We bought this set to use for camping. The products are hundreds of times safer than previous technology and selling like gangbusters by the way. After I used them for the first time I decided to add a little more oil and season them again. With regards to ALL CLAD…though it is made of high quality stainless steel and void of a nonstick surface, even stainless steel, when heated can be leaching heavy metals and toxins into your food. Please, avoid ALL non-stick coatings, such as Ozeri. Any light you could shed on this would be very helpful. Which do you prefer?

Check with the manufacturer. From the reviews, I went ahead and re-seasoned it as soon as I received the package. Can you tell me if IKEA stainless steel pots or safe? I saw that you endorsed on the Silit cookware in a reply to an earlier question but they seems to me to be also of non-stick coating that you have advised to stay away. This is a nice set of cast iron skillets. I do agree with you that we should stay away from anything non-stick.

Toxic Cookware and Cutlery – Rebecca Wood

I bake my potatoes directly on the rack of my oven or toaster oven. This seems like it will be a good skillet. Its just a toxic vessel. I fully expect this pan to last well beyond my life time and will csst given to my kids who will probably throw them in the back of the cupboard, oh well. Their ad said it is PFOA free and comes with a lifetime warranty. The overall texture is a little rough, but nothing excessive. The odds of anyone using all the pieces in a full set is unlikely.


Is this considered a safe option? I have some enameled cast iron pots that are unbelievably heavy. According to their lab analysis, the silicohe contain less than 0. I have seen so many cooking shows and restaurants where they do this.

I use cast iron for pancakes and steaks but never for soups, sauces or anything with an acid ingredient. I love the pot… great size, pretty color.

Recently attended a demonstration on Saladmaster. Obviously we can guarantee for our products and not for those of other competitors.

Ceramic Coated and Non-Stick Cookware are Toxic

Does it matter if the color on the inside of a ceramic dish is red or brown or some other color? But what about our children and babies who have to bathe in tubs? I was wondering though: Yes, ceramic cookware is slow to conduct heat and so factor that in when cooking with it.

Which do you prefer? Eggs, sausage, and burgers. I googled them and came up with the following information. Can you tell me if IKEA stainless steel pots or safe?


Is there anything other than Le Creuset or Xtrema that you would recommend?

You are my newly found hero! But its iron and other metals leach into acid foods tomatoes, wine, lemons, etc as well as liquids. Solicone you for the valuable information.

I wanted to know your thoughts on Lloyd pans silicons known as Manpans?? Hi Rebecca, I need help and assist. PTFE is and always has been Teflon. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. On doing some research i find that aluminum is toxic. I did measure, so it fits in my oven.

In fact, they have their own non-stick collection. With warm regards Lisa from Hong Kong. One part is very smooth, while the rest is I just got married, and we are looking to purchase our first cookware set.