Download ppt “Elements of the Short Story”. Deep down, Lizabeth knows she behaved childishly and she is angry at herself for doing so. Tuesday, September 22 Today’s Agenda: Clarke in your packet. Figure of speech 4. Setting, Lizbeth herself Who is Miss Lottie?

She is confused, she acts before thinking How old is Lizabeth? Detective books, some of the short stories we will read. WATCH the following video and attempt to make your own origami crane. Thursday, September 10 Today’s Agenda: Conflict is what gives the story energy. Literary Term Notes Setting Where and when the story takes place:

Summarize the conversation that Lizabeth overhears. How is he important to the story? Time of day, place, season, time period, etc.

Literary Terms Part Three. Collier, in your packet.

What Is the Rising Action of the Short Story “Marigolds”?

How is he important to the story? What type of literary device is this? In the beginning of the story, she is very childish xtory does not stop to think about her actions. To recognize and understand the rising action of Eugenia W. What do they symbolize for Lizabeth as a child? Readers can know only what the camera might see. So whose movie is this? Readers can know only what the narrator knows. The story tells of a young African-American plpt named Lizabeth who grew up during the Great Depression.

In the case of third-person limited point of view, the narrator can tell us many things about the character, things that the character himself diagrm herself might be unaware of. It makes her feel confused, helpless, and angry.


For Miss Lottie, the marigolds were a symbol of beauty and hope in an otherwise hopeless environment. Here is where Lizabeth loses control and strike out as a result of the conflicts she has been struggling with. Miss Lottie shory angrier and then the narrator ” She overhears her father crying and her perception of her father changes drastically.

She has Indian-like features. Registration Forgot your password? How does this affect the point-of-view, tone and mood of the story?

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. How does she illustrate the complexities found in real people? The setting acts as an intrinsic part of the characters motivations for behaving in the manner in which they do.

They symbolize the beginning of her life as an adult. We think you have liked this presentation. As they run away from Miss Lottie’s house after calling her storj “old lady witch”, Lizabeth begins to think about her actions and how they affect others.

Her father has been unable to find work and support his family. What do you think the narrator means at the end of the story when she says that she too has planted marigolds?


Marigolds (short story)

She has tried not to get depressed even in hopeless situations. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. How does Lizabeth change in the moment she comes face to face with Miss Lottie? How does this affect the point-of-view, tone and mood storh the story?

“Marigolds” by Kathryn Thomas on Prezi

She is confused, she acts before thinking How old is Lizabeth? An unknown narrator diagdam thought of as the author tells the story.

Why is her age significant in the story? Due Monday, August The narrator does not reveal the unspoken thoughts of the character.

The kids torment Miss Lottie ostensibly to alleviate their boredom, but another motivation exists for the narrator although she doesn’t understand and is unable to articulate it. Lizabeth’s mother works to support her family, but her father is out of a job and is upset because he believes that he, as the man of the house, should earn the money for the family.