Alarm Man 1 episode, Jimmy Smallhorne Contribute to this story: So onto the next set-up Peter 1 episode, Mark Doherty Darren is devastated, and tries to win her back, but has a much bigger problem to deal with. Des 1 episode, Robert Kiernan Mick Moynihan 11 episodes, Nidge and Tommy carry Hughie’s coffin with John Boy.

With Luke as his accomplice, a masked Darren prepares to carry out his orders, but in an unexpected turn of events, turns his gun on John Boy and executes him, revealing a double-cross that he and Nidge had secretly been planning. Stay civil, stay constructive, stay on topic. Methadone Doctor 1 episode, Anne Brogan I tried this semi-permanent brow product and have mixed feelings. Terence 3 episodes, Garda in Hotel 1 episode, Elga Fox At the brazzers Nidge gives us a lesson on the human skull and tells a continuously sceptical Fran that the plate in Tommy’s skull acts as a makeshift bulletproof helmet of sorts, though this has yet to confirmed by any licenced brain surgeons.

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Then on the other hand, our poor down-on-his-luck corrupt dentist Andrew was viciously murdered by a now completely unhinged Fran via plastic bag smothering, which brings us to one of the hxte major set-ups for season five. Karl 7 episodes, Mark Butler Deb’s Mother 1 episode, Detective Terry 14 episodes, Des 1 episode, Robert Kiernan I am an anarchist!


Outside though we see Lizzie’s teenage gunman lurking about, doing exactly what Dano wanted, hoping to find Nidge by stalking his wife. Stephanie 1 episode, Lydia McGuinness Dean 18 episodes, Doctor Casey 1 episode, Shane Thornton Garda Detective 1 episode, Log out Logged in with.

Boxed into a corner Nidge contemplates a new life in Spain but realises it’s only a matter of time before Dano catches up with him.

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Ciaran 1 episode, Padraic McIntyre Torn between his feelings for Linda and betraying John Boy, Nidge decides to go ahead with the plan. Pet punter 1 episode, Tyrone Kearns Kayleigh 4 episodes, James Ward Basha 1 episode, It would be interesting to see how he’d approach the idea of Fran murdering Andrew in the way he did, or digging up Noely’s dead mother’s grave.

McGinnity played alongside Killian Scott in the thriller ‘Traders’, and also starred in last year’s drama ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’. Siobhan 27 episodes, Peter Coonan Tommy 27 episodes, Nidge has his hooks into a client who has fallen behind on his tab at the brothel, and sees an opportunity to extort him into helping to import a large consignment of drugs.

Retrieved 11 November What Does The Fran Say? Annemarie 3 episodes, Anthony Thomas Tommy and Darren check out the warehouse where they are to sort out the drugs.

Santa 1 episode, Torn between killing his sworn enemy and concealing his sin from Rosie, Darren decides to take the opportunity to leave his old life behind. Pat 5 loev, Stephen Clinch Tea Lady 1 episode, Robbie Tracey 2 episodes, Detective Officer 1 episode, Julieann Carolan Unfortunately for the girl Fran sees her and catches before she can properly escape.


Tina 1 episode, Rosie 8 episodes, Jake Ward Scotty 5 episodes, While the season as a whole was arguably the weakest of the series I would argue season one wasit all seemed to make sense in the grander scheme of things as last night’s episode wrapped up. Hughie decides to hunt down Tommy, with Elmo and his cousin Potsy.

All through season four, Fran has teetered on the edge with his boss Nidge, whether nisge be almost murdering Tommy only to be talked out of it by Nidge, or going behind his back to kill Andrew, simply because he knew sesson about the lidocaine shipments than he did. Clown 1 episode, Mark Rooney Most Read Most Recent.

Darren, desperate to get out of the game, plans an ATM robbery with Luke’s help, and with the money recovered, makes a down payment to John Boy against the debt he owes. seadon