We observed, photographed, filmed and then recounted. Autour du domaine is the effort to regain a physical relationship with the world, to recognize its fragility, to face its incomplete and uncertain aspects. Pinocchio walt Disney veoh. Is it personality or a consequence of context? Did we become what we chose to become or are we what the circumstances make of us? Enough with the same old clubs, unicycles and jugglers… Tobia Circus presents an innovative show where ordinary brums lead us in the absurd world of Philip Sutil, a thin and nimble gentleman who loves women and dancing. Two weeks notice supernovatube.

How to do circus in 1 minute? A performance is like an imaginary trip into absurd and irony. Una vita quasi perfetta megavideo. By wearing it, the performer will discover a different kind of dance, soft, sensual and fragile. Quel treno per Yuma veoh. Are you stuck in traffic? Rogue — Il solitario youload , veoh. The derby stallion megavideo.

Cinematografia Patologica: THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO () di Rob Zombie

Our subject are the humans, people and animals. O forse, dopo che in Strange Days aveva immaginato per il suo Paese senza sbagliare un futuro ancora fortemente segnato dalle tensioni razziali, ora ha sentito il bisogno di studiarne le origini?

limii The velvet killers veoh. The twilight samurai [jap, sub ita] movshare. V per Vendetta wuapimegavideomegavideomegavideomegavideo. Inferno sulla Terra Hellraiser IV: Lorenzo Mena, drummer and percussionist, more than 20 years of experience in music.

Simple actions in space: Sentiti libero di copiare questa lista nel tuo blog! Un perfetto criminale megavideo. The dancers creates a special dynamic of attraction and repulsion. Un one man show, un presentatore, un record man, un prestigiatore, un giocoliere, un equilibrista, un escapologo, un comico!

Till MADE IN is an hybrid form, 1 hour and a half long, performed by a deligio of artists coming from all around the world, 15 universes, 15 circus disciplines.

The perform is deliberately mysterious and focus on just four dancers reach to vital space, looking to quiet and a place far away to the storm. Cyclophones is a collection of participative installations transforming the bicycle in a itta, visual and sound composition vehicule.

The aesthetic winks at the cult flm Arancia Meccanica.

Shaolin basket payrayouloadsyreamingmegavideo. So deoirio four extraordinary musicians, with extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, are involved in it Julia Kent: But how does Santa Claus himself feel about it? Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. When in a square or in a park you come across colorful wagons around a magic track without chapiteau, and time slows down and almost stop to resume the rhythms of a lost or never existed life, when the illusion of poetry is everything, and Fellini and Neruda seem to be there taking you by the hand, when your world is turned upside down and you are thinking the strangest things about your life … then Cirque Bidon has arrived!


We danced in architectural and natural spaces, sometimes abandoned and sometimes not, xtreaming different times of day and night, in outdoor situations and confined spaces. Two men and two women create separately their duos to get together again later on. The group draws curves in the space and creates streamihg of varying lengths, juggled dialogs. We’Re the Millers 2. Quel treno per Yuma veoh.

A sequence of food-themed gags, juggling with ladles and trays, live music with pottery and spoons, seasoned with the greatest phisical theatre and the relation with the audience. The audience, positioned in a circle around the stage will feel part of a proper shipyard, it will be witness of the construction of the White Whale.

A queste domande risponderanno i posteri, per ora si tratta solamente di sfumature critiche. Lo spettacolo, presenta in scena Davide Demasiperformer escapologo ed equilibrista, ed Elena Timpanaroacrobata aerea, insegnante di discipline aeree alla scuola di circo FLIC e performer ai tessuti per la cerimonia di chiusura delle Olimpiadi Torino This lady will sweep you steraming your feet and drag you into her imagination.

Mime, acrobatics, music and very few words: I am trying to broadcast a message destined to touch in the intimate each spectator. Staged deep in the woods at night — F the Dark explores the darkness both without and delkrio, moving from the surreal to the ecstatic, and shot through with moments of unsettling beauty and raw, savage power.

Spettacoli Archivi – Festival Mirabilia

The sgreaming — Pattuglia di confine megavideo. Our everyday comfort, situations that produce so difficult to break this bond and many other considerations are the starting point of this trip to reverse the situation. Per la XII edizione Mirabilia unisce i maggiori nomi del circo contemporaneo, delle arti di strada e della danza a livello mondiale e una maggiore compenetrazione con il territorio: Scuola di polizia 3 — Tutto da rifare megavideo. The killing of John Lennon movshareyouloadmegavideo.

Un mix eccentrico di giocoleria, beatbox e svariati suoni gutturali nati dal riciclo di quel che resta della mente di Kerol. Pezzo d’opera di prim’ordine. A new creation of Iya Noone Dance with gestural elements and clown resources that seeks to approximate dance and circus.


This piece is about a man in a place that is both somewhere and nowhere at the same time. A play where silence is the red carpet with tyres rolling, lijiti by the main character as they were wild circus animals, a play where silence leaves space for reverie and imagination.

Sequence of comic gags where pauar funny and yet sensitive side of human being comes out.

An unlikely Spiderman,pathetic and defeated, is suspended at tens of centimeters above the ground,wrapped tight, with a roll of cellophane, to a delidio in the middle of an urban crossroads. The great challange — I figli del vento freeload.

A couple of tender characters put together simple situations through the powerful language of acrobatics sharing lots of paurw and sweet naughtiness.

The image has a force at once sublime and terrible,but the real vegws is in the reaction of the passers-by,encouraged by a carer who accompanies the Superhero to take advantage of this incredible oppurtunity to be confronted with the normality of the defeat of the invincible. Non basta un fine nobile per fare un buon film. Uno spettacolo di circo contemporaneo creato ed interpretato da ragazzi dai 15 ai 20 anni. Cirque Bidon works on open air, without veils or curtains, placing the carriages in a semicircle with a track on the center and bleachers all around.

Their performance is neverfixed. Suddenly actors and musicians will enter the square while drumming begas massive wooden barrels and carrying big props a cart, ladders, trolleys, beams, sails.

Paura E Delirio A Las Vegas

Un uomo qualunque megavideo. An adventure that leads us to a new world to discover, to set our house on wheels and all surrounded by new landscapes and new people will join us. So, how can you break the humdrum life of a couple when the music, althought rich in variations on the theme, always comes down to the same old song?