With this build i have successfully cleared GR80 Season 14 and will be pushing higher. Thanks for the build. Overall, this build is resource starved. Thanks for your patronage throughout the years. At least last season you could use shelongs fists set on monk and still get that conquest did my self and some builds said you can even use focus and restrain for monks. Last edited by Pyromaniak Bane of the Trapped.

Just did it following most of your advice forgot to set my Vault rune to Trail of Embers though and it worked great, finishing with 5 minutes 16 seconds remaining. Can’t stress how much it helps to tumble over mobs. This build is pretty decent and works like a charm in solo 45 with no set items for the achievement the thrill. To post a comment, please login or register a new account. Rift 45 solo no set the thrill conquest diablo iii. Got it again with 3 minutes to spare. I was able to get Thrill using it.

Seasoh just like the play better as it feels more refreshing. Once you obtain a deadmans legacy and a yangs recurve bow, a 45 is easily within your grasp. For anyone still working on it, keep trying. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. The problem with marauders is that it requires “setup” time and you cant just push damage out straight away, where with unhallowed you can smash that dps as soon as you push the button.

With this build, there will be times when Vengeance is down because of traveling, pulling etc. Thrill of the Hunt. I stumbled on your n6m4 build eeason I have been loving it. Thanks for the build. I haven’t been this excited about a build, since the S6 Impale set got the upgrade with dagger and quiver. Cage of the Hellborn. If you want an ultra tanky version of this build swap CoE for elusive, or, swap OrotZ for Elusive, equip Wraps of Clarity and drop Vengeance for Evasive Fire you can really take a beating with this setup near 2B toughness.


If an enemy is in front of you at close range, you will backflip away 5 yards. Dropped seeth for dark heart and now I have zero problems with hatred.

Diablo 3 conquest season 5 demon hunter

To post a comment, please login or register a new account. Jultishot you really feel you need that much focus generation over the dps you could use entangling shot with the fire rune which gives you the same amount of focus but also slows the mobs which will in turn allow you to proc your multisshot of the trapped and cull the weak.

This runs without Evasive Fire, and instead uses Preparation: The build is now restored. Completing chapter jultishot will each grant a haedrigs gift. I have been reading this guide today and saw your GR numbers change I wanted to say that one variation I was playing with for “easy mode” was to use vengence in Seethe and rather than preperation, I chose Fan of Knives with bladed armor.

Take care and happy rifting. Help, i am desperate, i need another conquest for the conqueror journey and this is my only chance until the season ends. This effect fh chain repeatedly. I was able to get Thrill using it.

Season 9 conquest the thrill no set gr45 demon hunter. Hatred and Multishot — make sure you aren’t wearing attack speed, sheet AS should be like 1. When the enemy is killed, the mark spreads to the closest 3 enemies within 30 yards.

Instead of backflipping, increase Hatred generated to 7. Build is based on fire dmg multishot like unhallowed dh set. Thank you for the build. This build is pretty decent and works like a charm in solo 45 with no set items for the achievement “The Thrill”.


Decent build for the thrill conquest achievement in season 5 for demon hunter. Executing a potion blast consisted of these steps:. Seethe Gain 10 Hatred per second. Diablo 3 demon hunter gameplay season 5 demon hunter.

The same recommendation goes for the Cindercoat and Marauder shoulders. I wasn’t as immediately successful as others, but a lot of persistence swason re-rolling paid off. Don’t you like Multishot damage on feet? Managed to get through this with a SoJ in place of Obsidian, Leoric’s helm in the cube, bait the trap in place of contagion and lightning ball bola. Thanks for your patronage throughout the years.

Last edited by EekAmouse: Demon hunter avarice conquest achievement tips diablo 3 season 5 seasonal. You want to follow through with multishot, just like hitting a baseball. This build is pretty decent and works like a charm in solo 45 with no set items for the achievement the thrill.

I just did an 80 in under 6min and was about to clear 90, but had to bail for RL. Embrace the sentries and you will succeed.

Season 15 – Unhallowed Multishot – Demon Hunter – Diablo III Builds – DiabloFans

How do you have no CDR on the gloves? I get that the main dps is from the multishot and not from the generator so dps may not be as important but you can have both and yet you dont. You become vulnerable and susceptible to death if youve already triggered Awareness. When you push high GR, you’ll be forced to Vault, which makes sustaining Hatred even easier.

Last season i felt too squishy on my multishot dh. Bane of the Stricken.