However, it does not take long for Akari to learn that with their duty comes an unbearable guilt, as to defeat the Daemonia, the humans afflicted by them must perish as well. Having lost her mother at a young age, the only thing Akari has left of her is a deck of tarot cards and a dream to follow in her footsteps as a fortune teller. Asu no Yoichi Nyan Koi! Akari attempts to listen to the voice, which tells her that it no longer wants to kill and asks Akari to kill it, to which Akari reluctantly obliges. Akari moves to the school and meets her new teammates: The pinkie swear would have been a ‘contract’. What would you like to edit? The Animation — Humanity Has Declined

Whilst visiting her mother’s grave afterwards, Akari encounters a small girl who had allegedly lost her mother, barely avoiding running into another trap laid out by Cerebrum. Akari and her companions prevent the Daemonia from killing a kindergarten teacher and her students. But mysteriously, Akari and her relatives soon forget Fuyuna ever existed. Jun 22, 2: She begs the girls to flee should they encounter their counterpart. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:.

Confirmed; Akari’s part Daemonia.

One night, Kiyone comes across a mysterious silver-haired fortuneteller named Cerebrum, who gives her a penefra card and tells her to be true to her feelings. My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! Way to stick it to The Man, Etia!

Meanwhile, Hanae is lured by the power of the Diablos Tarot card, using it to kill a compatible donor to allow Minori to have an operation. Realizing the only thing she can do for him is let him rest in peace, Ginka destroys the Daemonia.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 7 Review — Day Off

Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network gave the first half of the series an overall rating of B, praising the series’ powerful moments and the accuracy of the depiction of tarot cards, while criticizing the series’ character design. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Project Pink Persona 4: MistyBlue All reviews 60 people found this review helpful. The next evening, Cerebrum instructs Honda to kill Yataro penegra possessing the Elemental Tarot user’s blood, sending a wave of environmental hazards to attack him, but Akari and the others arrive to help him.


The Revolution — El-Hazard: Luna, in her mutated form, appears before Akari and Seira, biting Seira in the neck, leaving her with a butterfly mark.

Views Read Edit View history. Ginka decides to face her counterpart alone, with the others helpless to do anything but watch as they defeat each other, vanishing into nothingness. So, that both went how I was expecting and didn’t. The series aired in Japan between July and September[1] and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.

As Luna contemplates her feelings for Akari, she is seemingly visited by her, making her feel a lot ilpusioni.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 7 Review — Day Off – Dailymotion Video

Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: Laplace Supporting Horii, Chado Japanese. That weird girl who loves tech? A Voyage to Remember Ginka’s father Yataro, who helps fund Sefiro Fiore’s operations as thanks for helping his family out when they were in debt, comes to visit and invites the girls to a fancy party.

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Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou~il sole penetra le illusioni

Whilst visiting her mother’s grave afterwards, Akari encounters a small girl who had allegedly lost her mother, barely avoiding running into another trap laid out by Cerebrum.


Later, a pair of schoolgirls, Minori and Hanae, encounter Seira and Ginka and befriend them.

Until you remember lets just say she is one fabulous anime girl with headphones. Akari chooses to fight against the Daemonia to protect the innocent, but once again hesitates to finish it off.

Back at Sefiro Fiore, Seira requests to join Priscilla’s team, but she is convinced to give Akari’s team one more chance. I’m wondering if that little girl was really Cerebrum. Amazing how Akari can have all these magical people around her, yet she still ends up fighting alone.

However, to its credit, the monster designs were rather nice again. You mean it didn’t in 9?

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Maybe it’s because keeping Luna as a pet is turning out to be more trouble than he bargained for, considering that she’s still able to exert some influence on her body even while being controlled by the Daemonia. When she discovers Hanae has become epiosde Daemonia, she agrees to use Akari’s strength to listen to Hanae’s voice, asking her to take care of Minori in her epiaode.

War on Geminar — Maken-ki! The Bonds of Reasoning Star Ocean: One night, Akari has a dream of being attacked by a plant monster and witnesses a stronger version of herself defeat it.