Family and friends reminisce about Homer’s life after Bart’s April Fools’ Day prank sends him to the hospital. A fortune teller describes how a genteel Englishman will ask for Lisa’s hand in marriage in the year Burns into his new bowling league. The Simpsons S8E18 – Homer vs. Using his Superstar Celebrity microphone, Bart tricks all of Springfield into believing that a child has fallen down a well. The Simpsons S14E3 – Bart vs. Sideshow Bob threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb unless television is abolished.

Homer grows jealous after Marge asks critic Jay Sherman to co-judge Springfield’s film festival. The Simpsons S7E25 – Summer of 4’2″. When Moe goes broke romancing his new love, he enlists Homer in a scheme to collect on an insurance policy. Homer becomes coach of the Springfield Pee Wee Football team and appoints Bart as starting quarterback. Bart tends to a nest filled with eggs after he inadvertently kills a bird with a BB gun. Marge will only forgive her husband when he proves to Bart that all women are not merely sexual objects.

Burns, the last surviving members of a World War II army unit, vie for a priceless collection of rare art hidden in a secret location. And don’t believe what you’ve heard about me. They wanted gas, grass or ass and brother, I had the ass.

Lisa develops a crush on her substitute teacher, Mr.

Apu faces deportation when a referendum on illegal immigrants is placed on the Springfield ballot. Bart finds new respect for the law and Lisa hangs out with the wrong crowd after they both take career aptitude tests.

Bouvier’s hand in marriage. The Simpsons S7E25 – Summer of 4’2″. Homer is attracted to a sexy co-worker with a personality identical to his own. I want you to know I’m the best there is at finding out what you’re up to.


Marge discovers the pleasures of driving a sport utility vehicle until aggressive simpsone habits cost her.

What was the first one again? Both sold to me by Apu this morning. Troy McClure stages a Hollywood comeback when he begins dating Selma.

Using his Superstar Celebrity microphone, Bart tricks all of Springfield into believing that a child has fallen down a well. Season 4 22 Episodes This season is available in 4: Season 9 25 Episodes This season is available in 4: What do you want with his Dad? Simmpsons Simpsons S5E14 – Lisa vs. Homer locates his long lost half brother Herb and discovers that he is rich. Well, he’s not in the Boise morgue. Just harmlessly stopping it from doing more damage to Mother Earth. Homer becomes a professional boxer when doctors discover he was born with a unique genetic condition that protects his brain from injury.

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But I saw you praying to Mecca! Plow Homer and Barney vie for Springfield’s lucrative snow plowing business. I’m ready for the Nuclear Workers Convention! Lisa Goes to Washington. Have a wahch one!

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Sim;sons decides to take her dead aunt’s advice and have children before it is too late. Homer turns bootlegger when Springfield enforces an antiquated prohibition law. Part Two Lisa aids police with the investigation of the Burns shooting. Burns hits Bart with his car, Homer is enticed by a disreputable lawyer to sue him. You’re talking about my husband!

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The Simpsons visit a theme park based on the gratuitously violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Homer takes the law into his own hands after Springfield is victimized by a cat burglar. Bart and his friends march on Shelbyville when Springfield’s lemon tree is stolen by a gang of children from across the border.


Also glimpsed in the footage: When Marge believes she may be pregnant, Homer recounts how Bart was born. Homer offers to donate one of his kidneys to Grampa until he realizes the surgery will place his own life in jeopardy. You left some big underpants to fill. Lisa exhibits signs of stress when she is forced into sharing her brother’s bedroom. The Simpsons S7E24 – Homerpalooza. Bart becomes watxh instant celebrity after he ad-libs a line during a sketch on the “Krusty the Klown Show.

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Homer discovers his image printed on a box of Japanese dish detergent. Lisa helps organize a school dance. Townspeople believe Lisa has unearthed the fossilized remains of an lnline. Bart gives away Santa’s Little Helper so he can keep a fully trained, blue ribbon Collie. Let’s just say I’ve got to get to work on time. If you are a cat, prove it. I’ve told you that a million times! There isn’t a prison made that can hold me! When Homedland positively identifies Krusty the Clown as an armed robber, Bart attempts to clear his idol’s name.

Bart, Lisa and a group of celebrities help Krusty turn his career around wqtch his television show is canceled. Homer becomes the Springfield Shopper’s new food critic, but raises the ire of restaurateurs by panning their cooking. Whatcha got there, Homer?