Head to Good Deal on the 3rd floor of Mall Right. Shiny Sun March 16, at As you get to the 3rd floor, the thief comes barrelling out in a security golf cart, rides down the escalators, and heads to the Atrium. Gus says they’re in the manager’s office, but what’s the password. Run all the way to the right, and click on the piece of paper located in front of the television. When you get inside the mall, she will test you on spotting the five differences in a picture: From the platform where he will knock you, hop over the fan and follow the tunnel all the way to the right.

He says to find one of his favorite snacks so he will come. Your phone rings, it says there has been a disturbance at Good Deals Electronic Shop. Fierce Dragon March 17, at 8: Cancel reply Enter your comment here To beat Night Watch Island, your Poptropica character must get a job at the mall as a security guard, and catch the burglar causing disturbances at the mall. Answer the incoming call.

Sporty Lion April 4, at 5: Looking for more walkthroughs? The test requires you to spot the differences between two photos. If you do not differencrs this on to 10 other pages or groups in the.

You will see the snake inside the Tanning Salon! February 21, for members or March 14, for all Common Room: Click on the arrow pointing left or right, and there will be an elevator and an escalator to the far left or right. In the top right corner of the room, there is a blueprint of the mall. After a couple of seconds, a Smart Phone will fall out. Time to go, lady! Explore around for a bit, then click on one of the training robots to say, “no loitering! Climb the first ladder and melt the yellow door.


Enter the doorway, then drop down into the tunnel on the right. Please, someone tell me how to make an appropriate forum account!!!

Then go apply for the security guard job. Lucky Snowball March 9, at Go left and torch the next barrier.

Hyper Beetle February 21, at 5: As a reward you get the Old-time Baseball Uniform! The snake will escape and exit the store as soon as he sees you.

Jump right, over the rotating fan, into the vent. Popular Bubbles March 30, at 5: Small Star March 16, at 3: When differeences get to the top, torch the barrier and drop down into the room.

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All the differences on night watch island?

Your character will notice that a snake is missing from the shop. The owner of Crawl Mart will call to inform you that the snake will look for a place to sleep, and that you can look for him again tomorrow. Learning how to be a Mall Cop. Omg i finished already today and po;tropica now have all the islandds completed!!!!!!!!!


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Click the control panel for the scooter. The safe will open.

Cookies make wikiHow better. An Alert appears on the huge security screen: You know what I hate most? The trick is, drag poptropjca slingshot to the microphone at the left and release to hit the first monster. Go past the grey car I’ll admit, it’s a difficult game — and my short-term memory is awful. Thalia Grace poptropolis is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy u jus a wimp wimpykid wimpykid.

Now, when you look in. Percy Jackson freak February 28, at He pushes you out of a window, but you both will fall into the fountain and the police will be there waiting to arrest him. Purple Runner March 14, at 9: Short Leopard January 16, at 3: He pushes piptropica out of a window but you both will fall into the fountain and the police will be there waiting to arrest him and award you for stopping the bad guy!

Enter the nearest multiplayer room and boast. What to do when you get an Alert: