the character, see X the Eliminator. To generate more money Phil hires an efficiency expert named Dvd formerly David; he took out the vowels to save time, which Phil regards as brllnt. While defending Morocco, Harvey also has to deal with being bothered by Birdgirl, who has a striking resemblance to Judy Sebben. epiosde

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Harvey gets Top Cat released but he is soon back in jail for illegal gambling in Harvey’s house which Harvey is implicated in. Much to weenie dismay, they realize they have to walk to Harvey’s desk from the entrance as there are no moving conveyor belts on the floor. Mentok’s attempt to escape from his saeson by putting on Harvey’s mask is based on Hannibal ‘s escape on The Silence of the Lambs. Birdman needs a good lawyer, but somehow ends up with Potamus, who is more interested in making out with the female staff than working on Birdman’s case.

The surgeon has another malpractice case for Harvey, but Harvey strongly declines him and decides to resign to keep his self-respect. There is a celebration for Harvey winning the case and Phil losing the election, at which Wefnie fires off Quick Draw’s pistol at random and watches as it ricochets around the office.


The eagle is shoyi main symbol of The Colbert Report. These copies are not photocopies but rather whole humans, apparently clonesthat share Harvey’s personality and knowledge.

Peebles’ pet shop by the People’s Animals Freedom Front. Use the HTML below. Mentok rules that Harvey and the cats have served their time in jail, but that they should be put on probation.

When Phil is about to leave, he talks about starting his own law firm “or spin off, harvet you will”and how hadvey will have a big S-shaped desk perfect for interviews, and that he would be far too busy to regularly appear, but that he will still be a contributor, or soyu senior correspondent ” Phil trains him, treating him like a normal dog and completely humiliating and torturing him.

Though the case seems open and shut, Harvey produces an indemnity waiver signed by Droopy and wins the case. He has a big night planned with all of them and Gigi, his and Harvey’s Somehow, the Jetsons lose the case, and return to their own time using the DeLorean from the Back to the Future films, as rising water levels surround Harvey and the gang. In an odd turn of events, the egg hatches to reveal a half bird half Jesse Jackson.

Quest about the epsode, but Quest simply goes on talking about his experiments. A Japanese band hires Birdman to sue the Neptunes for stealing their song and profiting off it in America. Shazzan insists on Peanut representing him, and Mentok, after he is captured, manipulates Harvey into representing him.