Ganga asks Bani to reveal Jigyasa’s r. Jigyasa criticizes Rano and Pia. Meera catches Ganaga red-handed wearing a short dress, but she saves her from Jai. Rano barges into Bani’s room and drags Pia out. Rano gets Pia discharged from the hospital. Bani and Tarun too arrive at the meeting and the deal is finalized.

Bani goes to Jannat Apartments and sees Karuna nearby. Khanna informs him that he found another girl for Rahul whose parents were willing to give Rahul a huge dowry to settle him in the US. Ganga leaves for the meeting and Mr. Seeing this, Jai assures Masi that the Ganesha celebration will take place in the house. Meera tells that they should not lose Ganga now, as they have already lost their kids before. Ranvir, Rano and Jai wonder what to do. Ganga tries to spoil the party but the guy who met her stops her.

Rashi promises to tend to Ranvir and bring him back on his feet. Bani is disturbed and thinks that Jai is actually cheating on her. Rashi informs Bani about a pooja which Jai and Bani have to perform eppisode.

Ganga full episode 158

Bani and Piya enter to see Jai burn this vital piece of evidence and Bani accuses Jai of changing drastically. Pia is 1588 and deci. When he returns home, Bani scolds him for his carelessness.

1588 Maasi asks everyone about Bani’s whereabouts and juts then Bani returns home. Rishi’s parents’ give Rishi and Ganga a honeymoon package. Rashi gives her jwellery box to Abhilasha. She calls out to Karuna but the latters walks away. Rashi finds a cheque worth Rs. Ganga tells Bani that she will find a solution. Jai speaks his heart out but later finds out that Bani is fast asleep.


Kasammh asks Bani to reveal Jigyasa’s r. Meera gets tensed and starts looking for Pratyush. At that moment the police c. Pallavi changes the mood and pulls Ganga for a dance. Varun faints in the hospital.

Jai does not confront Jigyasa as she knows about his one night stand with Pia. Bani convinces everyone to welcome Veer. Ganga leaves for the meeting and Mr. When questioned by Maasi, Bani is rude to her. Six months pass by, and Ranvir tries to walk but falls.

Ganga enters the board room and hands over flles to each Board member. But Bani closes the door on his face. The cop asks Jai if he suspects anyone whose help Meera could seek.

Kasamh Se Episode – в Ram Kapoor Kasam Se Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Meera tells Ranveer about Pronita’s plan for Krishna. Click Here Diya is a symbol of light and festivity, and holds great cultural significance in Kasaamh informs Jigyasa and the others about Jai’s decision to transfer his property in Bani’s name. Pushkar too gets elated on knowing this bu.

Succumbing to intense international pressure to rein in militant groups operating from its soil, the Pakistan government on Friday took over the administrative Deb warns Durga not to become Bani in front of Pia.

Pia is unable to bear seeing Bani and Jai together.

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Masi suggests Jai that they should celebrate Krishna and Atharva’s birthday on the occasion of Janmashtami. Jigyasa tries to console Vicky, but he says his father has taken the right decision, as he would now get to spend more time with Shonali.


Meera panics seeing a birthday message written in red on the window pane. Bani tells Partho that today iasamh be the last day when Meera would be happy! Bani signs the paper. Jigyasa tells Rashi about Abhilasha’s truth but she does not realise that she is actually talking to Abhilasha itself.

World stands with India against terrorism and Pakistan Zee News 3 dias. Deb makes legal papers. Bani tells Deb that she is ready to marry him. He asks the children to drink as well.

He asks to take her out. The doctor announces that she is pregnant. Jai learns about a big company named NB. Jai and she then wonder how she knows.

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Bani stops Masi from worshipping the Ganesha idol. Pronita and Meera have an argument and declare war on each other. Veer overhears Pushkar’s father telling his wife that he is not Pushkar’s son.

Veer decides to stay in Walia house. Jigyasa again remnds Deb that their goal is common.

Jigyasa tells Jai that he is going to be attacked in the party.