And she sits there and says that she wants to give it a go. Is he afraid that she will find her real parents and leave him? This means the end of the secret. This series explores the premise that gisaeng still existed in modern-day Korea. We do love to dig. What is he thinking? I agree with you completely!

Thanks , dear Thundie , for spreading the good news. Sure, I still fast-forward many of the Buyonggak scenes involving the male employees. Surely the answer is yes, although kindly refrain from asking whom I love more, the guy or the girl. The next hurdle is to persuade his father to accept Sa Ran — he does not want a poor gisaeng as a daughter-in-law. She is excited when he says he has something to tell her. The New Tales of Gisaeng News: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

New Tales of Gisaeng Review episodes 11-20

Back then she would have been beaten 50 times. Oh about her real family circumstances. Totally agreed that the OTP is truly awesome…. The New Tales of Gisaeng News: His dad freezes all his credit cards too — everyone except Da Mo could see that one coming! I mean, I did enjoy it, the drama of the story was great! Why is he lying? Han explains that she is going to marry Dr. They want to give him a chance because they know that getting married is better than becoming a gisaeng — Ms.

Andre you are the best. I say all of this, but I did honestly enjoy it. Andre, we think the fo on this. Da Mo tries to support his mum in these situations but she stops him when he tries to say something. This is the first she has heard of any of this! In fact 16 is one of my favourite episodes. Forgiveness needs to be earned and can swing two ways.


Da Mo is shaken and angry about the way Sa Ran was treated and he ta,es to see her as the girls are getting ready for bed. He tries to get his mum to stand up to his dad. And thank you Alexe for your wonderful comments!

He also leaves a large tip but Sa Ran insists that the other girls are given it. Ra Ra is fuming. I agree with you completely! However I do wish her well in the end.

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Sa Ran has trouble with her step mum. Han is already being very hard on herself.

And with a super-hottie like your brother! It makes me hungry watching it! She just got the kitchen staff to prepare it for her. Oh sees that Sa Ran has not thought this through so she gives her some money and tells her to think about it more.

Asadal: New Tales of Gisaeng: my new obsession

Geum and his newly acquired wife, the former head chef of Buyonggak. I want to epissode, because a sixth sense warns me that New Gisaeng Story aka New Tales of Gisaeng, is going to make me pull my hair out and then some. She is excited when he says he has something to tell her. Lee purposely gives Sa Ran lots to drink. Knowing what I mean to Dad, and to make him eat humble pie so that he gisaent have to accept living under the same roof as the daughter-in-law that he despised, they kidnapped me!

Da Mo tries to support his mum in these situations but she stops him when he tries to say something.


June 27, August 7, dramasrok NT of Gisaeng. He says go ahead.

Lim Soo-hyang June 18, dramasrok 4. And it seems to be working…. Andre recaps New Gisaeng Story — thundie’s prattle. Or is it something that should not be discussed as it would reopen up old wounds and bring back painful memories for many folks here?

Episode 52 Final September 14, dramasrok 1. I am not actrually watching this drama because one more drama will drive me up the wall…. Sa Ran has to help her work out a way to stop her son wanting to marry her! This means Ra Ra and Son Ja have the same father. Da Mo stands outside not doing anything although he imagines going episdoe and punching the guy. Seoul, Korea, or Yonsei They set him up with some blind dates.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 21-30 review: other story lines

They plan to live in the apartment that Ra Ra was going to live in. He hears that the woman he is searching for is dead. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. One piggyback ride does not a marriage make; work at it, dude. This helps me decide if I should go or not. New Tales of Gisaeng Hangul: She collapses in shock and has to be carried out! Wild and wonderful New Gisaeng Story — thundie’s prattle. Addressed to the dog?