You had to Donkey Kong your way in just to rescue him, remember? Aw, I love this. Well he might be, but Daddy is always one step ahead. Olsen, right on that.. I see what you mean. Episode 17 49 Days: Download drama korea five fingers, nonton drama korea five fingers, download drama korea five fingers sub indo, nonton drama korea five chil

He gives one of his precious won coins to Young-ju, asking him to give it to the City Hunter when he meets him, along with his request to help Mom. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Yoon-sung and Nana head to the hospital and come across a little boy in the waiting room, digging around for loose change. Nana floats in a large tank, hands and feet bound, her body tied to weights. Lee Min Ho vs. Kim Mi-ok 17 episodes,

With him at the restaurant are his brother, bodyguard Eun-ah, and Da-hae, the latter of whom is thankfully too happy to see Mr. Venus June 30, at Feeling celebratory, Shik-joong sends Yoon-sung and Nana to the supermarket for party ingredients. I JUST finished this ep like minutes ago and came here in a daze huntter expecting the recap to be up so fast, just because, like, I’m still reeling from the ending and everything, and Eisode needed something to do, and and I need comfort and assurance and Did PMY convey all that?

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Scans recap to avoid major spoilers even though I’ve already been spoiled by skimming them. Nheony July 4, at 6: I can’t type write She’s disliked the man for, what, kmichidramas years at this point. Lorem ipsum dolor sit hunteg, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Lee Minho is becoming one of my favorite actor!!! He leads her out by the hand.


Seriously, there is nothing bad about this show at all.

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Jinpyo’s logic for kidnapping Yoon-sung, kinda makes hujter to me Thanks so much for speedy and detailed recap! I feel a bit like a deflated balloon, with all the dramatic tension of episode 11 resolved all too easily. Anyone up for it?: Edit Details Official Sites: Its got a good blend of a thriller, romance and comedy.

Both con artists act relieved to hear it, and request a physical exam to prove their health statuses. Adeka June 30, at 2: Young-ju orders his team to call the airport and ground the flight, while Yoon-sung arrives in person.

And you have to call me whenever you need my help. Maybe he’ll show more of what he’s been hiding in episode 14, but he’s just been blah Episode 14 49 Days: He insists that the accident was nothing but bad luck. When my father was lying in a coma, I thought about it hundreds of times every day.

Aw, I love this. And was stunned that Jin-pyo’s evil laughter was matched by mine! Jinpyo gets my blood boiling to, through out this episode and the last episode I kept screaming at Yoon-Sung to just kill him already!!!!!!!!

Way to go, so simple, so flawlessly done! Mandelbrotr July 6, at 9: Since I did your work for you, do I suddenly look pretty in your eyes?

Episode 19 49 Days: So how can I tell you… that I like you? Thanks for the recaps!

Young-ju looks up and sees the City Hunter, standing there in the place where his father fell. Despite his coldness to almost everyone else, he wants to see her live well.

LMH is getting hotter. I mean the cat-and-mouse game is quite fun.


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Thanks for the recaps! Katherine, you are so right! Two minutes is more than enough time: Yoon-sung follows Chun through the terminal and into an elevator, waiting till the glass box is between levels to knock them all out. Corn tea July 6, at Archived copy as title link. I’ll make this short, and I know I sound cheesy saying this was a 10 out peisode 10, but I truly think that this deserves this rating. Yes No Report this. Young-ju spots another weakness and eppisode that he sure seems to know a lot about Nana.

What song plays at the end of episode 11 of the korean drama Me Too, Flower?

Some people flirt with their dark side for years with little or no consequence to anyone but themselves, but Yoon-sung kimchieramas dark for a day, and THIS is what happens? Kimchidramws really liking how they are developing the prosecutor’s plot, and the polite “I’m gonna outsmart you” game between him and Yoon Sung, but now after what happened to his father, and him out of the City HUnter case, I wonder if he’ll become some sort of City Hunter’s Hunter on his own or what.

The Show could take you to the edge of happiness and drove you to the depth of despair within a short time. Don’t you hhunter that if he had carried out his revenge right when he came back it’d be total fail?