Skeptics are unlikely to be swayed by the fact that a number of scientists Grover Krantz, Dmitri Donskoy, Jeff Meldrum, et al. Tree shadows on the subject figure in the PGF. He had it in his possession for plenty of time before and after the alleged date of the filming. Comments Bob H wrote on 24 November, – I generally let the participant travel between yards away before stopping them, and then immediately turn to my audience of “witnesses” and ask them, “How many times did the subject look down? It was with the vivacity of a happy-go-lucky shortcutter, a candle doomed to burn half as long, and desperate to burn twice as bright. Patterson appeared on a few popular TV talk shows to promote the film and belief in Bigfoot by showing excerpts from it: Bob Heironimus was a sturdy, hulking year-old laborer who lived a few doors down from Bob Gimlin.

And this second explanation is what the anthropological sciences need to be mindful of, because if this is in fact the explanation, then a new and significant reconsideration of the hominid family tree is in order, and a new hominid needs to be added to the family. Patterson in particular increased his estimates of the creature’s size in subsequent retellings of the encounter. Was this review helpful? In spite of the imprecision of this preliminary estimate, it is well beyond the mean for humans and effectively rules out a man-in-a-suit explanation for the Patterson—Gimlin film without invoking an elaborate, if not inconceivable, prosthetic contrivance to account for the appropriate positions and actions of wrist and elbow and finger flexion visible on the film. The entire encounter had lasted less than two minutes. Is this film a spontaneous and unplanned event, or a staged and planned production? At 6’6 and pounds the object in the film cannot and has never been proved to be a man in a suit. If a hoaxer in could not anticipate what future analysis technology a film may be subjected to, the hoaxer could not create false positive components in the film to deceive analysts of the future.

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Unsolved Mysteries of Master Engineers. Perhaps it was a man dressed up in a monkey-skin; if so it was a brilliantly executed hoax and the unknown perpetrator will take his place with the great hoaxers of the world.


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Patterson got his second roll of film from his saddlebag and filmed the tracks. These 39 seconds have been debates endlessly for decades and the debate only continues to grow with each passing year.

The most damning evidence is the timeline — 16mm footage allegedly shot in California on a Friday afternoon, then developed at a lab and back in Yakima for viewing by that Sunday evening?! Even as a hoax, the Patterson-Gimlin film is perhaps the most honest film ever made. Hunter and Dahinden also note that “the bottom of the figure’s head seems to become part of the heavy back and shoulder muscles They conducted a high-tech human-replication attempt of “Patty’s” gait, in cooperation with Jeff Meldrum.

As long as this film defies any proof of a hoax, the option it might be real should be responsibly considered, rather than shunned, by the anthropology community of scholars.

Why the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Should Concern Scholars of Human Origins | Ancient Origins

Archived from the original on April 28, A Discussion,” in Fortean TimesJanuary Grover Krantz ‘s copy “went to the Smithsonian Institution when he died”.: Grieve stated, “I can see the muscle masses in the appropriate places Patterson’s brother-in-law Al DeAtley claims not to remember where he took the film for development or where he picked it patterrson.

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Davis to counter the effect of camera shake has improved viewers’ ability to analyze it. Patterson had played high school football. CuriosityKilledShawn 4 August Feal he returned to the camp he and Patterson aborted their plan to remain looking for more evidence and departed for home, fearing the rain would wash out their exit.

He never gave up being untrustworthy and living his few years on his own terms. Chris Murphy wrote, “I have confirmed with Bob Gimlin that Patterson definitely gimllin a small quarter horse which he ownedgimli his Welsh pony ‘Peanuts’. Regarding “graininess,” Bill Munns writes, “Based on transparencies taken off the camera original, The PGF is the exception, defying exposure as a hoax. The difference between the two, of course, is that Zapruder captured a genuine occurrence, as opposed to blurry shots of a man stomping around the woods in a cobbled-together fur coat.


Patterson–Gimlin film

So if skeptical authors and researchers cannot be confident the Heironimous and Morris are making truthful and reliable claims, then I felt that any ptaterson of them would have required a lengthy disclosure of the issues which cast doubt on their credibility. The film generated a fair amount of national publicity. Osiris, the green-skinned god of the underworld, lord of the afterlife and judge of the dead, is one of the best-known gods from ancient Egypt.

I’ve studied this film extensively for a long time, the only thing that prevents me from concluding it’s legitimate is gimlon extraordinary, unprecedented nature of it, Bigfoot cannot exist, therefore this film must be a hoax, I think.

He planned to make millions with the film, but says it lost money. ANE’s money had also been used to buy the gorilla suit.

Patterson invested thousands of hours and dollars combing Bigfoot and Sasquatch territory. He notes that a tall human is consistent with the figure’s height but also notes that for a tall human “[t]he shoulder breadth however would be difficult to achieve without giving an unnatural appearance to the arm swing and shoulder contours. Grieve notes that his “subjective impressions have oscillated between total acceptance of the Sasquatch based on the grounds that the film would be difficult to fake, to one of irrational ginlin based on an emotional response to the possibility that the Sasquatch actually exists.

So that’s one more line of evidence that is unavailable to us. If you like this programming, please become a member. These were usually arranged at the behest of zoologist, author, and media figure Ivan Sandersona supporter of Patterson’s film.