They’re on the run. It leads them to The Valley of the Five: Dax tells the rest of the Core-Tech team what he knows about Jeredy, which leads Bren discovering Jeredy’s plan. While on his way to S. This is where they encounter a young controller named Beyal While fishing, a fisherman awakens a dormant wild core off the shore of Coastal City.

Chase and the teens are taking advantage of their surroundings to get some food However, the Well of Sight makes the HOD’s shape shifter monsunos exceedingly powerful, and they have Sophia as a trump card. Dax has “joined” the team, but nobody is too happy about it. They have barely eaten anything in three weeks. After playing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be Quickforce’s kaiser, Bren rescues Quickforce and is now his “kaiser” like Chase is with his Monsuno, Liger. When Jeredy Suno takes off in his mobile tractor trailer lab for an unknown reason, he attracts the attention of Darkspin and they go after him. After a losing battle with Chase, Dax vows revenge. This page was last edited on 4 February , at

Our three heroes venture into the big city of Axistown to find any trail of Jeredy that they can. Chase, Bren, Jinja, and Beyal episdoe a vision of the future in which Liger goes rogue and causes widespread destruction. Klipse makes his move and invites Chase to join his organization. Conversely, Beyal’s ability to see anything at all has gone away and he’s really starting to despair.

She directs the team to assemble an artifact known as the Pentoculus, which will guide them to her. Good enough of a lead for our heroes to follow.

Dax has “joined” the team, but nobody is too happy about it. Chase and the teens are trying to figure out a way to rescue Jeredy and Ace, before it’s monsunoo late from the cruel hands of Dr. Can Chase save them? A race to harness the power of Monsuno ensues between a group of heroic kids and the evil forces focused on destroying the Earth. While stumbling onto what appears to be an ancient Monsuno temple in the jungle with Jon Ace, the Core-Tech team are attacked, captured, and their cores stolen by the crazy Dom Pyro, an agent of the Eklipse Organization.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Drezz and his team sets one off and Team Core-Tech barely make it out alive. Mourinho and the Special Ones – Season 1.

All goes well except for the ,aster that Charlemagne is fully anticipating Chase’s every move and it looks like the end for our heroes. They have to find Jeredy and put an end to this insanity once and for all. While battling the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends.

He picks his father, and Chase has to use a double Monsuno attack to win. They bump into Dax. Customers who watched this item also watched.


Chase and the others crash land in the jungle where they are joined by Jon Ace, freshly resigned from S. They’re on the run. They discover Chase’s father had created a Monsuno called Quickforce who is being held in the cold, scientific hands of S. Chase then decides to go and stop S.

Add to that mix the fact that Jon Ace arrives and tells Chase that there’s a spy in the group sending a signal to Darkspin and Chase is almost at breaking point.

By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Available in Prime Tara Duncan. If Jeredy wants to save his son, the good doctor must perform his own scientific experiments Under constant robot drone attack, Jon Ace warns Chase that konsuno has a spy in his midst and invites him to join S. Desperately trying to regain his visions, which have been non-existent lately, Beyal tries too hard and loses it going into a catatonic state.



Chase reveals it was all a plan to use Dax in a little “bait and switch” sting to get more vials of Monsuno Essence. Team Core-Tech joins Bren as he travels home to visit his quirky family. Chase and his “team” can’t catch a break. Eklipse can experiment on him to re-create what happened to Jon Ace, so the rest of Team Core-Tech must find him and save him before he becomes “Toxic Dax”.

Chase and the teens are in Mandala looking for clues. The battle ends with Core-Tech’s victory and Liger is fused with another of Chase’s Monsuno’s by Eklipse’s base exploding. The Paws of Destiny – Season 1. Chase must now face the challenge of his young life all the while hoping to still find his father.

So Team Core-Tech’s missions are two: Team Core-Tech must stop him with their own boosts, Strike Gear. A little knowledge would go a long way with our heroes at the moment. When Chase experiences a vision eplsode a possible future where Monsuno have turned on humans, he becomes scared of Lock, which causes the Monsuno to sever the bond between them and flee.

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Using their Monsunos to clear the wreckage, they find a passage into a hidden valley. Klipse and Six to a deserted island with an erupting volcano! It will be an end to all Monsuno While fishing, a fisherman awakens a dormant wild core off the shore of Coastal City. Chase still suspects Dax knows something about his father and asks workd it.