This interview contains plot spoilers. Before the Rain Do the Oscars Need a Host? Why did you choose a top as a personal emblem for Jan? The film is not made from a male perspective, it is made from Jan’s perspective, and this is a big difference. Use the HTML below.

Art films—and, in fact, any film—is difficult to get made in Macedonia, which is a small country. Determined to build the best football club in the country, Dimitry hires the German coach, Rudolph Spitz, to galvanize his rag tag team but – when the first Nazi tanks roll through the city and Rebecca, the beautiful daughter of a local banker, elopes with his star player, all Dimitry’s plans must change. Use the HTML below. What does the circus in film mean to you? Everything is marked by degradation, even love, for which cheap porn clubs are often an eloquent stage, and whose object is a palpably degenerate girl; several scenes are deliberately set in dingy, graffiti-covered urinals. Venko Andonovski , Igor Ivanov Izi. The feedback from the viewers was great, and I am really satisfied. If there is, I would like it to be like this one, looking normal, with a passport control.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Having slept in a train station, the police legitimates him and found him suspicious. I Am the Night. In society the crowd is the gravity that forces you pnline, towards them. Three filmmakers meet the only residents of a deserted village prevrtrno an elderly brother and sister who Two nine-year-old girls report a flasher to the police even though they never saw him.


Can you name your favorite directors in American and Russian Cinema? Plausibility – this is the most difficult thing when you are dealing with the irrational. Let’s Dream of a New World Video Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. The Third Half From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

And even his mother, who seems to be the cause of his fall in the circus tent, is a highly ambivalent figure. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties?

Sektor Movies | Upside Down is about strange quirk of fate

I am fond of it. The Boss Precrteno Kondovska Igor IvanovVenko Andonovski. We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. Kiosk Lady Djordji Jolevski Igor Ivanov born in Skopje studied philosophy. I have poster of Nosferatu in my home. Movie Info A man who had once been a star pupil before aligning himself with the circus and falling into a harrowing cycle of self-destruction recalls his unfortunate downfall while traveling on train with a mysterious female companion in director Igor Ivanov’s stark drama.

The hero is sometimes seen traveling by train.

Milan Tocinovski

View All Audience Reviews. The name Jan is Czech and comes from the novel by Venko Andonovski, which was the inspiration onljne making this film. If there is, I would like it to be like this one, looking normal, with a onlinne control. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Adam and Eden fell in love as teens despite the fact that they live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions.


Start your free trial. Search for ” Upside Down ” on Amazon. Prevrteno connected to the title of Andonovski’s novel Navel of the World? The film premiered in Skopje on 28 September What exactly did that mean for the filming itself?

His film career started inwhen he began directing a series of films for television. Natascha Drubek-Meyer attended the screening and asked the director a few questions about his feature film debut. It was my pprevrteno to make this character “open,” a “question,” because the fiom is the biggest question.

Learn more More Like This. Upside Down presents a modernised version of the film expressionism of the past; in this case, the wasted life of an individual forms a parallel to the disintegration engulfing society as a whole, a society which lacks spiritual horizons. Please tell me something about the actor who played the main hero. The circus is not part of society; it offers an anti-perspective, like that of a monastery. After a quarrel with his wife, a man leaves their apartment with one suitcase only.

Smuggling illegals into Europe, Lazar will be facing an impossible choice. Director of the Circus Silvija Stojanovska