Phulpakhru – Episode – February 16, – Full Episode. Valentine gift for Vaidehi — Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 01m 26s. Next day, while Sameer gets an earful from Tanya for flirting and stalking girls, an excited Manas seeks Kusum’s blessings and joins the new office. However, Sameer advises Tanya to stay out of their personal matters. Sur Rahu De Shows. Manas dedicates a song to Vaidehi – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 03m 29s. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 08, – Full Episode. Meanwhile, a pleased Sheetal feels proud of Shalmali for handling such a sensitive issue with poise and maturity.

Later, inspired by Ashwini’s simple advice, Manas pens down a beautiful poem for Mahi. Manas becomes the boss – 11th February to 17th February – Phulpakhru Webisode 37m 48s. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 07, – Full Episode. Pledge by Sameer – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 43s. While Manas and Vaidehi bask in the happiness of parenthood, everyone awaits baby’s arrival at home. Shalmali gets emotional – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 03m 15s. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 13, – Full Episode.

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The next morning, Vaidehi urges Manas to go for the music auditions. While Sheetal insists Shalmali to join Manas’ send-off party, she urges him to accompany her at the naming ceremony of Manas and Vaidehi’s baby. Later, epieode informed by Vaidehi, Manas receives a call for music auditions on the next day, which clashes with the important meeting.

Meanwhile, Shalmali’s makeover as a businesswoman pleasantly surprises Sheetal. The next morning, Episkde manages to send Manas’s childhood pictures to Fadke Kaka by evading Manas’s eyes. Meanwhile, Sameer tries to placate an enraged Tanya. While Vaidehi invites Shalmali for the naming ceremony, an irked Kusum expresses her discontent. A pleased Manas starts his work in the new office with the blessings of god.


While Kusum and Pratibha epiosde the preparations of the naming ceremony, Manas’ remark about a problem unsettles everyone. However, being busy in the auditions and meeting respectively, they fail to receive the call. Upon Fadke Kaka’s publisher continous follow-up, Sameer urges Vaidehi to complete the work at the earliest.

Phulpakhru – Episode – February 01, – Full Episode. Upon Tanya’s prodding, when Sameer enters Sheetal’s cabin to greet the interviewee, he gets shocked to find Shalmali dressed as a smart businesswoman. Vaidehi and Manas discuss Sheetal approving Manas’s resignation and their future.

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episkde Manas becomes the Boss – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 03m 31s. Pledge by Sameer – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 43s. Seeing this, Shalmali asks Sheetal to let go of Manas without being emotional.

Next day, while Sameer gets an earful from Tanya for flirting and stalking girls, an excited Manas seeks Kusum’s blessings and joins the new office.

Vaidehi and Manas change their decision — Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 03m 15s. However, Sameer advises Tanya to stay out of their personal matters. However, when an anxious Manas shares his dilemma with Vaidehi, she helps him with a way out to manage both.

Meanwhile, Vaidehi seeks Ranade’s advice regarding the auspicious day for the naming ceremony. Upon learning about Manas’ decision to join Raosaheb’s business, a surprised Sameer feels happy. While Pratibha and Sadanand epidode about the naming ceremony of their granddaughter, Pratibha calls Manas to know the exact birth time of the baby.

At night, Manas informs Sadanand about his decision to join Raosaheb’s business.

This leaves Vaidehi stressed. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 14, – Full Episode. When Manas mentions about giving the baby to Shalmali, a livid Tanya voices her displeasure. Sympathising with Shalmali’s plight, Manas and Vaidehi decide to give their baby to Sheetal and Shalmali on the next day after the naming ceremony.


Later, upon realising the mistake, Manas epieode hard to apologise to Vaidehi, but following Kusum’s advice, she refuses to talk to him. Upon Sheetal’s insistence, Shalmali promises to join the office from the next day. Although an emotional Shalmali expresses her gratitude towards Vaidehi, she politely refuses to werial her decision.

To Sheetal’s utter disbelief, Shalmali handles the rejection very positively. Click here to login. Next day, a zealous Epissode leaves for the meeting, whereas Manas also leaves to attend the auditions.

Aarohi visits Rege family — Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 03m 11s. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 05, – Full Episode. Bhadasavale, in the conference room. Upon learning about Sheetal’s decision, a delighted Vaidehi shares her happiness with him.

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After listening to the soul-stirring poem, Vaidehi finally lets go of her anger and forgives Manas. However, Manas gets angry when work gets hampered due to Vaidehi’s sudden plan. While Kusum kusumm Pratibha revel in the happiness of Manas and Vaidehi’s decision, Manas, who is preoccupied with Shalmali’s thoughts, gets irritated with them.

In the hospital, Manas and Vaidehi share some beautiful moments with their little bundle of joy. Later, a worried Manas informs Vaidehi about Shalmali being unable to adopt a child. Before leaving for office, Manas spends some beautiful moments with Vaidehi. Later, Sheetal and Shalmali plan a surprise send-off party for Manas.