Aidoru Dake no Suiei-Taikai!! Izumi and Hiroto now star in a new drama. Kirari becomes lonely and she doesn’t know what to do. Obaa-chan Koi No Nekomichi!? Goin to school also became a problem because of Kirari’s work schedule. The world is coming to an end and only Kirari can save the world with her voice.

The media concur Kirari being one of the most popular idols. After the premiere of the drama starring her, will she have second thoughts? Kirari, Akane, and Aoi were chosen as candidates for the idol queen. Kirari and Hikaru’s First Performance!! Although Kirari was able to make a new submission, both Izumi and Kirari’s entry becomes overshadowed by Fubuki’s entry. Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love. Na-san finds his route back and reunites with Kirari just in time for the live show.

Muranishi eyes Kirari as a marketing model for a company called Rainbow Cosmetics. Kirari attends an idol audition with Ships as part of the panelist of judges, only to find out that the audition is for boys. Kiari realised that Luna-chan is her mom? But why is Kirari not able to do it? And around now would be the perfect time for Kirari to confess her feelings to Seiji. Kirari has to do something to bring them back together.

Hatsu suteeji de namahousou ” Japanese: Seeing Kirari petitioning to become an idol on his way home, Kirari’s father decides to approve of her request.

Aoi and Kirari perform on stage together to promote a new Rainbow Cosmetic but Higarasyima tries to mess it up. Kirari, Akane, and Aoi were chosen as candidates for the idol queen. She needs every help she can to bring her next manga to completion. Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him!


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Real Sound in Japanese. These two induce an argument, forcing them to split apart. How will Kirari and Hikaru be able to learn from their mistakes, and will they be able to do it in time? Kirari and Hikaru star as superheroes in a new horror movie.

Myu-san falls in love with Na-san and tries to convince him to be with her. Izumi, rivaling Kirari, will enter the competition as well. Izumi becomes infuriated and chases Fubuki only to reveal her true identity: Transfer to Idol School!!

Meanwhile, Kirari’s mother in the Tsukishima family portrait looks very familiar, like a certain actress Kirari and Seiji Get Married Suddenly!? Kissu wa Dare to Wedingu!? She disguises herself and enters the audition.

Kirari and Fubuki end up tieing at the competition. Akane framed Kirari and the news about it spread quickly.

Of course Erina wants to get all the eisode and tries to trick Kirari again. Hiroto helps Kirari and she soon finds the perfect things needed for her dress.

Kiss With Whom In the Wedding!?

Kirarin Revolution ep 26 English Sub – Kissanime

Aim for a Commercial Debut!! The diamond idol queen!! My Brother Who Returned!!

Namida no Kurankuappu ” Japanese: Of course, Erina secretly tries to make Kirari lose. Kirari accidentally injures a performer playing “Pink” in EatRanger. Goin to school also became a episoode because of Kirari’s work schedule.

But, Arashi plans to take Kirari’s first kiss and to change the drama. Kirari Korekushon ” Japanese: Sybbed, a famous water illusionist from Las Vegas impresses Kirari will all his visual tricks.


Blackwood Starts Up” Transcription: Emotionally damaged from Luna’s confession, Kirari holds one last concert.

Fubuki is naturally an expert, while Kirari is hopeless. Fubuki claims that Kirari does not have the potential of being a perfect idol. Enter the Music Charts!? Since Kirari never had a boyfriend before, she cannot interpret her role properly in the pure love drama. Na-san, with some background on singing, teaches her how to become a better singer.

Kirari and Hikaru are going to be in a musical, but Kirari loses her focus episoed only thinking of food. Aidoru Dake no Suiei-Taikai!! Izumi and Hiroto now star in a new drama.

Kirarin Revolution Episode 26 English Subbed at gogoanime

Epjsode director of Blackwood threatens Kirari to join his company or else he will ruin the careers of her and everyone around her. With the live show about to begin, Kirari desperately searches for Na-san. Kirari naturally chooses Seiji, but she doesn’t know why her heart pounds for Hiroto. Yuki no Daichi ni Moeru Koi!? Kirari is satisfied with the results, but Fubuki wants a re-match.

But she’s followed by two tabloid reporters and both of her dates are featured in a magazine. Kirari is inspired by the group that she ends up joining the audition.