The characters were so antipathetic. It was probably the only book that I had to read for school so far and actually enjoyed. I’m sorry I’m so categorical and I’m sorry if you think I’m wrong. Many of his scholarly works, as well as his two-volume autobiography and four-volume journal, are published by the University of Chicago Press. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Alain is torn between his life as a privileged white man in India and his intrigue for this other exotic life.

When Devi translated her novel into English, she gave a gift to the West that the West hardly deserves. He is arrogant but he believes he’s benevolent and understanding. Sens that stand in my way and find Maitreyi, and make some good material foar a novel, but one with a very happy ending. I am really impressed by your interpretation of the events. It Does Not Die is a meditation on memory, and investigation of motivation, a study of the tragedy of self-delusion, and, in the end, a profound philosophical statement on Love and Truth. I was planning on reading this book for a very long time and now that we were asked to read it for our Romanian class I thought that this was the perfect opportunity. In hindsight he sets down the story, quoting from the diaries of his disordered days, and trying to make sense of the sad affair. Apr 20, Nancy Freund rated it it was amazing.

But Eliade has always refused to face the reality of Devi. Paperbackpages. To rid himself of the suffering, Allan retreats into a bungalow in the Himalaya mountains where he meets Jenia Issac. What language besides English do you most watch movies in? Two years later she publishes her own English translation.

Love in The Bengali Night Does Not Die: Maitreyi Devi and Mircea Eliade

Recomandata la orice va Am crezut ca o tin minte din adolescenta, cand am citit-o prima data, dar nu mai tineam minte mare lucru in afara de faptul ca m-a marcat. As their passion ignites, the East-meets-West clash of cultures leads to surprising and tragic consequences. Maitreyi was crying all the eljade, but all the time and Allen was so cocky and such a coward.


After treatment, Sen invites Allan into his own house. It is a pedestrian version of the young summer love story that has been done thousands of times and usually far better, from Shakespeare to Trevanian. May 17, Mina Soare rated it it was ok Shelves: Bengal Nights was written by a European man in India Calcutta in the sso I knew I was going to be shaking my head a lot.

I just finished reading it for the second time and, I don’t really remember anything like this after reading it the first time, but it hit something inside me, wherever and whatever that is, and a very weird combination of feelings surfaced. A love story with a sad ending, it is still interesting that the events in this book are told by Maitreyi – which has become an important writer of Indian literature – in the book “It Does Not Die”.

It’s probably the first book I hate with such a passion so you can’t say I’m someone who likes to criticize what others write. The deeper I ventured into this wild domain, the more consuming became a hitherto unconscious notion of fillm superiority, the more violently assertive a pride of which I would never have believed myself capable.

The unfortunate lady does not know for another 20 years that she has been named by a famous man as his under-aged Bengali sex-partner. Edit The Bengali Night Thoughtscapes – people, place, policy, potential.

It is enough to make stones weep. Sep 25, Lorena rated it really liked it Shelves: At the end of the novel, when Devi meets Eliade for the first time in forty-two years, it becomes a confrontation because Eliade refuses to look at her, preferring the fantasy vision in his memory to the reality in the room with him. I can’t set the book down and talk about it yet.


Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade

This is Elide’s erotic fantasies published without Maitreyi’s consent or knowledge. The characters were so antipathetic.

At once horrifying and deeply moving, Eliade’s story repeats the patterns of European engagement with India even as it exposes and jircea them. Published March 28th by Humanitas first published January 1st As vrea ca eseurile de 3 pagini pe care le scriem despre Elia As vrea ca atunci cand ni se preda cartea asta la scoala sa ni se spuna ce om de cacat ii allan, ce abuz de putere face vrajind o fata de jumatatea varstei lui, ce orientalism extrem are in modul in care prezinta cultura indiana ca ceva exotic si primitiv, ce sexist ii modul in care se foloseste de femei si cumva tot el ii victima desi o duce bine-mersi folosindu-se de cine o fi pe cand femeile din viata lui se sinucid sau innebunesc.

I was no enigma.

The Bengali Night – Wikipedia

I adored Mircea Eliade’s work on myth and religion years ago so read this book with my own lingering love in mind. I was a simple little girl who sometimes played philosopher. There were some things I liked but I can’t remember them because I’m too furious.

Everything is washed eilade. You must know I’m rather sick right now and I may have a fever, so I’m not thinking straight. Sep 15, Andreea Obreja rated it it was ok Shelves: