But it was discovered by leaving milk on a hot stone and it turned into cheese. The steel mine’s closed and we’re on the scrap heap. The Pisswiddle team very much the underdogs, but anyone who saw them beat Yugoslavia in the semis by wickets to 7 runs, all of it for 8, will know that they’re not to be underestimated. What the bat is, is very, very wide and very, very short. You’ve got to bat more. Well, what can I say?

That’s right, he’ll be looking at civilisations from that area. They put the skin on. This one’s just full of dog shit, sir. Making a cup of tea for everyone in Belgium? There are no kilns. So how did they turn the cheese back into milk? That young man was me.

But the bat is so narrow, it’s perverse. Oh, Cheesoid, you filled the tank with Brie. Can we think of an appropriate song?

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Well, it’s been a really tough day and I’m beginning to wonder if that whole drunken bet was a good idea after all. So you’ll divide your time between helping out the development team and digging for coal in the mine. Je, je, je, je, je Right, forget it! You don’t imtchell cheese just by cooking milk. Sinatra Look down, look down That Ionesome road Before you travel on Well, if I can’t smell, you’ll just have to smell for me.


This is my valet and handyman Ginger. How can you live with yourself? Oh, I want you to try something.

That’s how they used to store it when they had too much milk. It was the Ashes. Collie dogs or marmosets!

Ginger, beat the crap out of her.

BBC Two – That Mitchell and Webb Look, Series 2, Episode 3

Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity. Oh, he’s off his food. Narrator ‘Alan has 19 penises which, after the watershed, we can show you. You’re telling me, you don’t heat up milk to turn it into cheese? It’s for a TV station, looking ane a song to advertise the film “Roxanne”.

You think it makes you 19 times more the man, but it doesn’t. The Blackberry’s in case anyone needs a latte urgently, so you can come straight up. What a wasted day! Smells like something’s crawled up your arse and died.

Since that guy hit you, you can’t smell your hand in front of your face. But cricket, here in Yorkshire?

The great advantage is not only does it taste of chocolate, it also works in exactly the same way as real soil. Of course this isn’t your first drunken bet with a famous person, is it? Take an hour off. Never call the bat narrow.


Narrator ‘In a time past hope, in a world gone to crap, ‘one man had an idea. Pig doesn’t give me this bollocks!

That Mitchell and Webb Look (2006) s02e03 Episode Script

Boss ‘Sure you’re OK to work, Chris? Screams ‘How will I break the unholy alliance between Countess and my Nemesis?

Maybe one day, you’ll be researching on “Any Dream Will Do”. Michael Palin is trekking along rivers near where the Babylonians once lived.

No one else makes me like this. Now our next guest is crazy in a different and less harrowing way. You’ve turned this place around the last few wsbb. And an ‘ir’ to the phrase “Responsible treatment of re-animated cadavers”. We’ve got stumps in us blood. They think it’s tea.

In the end, we almost deliberately went for a sport no one knows much about. You’ll be expected to do whatever.